Carl Wesley Anderson

Carl Wesley Anderson

In the summer of 1994, I had just graduated from Bible school in Minneapolis and the LORD called me to evangelize in Germany. I heard that prophet Paul Cain was to be the keynote speaker at a unique youth event organized near Ludenscheid, Germany, and I went along to hear him speak.

A crowd of some 15,000 young people from all across Europe came together that night. Paul gave his incredible testimony, sharing how the LORD had called him to quietly retreat to the wilderness and await His voice. He waited in obedience for many years until the LORD said, “Paul,  when I call you forth, it will be to stand in front of a new generation of young people who will encircle the earth with more power than the previous generations.” And Paul stood before us that night and declared, “YOU are the generation.” Imagine the excitement in the crowd.

Then he began to minister in the Word of Knowledge gift, and pointed his prophetic finger right at me! He said, “I’d like to start ministering to that young man with the bright red hair.” I timidly stood up in the crowd and looked behind me, just in case there was another young man with red hair anywhere around me. No, it was definitely me he was talking to! He shared by the word of the LORD, “you have been called as an evangelist…and you’ve already known this for some time…but tonight is your confirmation/commissioning.”

When he spoke those words, the Power of God hit me so strong that it was like lightning bolts. I began to shake and bounce up and down. I remember Paul commenting, “I wish many of you could experience the kind of Power that this young man is experiencing right now.”

I was overcome with anointing. Then Paul asked for any more in the crowd to please stand who felt the same kind of calling as young evangelists; about 500 stood, and he prayed a prayer over them. Then he received a few words of knowledge for healing over people’s bodies and then the most amazing thing of all happened. he felt the LORD was finished speaking, and turned to his team of other prophets, including Bobby Conner, and left the platform.

That was it. Only one prophetic word of amazing confirmation given to a young man with red hair seated in a crowd of 15,000 – and I was humbled to be the recipient of that word. What has followed these past 14 years has been a roller-coaster ride of success and failure for me. I am still learning from the Spirit what it means to walk in this kind of power-evangelism anointing. I have many more roads to travel, and many more days to walk through.

But they all began that single night of incredible ministry through Paul Cain. I will have him to thank in eternity for setting me on a course of ministry. I have never looked back after that night.

Rev. Carl Wesley Anderson, Jr.
Born to Blaze Ministries, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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