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“I’m so pleased to be with you … well, when you get to my age you are pleased to be anywhere!” – Paul Cain  1929 -2019

On 12 February 2019, our precious friend brother Paul Cain went to be with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul Cain  1929 - 2019
Paul Cain  1929 – 2019

Born on June 16, 1929, Paul Cain died peacefully aged 89 and was reunited with his beloved mother Anner Mildred Cain and his father, William Henry Cain.

He was known internationally for his remarkable healing and prophetic ministry extending over 72 years and lived his life resolutely for and to the glory of God.

He was widely appreciated for his generous friendliness and kindness and was regarded as “a friend of friends.” This could also be seen and reflected by his friendships which also included presidents and world leaders.

Throughout his life enthusiastic audiences would listen attentively as he told stories of his miraculous and supernatural birth and ministry, including his role in the history of the healing revival and his many friends along the lesser worn path that he trod. Of particular interest was his mother’s remarkable testimony of healing.

His sparkling wit and humour and love for God and the Church inspired many. Paul’s ongoing, recurring vision of Stadiums full of people being miraculously healed and turning to Jesus, and the conviction of an unprecedented move of God in revival coming to the nations is visual treasure he passes on.

A new day …

Covid-19 has carved a new chapter in the lives of many, but following in Paul’s considerable size 11 footsteps, we are convinced that God is doing something wonderful both in  and with the Church in these days. We are living in a time of tremendous opportunity, and it is thrilling to hear so many Churches are growing and experiencing a radical outpouring of God’s Spirit in these days – despite social distancing! From China through to Iran, Dubai, Korea and across Europe and America.

God is building His Church and the gates of hell are not prevailing against it!

Paul Cain Ministries

And so for us, a new day – the legacy of Paul’s ministry continues in Paul Cain Ministries. As Associate,and Historian,  Dan Reise was Paul’s closest friend in his last few years. Because of the influence Paul had he has  taken the stance to continue the great work Paul was engaged with and endeavour to  restore hope in the heart of the Church through authentic prophetic ministry.

Great encouragement

The prophetic ministry brings such considerable encouragement, especially in the face of adversity.

Over the upcoming days it is our intention to share some of the remarkable stories of our friendship with Paul including some of the insights into what made him happy, sad and what often made him laugh. We also intend sharing some of the remarkable “Paul Cain” stories to inspire you to go after God yourself, knowing there is a God in Heaven who loves us dearly and communicates His encouragements to us.

Walk in the power of the Spirit

God is graciously inviting us, as He always has been, to walk in the power of His Spirit and in the purity of the righteousness of Christ that has been imputed to us; and to advance stealthily with an increased sense of unity as we work together as Churches on a mission.

As you diligently look at God’s magnificent Church today spread across every continent, it is wonderfully clear that the prophetic gift is emerging or being carefully restored in the Church. Prophecy is an essential biblical means for God to speak to his people and in enthusiastic response, we are wise to weigh every revelation or prophetic message against the full counsel of God’s eternal Word.

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