Anner Cain

Anner Cain

The Testimony of Anna Cain  by Dan Reise

Anna Cain was 45 yrs old, pregnant and had four terminal diseases in her body, tuberculous, heart disease, both breasts eaten by cancer and 3 tumours in her womb, preventing the birth of her child.

A doctor, a renowned cancer researcher, sent her home and said she would not live to deliver the child. At home she continued to waste away, she spent her time in bed praying and trusting God, but one night after midnight, the angel of the Lord appeared by her bedside and laid his hand on her shoulder saying, “Daughter be of good cheer, you will live and not die! The child you bear is a male child, you shall name him Paul of Troas and he shall preach the gospel as did the apostle Paul, binding up the sickness and infirmities of My people, and he shall stand before kings and rulers of nations”.

She was completely healed, and Paul was born shortly after and was nursed on breasts that just weeks before had been eaten with cancer. Anna later traveled back to the cancer specialist at Baylor Hospital  who stated she was a miracle woman, that no one but Almighty God and His Christ could recreate breast tissue.

Not only was Anna completely healed but she lived to 105, loving God and praying for Paul every day. She was truly his secret weapon as she was more gifted than Paul in revelation and seeing ability.

One close friend was William Branham, who told Paul that his mother’s healing was the greatest miracle of the 20th century.  Once, when Paul was worried about his mom’s health, Brother Branham  took him aside and said, “Paul, the Lord showed me you’re worried about your mom – well you needn’t be, she will live a long, long, long time.”

Anna used great wisdom and never told Paul of his special birth and prayed, “Lord, You speak to him and call him to what you told me he would do.”  Then at the age of 8, the same angel appeared to Paul in his bedroom in the middle of the night. Paul’s sister Mildred called out to the angel, “Here am I Lord, speak to me too!!”  But he was sent to confirm Paul’s special birth and calling and graced her with the opportunity to witness Paul’s call to ministry.

Mildred was one of Paul’s closest siblings, helping and praying for Paul her whole life.  Paul traveled the globe during the late 40’s and 50’s preaching Jesus as Saviour, Deliverer and Healer, with miraculous signs following his preaching and ministry.

In 1957, William Branham by the leading of the Holy Spirit, called Paul and told him that he, Paul, was to go around the world in his place and God would supply everything he needed.

It was a great honor for Paul to preach to crowds of thousands, seeing tortured souls come to Christ, on different occasions, around 1500 people visited meetings from behind the iron curtain and were saved and healed.

Who but God knows how this final great army of God will be released in the earth? 

Paul is 89 yrs of age at this time, and has come to believe that God has saved the best till last, and he is noted as saying on many occasions:  “I have not yet done what God showed my mother I would do…”

What is Paul’s agenda today? 38 years ago, he was shown he would live to at least 2017, and preach in an Elim context.  In November of 2017 he did speak in Sunderland England at an Elim church, helping birth a revival fire to sweep the nation.

Recently he headed back to England in May 2018 to speak at Kensington Temple Elim Church, and trust God to fan the fires birthed in Sunderland last year.

 Paul has had a vision of stadiums over 150 times being filled with people ministering day and night and “NO ONE KNOWS WHO THEY ARE…  They are not the big names or well schooled or highly acclaimed today, but a nameless and faceless group, filled with the power of God.  It’s as if the whole world is turning to Jesus.

Paul’s words said it best when he preached telling how it would sound, “There is a news report of someone leading a parade of miracles out of St.Jude’s hospital. Crippled Children now healed and marching in the Glory of God! Then there was another report a 33 degree mason that was raised from the dead out of a coffin, telling where he was, and he is saved on the platform in front of all.  It is as if this is the last touch of God on the face of humanity…”

Pray for Paul, and the Church, that we may run the race and finish our course.

Dan Reise
Paul Cain Ministries Historian

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