Carl Wesley Anderson

In the summer of 1994, I had just graduated from Bible school in Minneapolis and the LORD called me to evangelize in Germany. I heard that prophet Paul Cain was to be the keynote speaker at a unique youth event organized near Ludenscheid, Germany, and I went along to hear him speak.

A crowd of some 15,000 young people from all across Europe came together that night. Paul gave his incredible testimony, sharing how the LORD had called him to quietly retreat to the wilderness and await His voice. He waited in obedience for many years until the LORD said, “Paul,  when I call you forth, it will be to stand in front of a new generation of young people who will encircle the earth with more power than the previous generations.” And Paul stood before us that night and declared, “YOU are the generation.” Imagine the excitement in the crowd.

Then he began to minister in the Word of Knowledge gift, and pointed his prophetic finger right at me! He said, “I’d like to start ministering to that young man with the bright red hair.” I timidly stood up in the crowd and looked behind me, just in case there was another young man with red hair anywhere around me. No, it was definitely me he was talking to! He shared by the word of the LORD, “you have been called as an evangelist…and you’ve already known this for some time…but tonight is your confirmation/commissioning.”

When he spoke those words, the Power of God hit me so strong that it was like lightning bolts. I began to shake and bounce up and down. I remember Paul commenting, “I wish many of you could experience the kind of Power that this young man is experiencing right now.”

I was overcome with anointing. Then Paul asked for any more in the crowd to please stand who felt the same kind of calling as young evangelists; about 500 stood, and he prayed a prayer over them. Then he received a few words of knowledge for healing over people’s bodies and then the most amazing thing of all happened. he felt the LORD was finished speaking, and turned to his team of other prophets, including Bobby Conner, and left the platform.

That was it. Only one prophetic word of amazing confirmation given to a young man with red hair seated in a crowd of 15,000 – and I was humbled to be the recipient of that word. What has followed these past 14 years has been a roller-coaster ride of success and failure for me. I am still learning from the Spirit what it means to walk in this kind of power-evangelism anointing. I have many more roads to travel, and many more days to walk through.

But they all began that single night of incredible ministry through Paul Cain. I will have him to thank in eternity for setting me on a course of ministry. I have never looked back after that night.

Rev. Carl Wesley Anderson, Jr.
Born to Blaze Ministries, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Testimonies of old …

Ministry of Paul Cain Outstanding by Norene C. Nicholls Assistant Pastor, Revival Center Tabernacle, Seating Nearly 4000
Paul Cain and Dr. J. Stuart Hydanus have just recently held a week of meetings in the Revival Center Tabernacle in Grants Pass, Oregon, and our hearts were thrilled as we saw the Lord move in such a precious way while they were here from May 21 through 27. Brother Cain’s ministry is most outstanding with the gifts of healing, word of wisdom, word of knowledge and discerning of spirits all in operation. No one has to tell him what they need deliverance from, but the Spirit reveals it to him. He tells the people even what church they attend, what is hindering healing in their cases, if they are filled with the Spirit, etc.

Many times we saw people sent to the prayer rooms to pray as they came before him for prayer, because they were not saved, not filled with the Spirit, needed a refilling, or needed to get some hindering thing out of the way. He told them that he was more interested in the spiritual condition than in the physical, for he knew that if the spiritual was taken care of, so would the physical be. In fact, Brother Cain warned folks to get out of the prayer line if they were not saved and filled with the Spirit and go to the prayer room, because he would only send them there anyway if they came before him.

One such case we would like to tell you: On Saturday night, May 26th, an elderly lady from Northern California came in the prayer line. She was deaf, but had a hearing aid so she could hear what was told her, and also was quite crippled up with arthritis. Brother Cain looked at her and told her that she was more interested in healing than in salvation and that she was not saved, and sent her to the prayer room. The next day she came again for prayer, and Brother Cain immediately knew that she was saved and prayed for her healing. She could hear his whisper after prayer. It is interesting to note how the Lord reveals to Brother Cain the nature of the suffering of one’s sicknesses. When a person comes before him for prayer, he feels in his body the same pain that the suffering one feels and thus tells him what is wrong with him.

As an example of one of these services, we would like to hit the high spots of the May 22nd meeting. Brother Cain told us that night that the Lord had shown him several things that were going to take place in that service but that he would rather not tell it but let it be manifested as the evening went on. He said that he was going to point out a sister that had a boy that was going to be saved, which he did. He located her in the second row of the big tabernacle seating nearly 4,000 people. He said that she was a broken hearted mother because of a son that was a drunkard but that the Lord was going to save him.

Also, she was told that her weak eyes would be strengthened and her liver trouble healed. If you want to verify this, contact Mrs. Hazel Fox, Rt. One, Box 576, Grants Pass, Oregon. Then Brother Cain called out a lady in the front row (Mrs. Estger Wyatt, 344 16th St., Springfield, Orgeon), who he said he knew was deaf. After prayer, she heard and repeated and repeated what was whispered to her. By a word of knowledge Brother Cain told her that she had a boy of four and a girl of nine and that her husband had died of heart trouble. These revelations quickly build up a person’s faith to receive healing. Then a woman back in the audience was called out— a lady with gray hair, wearing a green coat and glasses.

She came forward and was told that she was praying for the salvation of her two sons. This was very true. Her name and address is as follows: Mrs. I. B. Cullison, 459 West “J” St., Grants Pass, Oregon. Following this, a man in a dark suit, on the extreme right, was called to the front, as Brother Cain had seen him in a vision while in prayer that day. He told him that he had come a long way and was from another state— California. He then described his condition as kidney trouble and dropsy. Then he told him that awhile back God had dealt with him concerning doing a certain thing, which was going to Alaska to work for the Lord. He was told that his sickness would leave and that he was to go and do the Lord’s bidding, also that the tubes from the kidneys would be restored. Even his age of 23. years was revealed. For verification of this write to Harold W. Moe, Jr., Box 1790, Redding, California.

The altar call was given after this, and there was a real response following the demonstration of the power of God. One interesting thing about the altar call was when those who had raised their hands indicating that they wanted to accept the Lord as their Saviour were asked to stand, one man did not stand. So Brother Cain turned to the man and told him to hand the child whom he was holding to his father-in-law and stand up. In this case even though strangers, Brother Cain knew who the father-in-law was.

The prayer line was called following this, and one woman, about the sixth in line, was told that she had cataracts and was prayed for. Then Brother Cain said there was a woman in the audience with a growth on her right eye and called her forward. Upon her arrival at the platform, she was told that she had been praying for twenty years for an unsaved daughter, and that the daughter would be saved. Then the woman was told that besides her eye trouble she had stomach and kidney trouble, and was prayed for and healed. For information write: Grandma Richey, 603 N. 8th St., Grants Pass, Oregon.

And so, case after case was revealed by the Holy Spirit, and were all correct. In closing this report, we want to say that we highly recommend our brother’s ministry to one and all. Brother Cain, a young man of twenty-two years, is certainly called and sent of the Lord, and his ministry is given of the Holy Spirit. Dr. J. Stuart Hydanus travels with Brother Cain, teaching and preaching the Word of God and revealing thereby the Christian’s high place in God. L. D. Hall and Norene C. Nicholls, Pastors, Assembly of God, Grants Pass, Oregon.


Growth Disappears Instantly
Brother Paul Cain pointed me out to the audience one night, telling me every affliction which God had revealed to him. My little three-old-girl, who had been scheduled for an operation, had a large growth on her hip. The surgeons said it was very dangerous and should be removed. Brother Cain, not knowing me, told me of this happening. Then he said that the growth would disappear instantly when he prayed. It did; hundreds and thousands have heard the testimony. The doctors said it was amazing. The growth left before hundreds of persons. No trace, nor spot was left. This is a miracle. I was healed of every affliction in my body and became a Christian. Mrs. D. Brown, El Monte, Calif.

Dear Brother Cain:
This is my testimony to the Lord for the wonderful healing I have received. I had palsy, kidney and very bad liver and stomach trouble along with cataracts in one eye. In twelve days’ time, they have disappeared. I love the precious messages that God has anointed you to preach. I know that thousands were blessed while you were here. Lillian Meredith, 105501/) Cantara St., Sun Valley, Calif.

Dear Brother Cain:
For some time I suffered with a weak, faint condition, during your meeting in Grants Pass, Oregon. One night I said a silent prayer that if there was anything especially wrong with me that you would call me out of the crowd, and sure enough, the Lord told you I had a liver trouble which was causing my weakness. My wonderful Lord has healed me. I cannot praise Him enough. Praise His Name forever more. Mrs. Cecile Powert, 730 S. West “L” St., Grants Pass,

Ore. Healed Instantly
Dear Brother Cain: This is to let you know that I am healed. One night as you pointed me out to the audience at Calvary Temple in Los Angeles, through the Spirit of God, you discerned my condition. You told me I had a cancer on my left breast, also stomach trouble. This was very true. It startled me so I thought I would faint, as I had never been in a service of this type. Now I see it was a supernatural power of God. You told me my cancer was healed. The next morning it dropped off. I was amazed. I returned to the doctor and he said there was no spot even the size of a pin point that would indicate a place that a large growth was. I love my Jesus for this wonderful miracle to such an unworthy servant. Thank God for sending you to Calvary Temple where hundreds more were healed. Mrs. Roofe, Los Angeles, Calif.

Deafness Healed Instantly
Dear Bro. Cain: I was injured when about nine years old by a blow on the head. Was deaf for some years but after scarlet fever my hearing partially returned. It worried me when trying to follow one’s voice. After prayer I could hear a whisper clearly. I am healed and enjoy my hearing. Thank God! Mrs. Ruby Craig, , Box 1147, Auburn, Calif. Cancer Discerned And Healed Dear Bro. Cain: I heard your radio broadcast one morning from Los Angeles. The Spirit of the Lord came upon you as you began to describe people in the radio audience, telling them their afflictions, their ages and their dress. Then suddenly, you described my case perfectly and told me to place my hand on the radio. When you prayed the Power of God went all through me. I know definitely that I am healed. Pray that I shall receive the Holy Spirit. Mrs. Edith Welsh, Los Angeles, Calif .

Brother Paul Cain prayed for me in the prayer line one evening at the Los Angeles meeting. He discerned a tormenting demon and commanded it to leave. He also prayed for my nerves to be healed as he told it was caused from my cancer. Thank God, it was so supernatural and every word true. The Power of the Spirit healed me. I rejoice in this great deliverance. It was so encouraging as Bro. William Branham pointed to me one night while in his audience, and told me the very same thing. God bless you two men of God. Mrs. Mildred Travis, Grants Pass, Oregon.

Dear Bro. Cain:
Thank you for sending me prayer cloths. Immediately after placing the cloth upon my body I was healed of a serious condition of hay fever. It is a miracle. I sent the other cloths to my relatives in the old country. Enclosed is a marvelous testimony of their healings. They were healed instantly. Praise the Name of Jesus. I shall never forget your wonderful campaign in Salt Lake City. Mrs. A. Wold, Salt Lake City, Utah On December 26, 1950, I came to Calvary Temple to be prayed for by Brother Paul Cain. The doctors told me I had gall bladder, liver and bronchitis trouble, which I put on my prayer card. As I went to be prayed for, Bro. Cain did not look at the card which I had filled out, but through the gift of discernment told me I had the gall bladder trouble and bad liver. He prayed for me and the power of God surged through my being. I went home that night and slept like a baby, free from the bronchitis and all. The next day I ate a steak, fried potatoes, bread, jello and coffee and have a wonderful appetite. Praise Jesus— and God bless you, Bro. Cain, for praying for me. Here is a photostatic copy of my doctor’s personal statement. He declares I am healed. But of course I know it also. Bro. Joseph Senkoff, 726 Garland Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.

Cancer Discerned And Miraculously Healed
Dear Bro. Paul: It is my desire to add my testimony to hundreds of others, in answer to prayer of the Holy Ghost through the sign ministry vested in you by our Lord. I was the last one called out of the audience the first Sunday afternoon of your second meeting at Calvary. You said you kept me until the last, for it was the greatest miracle. Through the Spirit you discerned my low blood pressure, heart and stomach trouble and cancer. Oh, you were so right! On Friday of the same week, I had my blood pressure taken and it was perfect, one hundred and twenty and I am sixty-five. You told me I would spit up my cancer and on May the tenth, I took desperately ill and vomited up over two quarts of the most awful cancer you can imagine. This greatly strengthened the faith of my friends and myself to the glory of God. Mrs. Margaret J. Crawford, Crawford Hotel, 1051 North Sanborn Ave. Los Angeles, California.

Dear Bro. Cain:
I am happy to submit this testimony of stomach ulcers. Jesus touched my body when you pointed me out of the audience and described my condition perfectly, through the gift that God has given you. When you prayed I felt the relaxing and lack of tension in my stomach muscles. The pain was gone. I knew I was healed. Praise my adorable Jesus! It has not returned. The old malady is gone forever. Praise God and my blessed Lord Jesus Christ! Your brother in Christ, Rev. Samuel R. Kline, 300 Isabel St., Glendale, Calif.

Dear Bro. Cain:
I want to testify to the Lord’s people everywhere. I have been healed of arthritis of the spine. I realize the supernatural power of God has returned to the Church, after witnessing the supernatural demonstrations in your meetings as you would call out hundreds of people, telling them their sicknesses. I walked without any pain. I am healed. Praise God for the Paul Cain revivals! Mae Partlow, W1209-5, Spokane, Washington.

Rev. Le Roy M. Kopp:
I want to send in my testimony of what the Lord has done for me. Some few days I was suffering something awful with my eyes. The tear duct was closed entirely, my eye was swollen shut, and the pain was almost unbearable, all through my head. My sister called to have Bro. Cain pray for me. He prayed for me over the phone. That was in the evening, I knew God would answer and give me relief, and heal me, so I went to sleep and rested all night, for the first time in days. The next morning I had no pain, and from that moment my eyes were healed. Oh, how I praise Him for His goodness! I give Him all the glory, and I do thank you brothers and God bless you in His service. Enclosed is a small offering for you and Brother Cain. Please show this letter to him. Mrs. Esie Baker, Los Angeles, California.

Dear Bro. Cain:
I am giving the praise to God and thanking you for your prayers. A wonderful miracle has taken place. You pointed me out of the audience one Wednesday night, and told me I could be healed as you described my afflictions. When I went on the stage, I was paralyzed and could not open my hand, but praise the Lord, after you prayed you commanded me to use my arm and open my hand. Great fear fell upon the audience as my hand opened before their very eyes. I have never been able to open my hands since being afflicted. It was closed very tight, and now, praise the Lord, it is perfectly straight. May God continue to bless you in your work and Paul Kopp also. Mrs. Katherine Reamer, 1434 Baldwin Ave,. El Monte, California.

Dear Bro. Paul:
You prayed for me at Calvary Temple, Los Angeles, December 20, 1950, for the loss of smell, sinus trouble and arthritis of twenty-seven years. And, praise the Lord, I am so thankful that I can smell and Jesus has healed all my ailments, and I am very grateful to Him. I haven’t worked for almost two years. My profession is nursing. I am healed and am on my way to minister to some critically ill relatives. Sophia Ontiveros, 526 32nd St., Oakland, Calif.

Dear Bro. Cain:
Shortly before attending your meeting at Los Angeles, I fell and hurt my spine and back. The doctors said I could never get along without the brace as there was nothing they could do for me. But after you prayed for me, God healed me and made my spine perfectly normal. I wore the steel braces for over a year. I am healed and don’t have to wear them any longer. God bless you, brother, and give you many souls. Christine Sondreal, 8559 Pickford St., Los Angeles, Calif.

Ethel Aratta

Lord I believe by Ethel Aratta
It has been my privilege to see the HAND of GOD in action, and to see HIS BOUNDLESS COMPASSION manifested in a supernatural way. Truly, the Scripture, in JESUS’ own words (Luke 10: 21), which says: “I THANK THEE, O FATHER, LORD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, THAT THOU HAST HID THESE THINGS FROM THE WISE AND PRUDENT, AND HAST REVEALED THEM UNTO BABES: EVEN SO, FATHER; FOR SO IT SEEMED GOOD IN THY SIGHT,” is being demonstrated in the beautiful ministry of the young Evangelist Paul Cain of Garland, Texas.

I am a refugee from that abyss of darkness, Catholicism. Five months ago I was saved. It was not difficult for me to accept JESUS as the LORD and SAVIOR of the cross of Calvary, nor was it hard to confess my sins, and ask forgiveness. Had I not been doing just that for years, and to mortal man, a priest of the Catholic Church, believing that as a servant of God he could forgive me?

Shame, shame on my ignorance! My big doubt was the “personal” SAVIOR element. To a Catholic, the very idea of fellowship with the LORD JESUS CHRIST would have been a sacrilege. Mary was the intercessor between GOD and man, not JESUS. I know it is hard for good Christians to put themselves in my place, or even begin to understand my skepticism. I had been blinded by false doctrine too long to accept this wonderful gift of fellowship with JESUS, without reservations. That I, a sinner, who had tasted of nearly all of the flesh pots, would be honored of GOD in such a wonderful way— it was too much to believe. I wanted this fellowship, more than I have ever wanted anything; though my seeking it seemed like colossal ego on my part.

However, I sought this blessing most eagerly, by attending services every night, as well as all of the Divine HEALING meetings I could manage. I must be honest, I sat through the latter with tongue in cheek, feeling that there were people in this world who could “sell” themselves on just about any idea they choose to believe. I saw people healed, and I saw the same people lose their healing almost as quickly. Being still in the dark myself, this only added to my skepticism. Was I not one of the “wise and prudent”? How much black magic did these preachers think an intelligent person could swallow with impunity? I tremble as I look back on those days now, and marvel that GOD did not slay me for my unbelief.

Then Brother Paul Cain began his campaign at my church, Calvary Temple, in Los Angeles, Calif. This was almost more than I could take. I had little or no faith in the older men I had heard, and now they were asking me to accept a youngster, a mere boy; it was absurd. A year and a half earlier, I had suffered a severe injury to my spine, and was even then awaiting surgery.

Three of the best Orthopedic specialists on the West Coast held out little hope of complete recovery even after an operation, and told me I must expect my back to be stiff for the rest of my life. As I listened night after night to the powerful preaching of this precious child of GOD, as I witnessed miracle upon miracle manifested in a supernatural way through this young man; GOD opened my eyes and blessed me with the greatest of all blessings— FAITH.

Now I could go up in the prayer line. I went believing, and Praise the LORD, I was healed. Brother Paul did not know me, nor did he know my illness. The gift of discernment is highly developed in this young man, and as he took my hand GOD showed him what was wrong with me. He said: “Sister, you have an injured back; if you believe, GOD will heal you.”

Then he touched his own back, and a look of pain crossed his face. I guess I looked alarmed, because he said: “I feel your pain in my own body, that is how GOD shows me what is wrong with you.” As he prayed for me, I felt the pain leave me, and it has never returned. I can do all sorts of heavy lifting that would tax the endurance of a strong back, and feel no ill effects.

Thanks be to GOD for HIS infinite MERCY. Even after I had received my healing, GOD was not finished with me. As Brother Paul finished praying for me, he put his hand on my head and— O GLORY! —I was slain under the POWER of GOD. This falling under the POWER was another thing I found hard to accept, and my first thought when I saw it was “hypnotism.” Our GOD truly works in mysterious ways HIS WONDERS to perform, and I can’t but feel that HE must have found something worth while in this poor sinner, to give me such priceless proof of HIS DIVINE LOVE. This started out to be my healing testimony for Brother Paul Cain, but I seem to have deviated a bit from my subject. However, I feel it adds rather than detracts from it, for had I not had my eyes opened through Brother Paul’s ministry, there would not be any testimony.

After this wonderful experience, I became an altar worker in Brother Paul’s meeting. Frankly, I was scared to death. When he is under the anointing, one feels the POWER of GOD so keenly, it is almost overpowering to those near him. I want to tell you of some of the miracles I have been privileged to witness at close range while working on the platform with him. For several consecutive nights I had noticed a woman with a small girl in the same seat in the first row. The child looked sickly, but the woman made no effort to get a prayer card.

Then one night Brother Paul spoke to her from the pulpit, and told her that JESUS had shown him the child, and told him that she had a growth on her hip, and that the doctors wanted to operate on it at once. This would not be necessary, as GOD was going to heal her. Brother Paul prayed for the child, and instantly the growth vanished. Through this miracle, the mother, who was unsaved, found salvation for her own soul.

Another night, Brother Cain called for ten totally deaf people to come up to be prayed for, saying the LORD had revealed that HE would heal ten deaf people in that service. Everyone heard the ticking of a small watch, and left the prayer-line with their hearing completely restored. Many never enter the prayer line at all, but receive their healing right where they are sitting, as they are told their sickness, and to praise GOD, and accept their healing in HIS NAME. Brother Paul spoke to one man in the audience who had a broken leg, and couldn’t walk without crutches. He was told he was healed, and that he was to accept his healing by faith, and get up and run to the back of the church without his crutches. He left them on the seat, and did as he was told, and his leg was every whit whole.

There are many who say: “How do we know that cancer was healed; we can’t see it? God seldom proves HIMSELF to unbelief, but Brother Paul seems to be especially favored of GOD in this respect, for the LORD has given tangible evidence of healings, which might have been scoffed at otherwise. An example is the sister who went up for deliverance from stomach trouble. Brother Paul discerned her case as cancer of the stomach, prayed for her healing, and told her to go home and spit up the cancer. That night on returning home she was taken violently ill, vomited the cancer, and brought it to Brother Cain the next night in a bottle of alcohol, for a testimony.

Don’t tell me Divine Healing is a fallacy. I saw that cancer with my own eyes and my own body gives me the evidence that it is very real indeed. I could go on indefinitely, telling you of the signs, wonders, and miracles that have been wrought in this meeting. A man I know well, and pitied greatly, had devils cast out of him in Brother Paul’s meeting. He is a different person now, and a very lovable one. I have never been in a meeting with Brother Cain without receiving a blessing in one form or another, and for that reason, when he left us to hold a revival in Long Beach, twenty miles away, I tried to attend as many services in that city as possible. In the Long Beach meeting a small boy who had been blind from birth, saw for the first time. Medical science said this was impossible, that he would never have sight. Wonder what they are saying now?

What a heavenly sensation that must be— to look upon GOD’S beautiful creation for the first time with understanding of the thing one sees! This boy was about seven years old, and he looked at Brother Paul’s watch and told him what it was. Isn’t HE wonderful! One of my own friends, a trained nurse in Long Beach, was healed of T.B. in Brother Paul’s meeting. The doctors told her she must stop work and go to Arizona for a long rest if she wanted to live. Shortly after she was prayed for she had another X-ray made.

This X-ray, along with a statement from the laboratory which made the X-ray, is a matter of record, and the picture and the statement both testify to the fact that there is not a trace of T.B. in her lungs. To go on with the Long Beach meeting would sound like an old story to you, for again GOD blessed in a mighty way— an old story or not, it is one I never tire of telling. One of the finest examples of this young man’s nearness to GOD is evidenced in his altar calls; with hundreds giving their hearts to the LORD, and many receiving the Baptism of the HOLY GHOST.

As Brother Paul would be the first to tell you, he in himself can do nothing; it is the supernatural POWER working through him. Again I thank GOD for calling this humble child to be HIS ambassador of salvation to so many. His burden is for the sick soul rather than the sick body, and rightly so. Healing is the children’s bread, and it takes a simple childlike faith of a healthy soul to digest this bread for the nourishment of a sick body. If GOD, through the ministry of Brother Cain, will reach down HIS HAND to heal and save a sinner and skeptic like me, what will HE not do for those who come to HIM in faith believing? Thank GOD again for Paul Cain, who did so much that helped me to understand— that JESUS CHRIST is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Paul’s Biography

The Life Story Of Paul Cain

When Anna Cain, Paul Cain’s mother, was about 44 years old, she had four major terminal diseases and was sent home by her doctors to die. Also, she was pregnant. Four diseases: 1. Cancer had eaten away both of her breasts, 2. tuberculosis was destroying both of her lungs, 3. she suffered from terminal heart disease and 4. there were three large malignant tumors in her womb which would prevent a normal delivery of her baby. Her doctor, who was a renowned cancer researcher, took a special interest in Anna. After extensive tests, he told her she would not live long enough for the baby to be born.

At home Anna, bedfast and near death, wasted away to skin and bones until one midnight hour she was in prayer. As she prayed, a dark curtain of death began to settle over her. At the same time, a light began to appear in the darkness and the Angel of the Lord appeared at her bedside. She immediately discerned that his visitation was not a vision but a literal angelic appearance. The angel put His hand on her shoulder and said, “Daughter, be of good cheer, be not afraid, you shall live and not die, the fruit of your womb shall be a male child. Name him Paul. He shall preach My gospel as did Apostle Paul of Old.”

Anna was completely healed. The Lord gave her a new pair of lungs, restored her breasts and cured her heart disease and tumors. When the cancer specialists re-examined her, they said it was the first time they had ever witnessed tissue being recreated and pronounced her a miracle woman.

This was 1929 in Garland, Texas. Paul Cain was born in the normal cycle of life and was nursed on those breasts which were nearly destroyed just weeks prior to his birth. Not only did Anna “live and not die” as the Angel of the Lord had said, she is still alive and is now 104 years old. [This story was written before Anna died. She died 60 years after her doctors said she would.]

At the time Paul Cain was born [1929], Garland, Texas was a small farming community about 20 miles from downtown Dallas. It was surrounded by cotton fields and patches of scrub oak, birch and elm trees.

As a child, Paul was misunderstood by other children because he did not enjoy the same things they enjoyed. His favorite pastime was to read his New Testament and take long walks through the cotton fields, communing with Jesus.

“At a very young age I was conscious that God had His hand upon me,” Paul said. “I was a strange child, lonely and misunderstood by everyone but my mother. The other kids nicknamed me ‘droopy eyes’ because my eyes were usually downcast. I was very shy. Even then I was conscious of the presence of Jesus and His divine guidance in many of my actions. As early as I can remember, I wanted to be a preacher.” It was shortly after Paul’s salvation at the age of eight that the Angel of the Lord first visited him. Paul and his sister Mildred, 14, were nearly asleep one night after an unusually powerful meeting at their church when the presence of God suddenly filled the room. The Lord appeared to both Paul and Mildred. He called Paul’s name twice, and began to tell him of his unique calling. Paul was scared to death and pulled the covers over his head. The Angel of the Lord said to Paul, “I want you to preach my gospel as did Paul the Apostle of old. Open your mouth and I will fill it. You will preach the gospel by binding the sickness and the infirmities of God’s people.”

Soon after the Angel’s visit, Paul found he had an insatiable hunger to preach. Since he had no congregation, he went down to the railroad tracks where they were repairing the railroad, picked up discarded spikes and set them in rows in his backyard. He practiced preaching to them with his little New Testament. Every time he wanted a larger crowd he gathered more spikes. One day, as Paul was trying to preach he wept and said, “Lord, one day I’m going to be a real preacher and these are going to be real people and they’ll say real amens!”

Paul and his sister Mildred soon began to invite friends and family to their home for services. A friend had built a little church from scrap lumber in Paul’s backyard. They took turns reading from the Bible and praying and Paul would preach. Mildred recalled the Holy Spirit becoming very real during these times, as they sang around the piano and played musical instruments in praise of God. She said there were many glorious times for the young people of their neighborhood, and Paul became a truly anointed speaker.

“Those were wonderful days full of boyhood experiences.” Paul said. “In my imagination I saw my little group of kids as The Full Gospel Children’s Church of Garland, Texas. It was glorious. I thought I had a big crowd if 10 or 12 kids showed up. Those were happy days. We sang, praised God and had a precious time in the Lord.”

In 1947, at the age of 18, Paul began to hold citywide salvation and healing campaigns in tents, civic auditoriums and churches. He became one of many prominent preachers in a move of the Spirit known as the “Healing Revival” which lasted from 1947 to 1958. The Voice of Healing magazine, published by Gordon Lindsey (now called Christ for the Nations), chronicled the events of that revival. Paul was one of the men who highlighted its pages. He was the youngest of more than one hundred men who appeared seemingly all at once from nowhere with great anointing for healing and miracles. Dramatic salvations and healings were the norm for those days. Paul walked in tremendous intimacy with Jesus and often experienced dreams, visions and the appearance of Angels before and during his meetings.

It was one such experience that brought Paul’s father to Christ during the early days of his ministry. William Henry Cain was a typical hardworking man who grew up on a farm. After moving to Garland, Texas, he worked for the railroad until starting his own landscaping business. He was a loved and respected member of the community and a faithful member of the Methodist church. Even though he never fully surrendered his life to the Lord, he thoroughly believed in his wife’s healing at the time of Paul’s birth. When Paul was about 21, William Cain attended one of his son’s healing meetings. At that meeting the father saw two tall Angels standing beside Paul as he preached. He went to the altar and gave his heart to Christ. Less than two years later he died and went to be with the Lord. He was 56 years old when Paul was born, and died at the age of 78.

When Paul was in his early twenties, the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in Santa Maria, California. “The Lord is jealous for you and for your companions,” the Angel told Paul. “You were created for His pleasure.” At a later time, Paul understood the Lord was calling him to celibacy through that visitation. He began to pray to the Lord, “Then you don’t want me to get married?”

“I walked alone,” the Lord said, “and so must you, if you want to realize my highest purposes for your life.” Paul accepted his call to celibacy although at the time he had no real conception of just how jealous the Lord would prove to be over his life and just how lonely the road would be.

During the great healing revival, Paul’s ministry reached international proportions. In 1954, his manager purchased the world’s largest gospel tent from Jack Coe, and Paul toured the country, filling it with thousands of people wherever he went. The tent held 12,000 people.

In 1952 Paul began to film his miracle services and air them weekly on secular television stations. In 1954 he produced a motion picture called The Beginning of the End. The movie had a tremendous effect on audiences in the United States and was used to initiate more than 150 churches in South America.

In 1957, the late William Branham had an angelic visitation and was told not to go to a series of large meetings already planned in Europe, but to send Paul instead. As a result, Paul ministered in Switzerland. He also held a meeting in Karlsruhe, Germany that was sponsored by the State Church. These meetings were attended by more than 30,000 people each night for one week. At least 1,000 people came from the Russian zone in East Germany each night. The secular newspaper report claimed total attendance for the week had been 180,000 people. At one service more than 1,500 people received Christ. There were many miracles of healing as the Lord confirmed His word with signs and wonders.

During the height of his public ministry, the Lord began to deal with Paul about the excesses of the healing-revival movement. In 1957, the Lord spoke to him about changing the public format of his ministry. The Lord began to deal with Paul about laying his huge ministry down. It had become a religious machine that the Apostle Paul of Old would never have been a part of. The Lord visited Paul and told him that He didn’t call him to be famous, but to be obedient. Paul would have been in rebellion to continue his large tent and television ministry in the same format at that time. Shortly after this, Paul left the tent ministry by a specific mandate of the Lord.

For the next few years, Paul watched in agony as many of the leaders of the healing-revival movement suffered moral failures involving money, sex, and power, and lost their ministries or seemed to die prematurely, or in infamy. By 1958, Paul had become totally disheartened. At age 29, he was disillusioned and burned out. In the midst of Paul’s despair and repentance, God told him that if he kept himself from corruption and remained content with living a humble life marked by Scripture study and prayer, one day he would be allowed to stand before a new breed of men and women leaders. These would be marked by simplicity, purity and remarkable manifestations of power. This new breed wouldn’t be like the men with whom he had walked in the ’40’s and ’50s. They would want nothing for themselves and everything for the Lord. They would be almost a ‘faceless generation”, leaders who directed all glory to God. Unique revival would come through them, the Lord told Paul. When the Lord promised Paul he would stand before a new breed, he added that as a sign it would happen before his mother died. At that time Anna was 73 years old, so quite naturally Paul though it would take only a few years for the word to be fulfilled.

For most of the next 25 years, Paul lived in a small, two- bedroom home in Phoenix, Ariz., where he, with the help of his sister and family members, took care of his mother. He also drastically altered his intense traveling and preaching schedule, instead devoting three-quarters of his time to meditation of Scripture and waiting on the Lord – sometimes for hours each day. The other quarter of Paul’s schedule went to public ministry. But he refused to use the promotional techniques of the past. Paul made a commitment to the Lord that he would never again take up an offering for himself, as was customary for the healing evangelists to do. He briefly pastored two churches. During his time, Paul shied away from personal promotion or financial gain. He refused to take up offerings for himself at the few meetings he did have, and has stayed true to this financial policy to this day.

Paul is now 60 years old [written about 1989. He is now over 70 years old] and has been a part of the Latter Rain movement, the healing Revival and the Charismatic movement. Although these movements were great and strategic, Paul now believes God never fully endorsed them because of the immaturity and inconsistency of the leadership. He believes they did little to direct people toward righteousness, and that God can only fully endorse that which is holy and wholly His. “God is going to have a clean and fiery ministry,” Paul said. “Selfless men and women who speak as oracles of God will be raised up and accompanied by a fiery anointing from God. God is doing something new and it will sweep the earth.”

Though Paul has never called himself a prophet, those who know him best consider him a prophet. He is a spiritual father in a generation where there are “countless instructors but not many fathers,” (). Paul is especially noted for the presence of God in his life and ministry, a powerful anointing in the word of knowledge, healing, miracles and prophecy. He preaches the message of intimacy with Jesus and God’s jealous desire for His people to be holy. We’ve found that Paul’s ministry produces that effect in those who consistently sit under it.

Paul does impart “jealousy for God” but also is meek and winsome as evidenced by the many puns and little jokes he interjects in his preaching. His humble attitude is evident to everyone who hears him speak. He is motivated by deep compassion for the sick and the lost he sees in his meetings. “I feel great compassion for the sick and my heart aches for them as they come up in the prayer line,” Paul said. “Nevertheless, my greatest burden is for the sick souls. I have found some of my sweetest blessings when I have been able to help a suffering and tortured soul to Christ. That one lost sheep is so precious in the sight of God. Jesus tells us in His own words, ‘I tell you that in the same way, there will be more joys in Heaven over one sinner who repents, than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.” (: 7)

Paul has had several specific burdens and prophetic expectations for the Body of Christ today and in the days to come. He has had reoccurring visions concerning the end time, which he believes are rapidly approaching. About 30 years ago the Lord gave Paul a vision that has occurred to Paul more than 100 times and still reoccurs to this day.

It is a vision of the last days when sports stadiums all over the United States are filled with thousands of people. In this vision, people are being healed and miracles are happening to thousands in the name of Jesus Christ. People are turning to the Lord in droves and the whole nation is in revival. It seemed the whole earth was turning to Christ.

Television news reporters are broadcasting stories of resurrections and miracle healings. None of the secular reporters could get near the men on the platform. They did not know who the men were. Paul described them as “almost faceless men.” He hears a TV anchorman saying, “There are no sporting events to report tonight because all the stadiums, ball parks and arenas are being used for large revival meetings and are filled with people crying, ”Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord.”

In these visions, Paul saw these men minister for three days and nights without food, water or change of clothing. Supernatural strength enabled them to continue for these long periods. In the vision, Paul is standing at the crossroads of life and sees a billboard that says, “Joel’s army now in training.” People are being trained to walk in obedience to Jesus. They have learned patience and endurance, have the power of God and having done all, they know how to stand against the enemy.

“They will have the mind of Christ,” Paul said. “They will partake of the heavenly calling and be a new breed, God’s dread champions.” Those ministries will be filled with such passion for Jesus and the power of the Spirit that the host of darkness will dread their impact. Paul said in the midst of the Laodicean church age of lethargy and apathy, that God was preparing in hiddenness an army to pull down enemy strongholds, and go forth in the power of God and have pure and undefiled religion. “He’s going to do this with a people who have stripped themselves and separated themselves from the world, the flesh and the devil,” Paul said. “They will realize the end time is here and that things are in a mess and things at the end time are different. Just as it required total sacrifice on the part of the disciples to begin this thing, it will require an equal commitment from us to complete the task in the end times. Joe’s mighty army, as described in Joel Chapter 2 is the army of God – not a wicked army, as some have thought. They are the ones with ‘feet of iron not mixed with clay’, with the wisdom of God alone, not imitators of other men of God. Some of the superstars of the Church will fall. The Lord will have an army of holy anointed vessels to usher in His kingdom so that no one man can take credit for it. It will be to the glory of God alone.”

Paul believes God is preparing a new wineskin that is consistent with the “new wine” he is about to pour out. Paul said the prophets today are bringing to the church a revelation of how to prepare the wineskin, how to buy gold tried by fire and what kind of oil to buy for our lamps. One tool God is using to birth His jealousy for holiness in His people is the prophetic ministry. “God is raising up several strategic streams, with leaders who are preparing for Him a wineskin consistent with the new wine he is about to pour out,” Paul said. “If we fail to prepare according to His instructions, the new wine will be lost as in previous outpourings, and the wineskins will again be destroyed.” (: 16-17) Paul said a greater outpouring of God’s power and anointing always brought a corresponding outpouring of His jealousy for that which is holy. This was proven in when the first sins after the outpouring of Pentecost was judged by death (Ananias and Sapphira). “We cry to God for more power, but it’s in His mercy that He withholds the great blessing until we can handle the increased responsibility that accompanies it,” Paul said.

“It’s obvious Paul is becoming most effective in ministering to Christian leaders as evidenced at recent conferences. Already thousands of leaders have been touched through Paul’s ministry for righteousness. These leaders have gone back to their congregations with fresh direction and passion to prepare God a new wineskin consistent with what He’s about to do in the visitation of the 1990’s. It seem very obvious to all of us that it was the jealousy of God over Paul’s ministry that drew him aside for 25 years to preserve him from the corruption that became evident in many of the ministries related to the healing revival in the 1950’s. It was a very lonely, painful and discouraging time in Paul’s life to have had such a powerful anointing that touched thousands at a time. Yet God was jealous for Paul’s part in the end-time ministry. The Lord wanted some older, seasoned ministries that would function as fathers for the younger ministries. We’re deeply thankful to our Heavenly Father that He is jealous over His church to the degree that He would prepare for the church human vessels which reflect His Fatherhood and jealousy for Jesus.”

Jean Raborg

The prophetic ministry is a great source of encouragement. It has delighted me over the years to hear vast numbers of testimonies of people in the Church who have been blessed by the simple acts of obedience and faith by people moving out in the remarkable gift of prophecy.

One note-able testimony is that of Jean Raborg. I intend to share other testimonies of encouragement as people write in to me, but here is Jean’s story.

I hope you are encouraged.

In 1965 Jean Raborg was living the American dream. She had done everything right. She had been raised in a Christian home. Her mother had been the organist at Morningside Presbyterian Church in Phoenix, Arizona. She had married her college sweetheart, John, whom she had met at Arizona State University. Now they were living in San Diego, California. They had two wonderful children, a daughter Janelle who was nine years old and a son John who was six. She was a popular home economics teacher in Kearny Mesa High School. She loved being a teacher, and she loved her students.

Jean had loved Jesus will all her heart since she was 14. When she was 19, she had an encounter with God that caused her to believe in the gifts of the Spirit.  

The students could feel Jean’s love and acceptance, and often came to her with their problems. It was common for Jean to pray for her students and even pray with them. In 1965 a public school teacher could still pray with her students without fear of losing her job. Jean’s husband John had a promising career selling life insurance. He had already won some award, and they had begun prospering financially. With their combined incomes, they were able to buy a lovely home on a hill in a suburb north of San Diego.

They bought new furniture, and with Jean’s decorating abilities their home looked like one of those show places out of Home and Garden. What more could any young couple want – a beautiful home, fulfilling jobs, a wonderful marriage, sweet children, and all of this in the midst of financial security? In addition to all of this there was a vital spiritual dimension to Jean’s life.

She was more than just a nominal Christian. She had loved Jesus will all her heart since she was 14. When she was 19, she had an encounter with God that caused her to believe in the gifts of the Spirit. She believed God who could do miracles. She and John had joined a church that believed in supernatural ministry. In spite of their work schedules they were heavily involved in their church work. Jean really had it all. She had a wonderful family. She had never know depression or sorrow. She had prosperity and she had intimacy with God. She had a perfect life.

There was only one small problem in her perfect life. Jean was a perfectionist. She didn’t know how bad her perfectionism was, and before 1965, it hadn’t really caused her too much trouble. But now she found herself with more responsibility than she had ever had before. She was teaching 150 students every day. The more she loved those students, the more she took on their problems and their stresses. She put everything she had into her teaching. Also, the new house was not turning out to be the blessing that she had thought it would be. It was larger and required more effort to keep it clean than the smaller house they had before.

There was the added worry about the new furniture – a worry that a nine-year old girl and six-year old boy couldn’t really share. Jean began to come home drained physically and emotionally drained. It seemed that her own children were beginning to require more from her than she could give. In order to meet her own children’s emotional needs, she frequently had to let the house go, and this bothered her. It seemed like it was all she could go to get a meal on the table for John and her children and then clear away the mess afterwards.

For the first time in her life, Jean began to have a problem sleeping. This didn’t make any sense to her because she was so tired when she finally got to bed at night. But now it took her longer to go to sleep, and her sleep was fitful. When she woke up in the morning, she seemed almost as tired as she was when she went to bed. Jean began to long for the weekends, not because she could rest, but because this gave her time to get her house in perfect order. And then there was their church, Jean and John were committed to their church. It was difficult for her to say no to the needs there. So instead of allowing herself to be refreshed on the weekends, she usually began Monday even more worn out than she was on Friday.

As Jean approached exhaustion, she began to realize she could not handle all of her responsibilities. She began to feel like she was drowning – slowly, but surely and losing contact with reality and life. This type pressure was unknown to Jean ever in her life. She started talking to John about the pressure she was feeling, but then she thought, How could I worry John when he is already so overworked? She thought about telling someone at church, but a VOICE went off in her mind telling her that no one should ever know that SHE CAN’T REALLY HANDLE THINGS – that she should just keep going and everything would be alright.

She didn’t know where this last impression came from, but she decided to obey it. She talked to no one about her exhaustion and the mounting stress that was drowning her. She decided to keep going. For the first time in her Christian life, she stopped having what she called “her time alone with Jesus.”

Descent into Madness

By February of 1965, Jean became desperate. She went to her family doctor, and the nurse led her into on of the examining rooms. In a few minutes Dr. Bowers came in. “Hi Jean, What brings your here today?” the kind physician asked. Jean begins to sob to the doctor and explains to Dr. Bowers that she just feels like she is on a merry-go-round and is almost ready to drop.

Dr. Bowers diagnosed Jean with pure exhaustion. He told her she would have to make some changes and get some rest. “You are not using the wisdom God has given you, Jean” he said. He gave her some medicine that would help protect her immune system and give her a little more energy. She began to feel better, but she ignored the doctor’s advice about the priorities because all her life Jean had managed to make thing work despite all her duties. The summer of 1965 came and Jean and John planned to go on a vacation John had won through his company.

The night before they left she felt a sharp pain under her arm. Putting her hand under her left arm, she felt a large hard lump. She collapsed into a chair. A black despair fell over her. She thought of her best friend, Ann, who had died form cancer when she was 28 years old and had left two beautiful little children behind. It had all begun when Ann found a lump just like this one.Out of the darkness that enveloped Jean, a voice whispered, “You have lost weight, you are tired, you have a lump under you arm, and you have all the other symptoms Ann had. You have what Ann had, and it is just a matter of time before you join her.”

Jean had never known the kind of fear she was feeling now. It was paralyzing. She felt her legs going numb. She couldn’t walk. the icy hand of fear gripped her heart and squeezed it so that the hope of the Holy Spirit oozed out of her heart and was lying in a pool on the floor beside her. Jean became powerless to reclaim it. The voice told Jean she couldn’t tell anyone. “Don’t tell John and ruin what few months you have left. And just forget about telling God about this because He’s punishing you for your inability to control things that have gotten out of control.”

Jean thought this was a judgment on her for failing in her responsibility as a wife, a mother, a teacher, and a Christian. No, it was over. There was nothing left except to waste like Ann had done. The vacation was a disaster. All Jean could think was, “I am dying, I am leaving these two beautiful children and my precious husband. I am leaving my beautiful home on the hill, and I won’t be here to teach next fall.” She kept touching the lump, which seemed to grow every day. As it grew Jean became thinner and thinner, and slept less and less.

By the time she got back to San Francisco she was no longer functioning as a human being. Sometime that summer Jean started crying and couldn’t stop. John couldn’t understand it, and she couldn’t tell him. Jean was having a breakdown, but since she had never known anyone who had had a breakdown, she didn’t realize what was happening.

Somehow she made it to the end of the summer.

Her principal told her she had been made head of the Home Economics department. Instead of causing her to celebrate, the news pushed her to the verge of hysteria. Jean started teaching that fall but was an emotional wreck. Every time the students left the room, she broke into tears. After a couple of weeks trying to teach, she went back to see Dr. Bowers. When she tried to tell him what was wrong all she could do is cry. Finally she raised her arm and said, “what is this?” After examining her Dr. Bowers said, ‘Jean why didn’t you come in here after you first found this?” After an examination Dr. Bowers determined the growth was not cancer or even a malignant tumor – it was just a swollen lymph gland and suggested minor surgery to take care of it. Instead of receiving the news in joy, Jean assumed both the husband and the doctor were hiding the real facts from her.

The voice told Jean that John and Dr. Bowers had conspired not to tell her right away about her cancer because she was so depressed and had been crying so much. In spite of the doctor’s assurances, she was more convinced than ever that she had cancer and that the doctor was lying to her to keep her calm until the surgery. Jean had been so confident and competent that she had never learned to ask for help. This situation had spread to Jean’s soul and no one could seem to stop the descent into oblivion she was taking. That night she began to pound on the bedroom walls at the house and cry hysterically. John had never seen Jean act like this. When he didn’t get her to stop, he slammed the front door in anger and escaped to his office. The next day John tookJean to Dr. Bowers again who recommended a 2-week rest from school.

After the 2-week rest one of her students in her class asked her where a certain ingredient was. She stared at the student for a minute, and then a blank look came over her face. Slowly the words, “I don’t know, I don’t know,” came out of her mouth. it was a though something had switched off inside her and everything she had known as an adult seemed to leave her. She became like a child. She heard herself saying, “I am leaving this room, and I do not think I will ever come back.” Without any warning, she began screaming hysterically and ran for the door. One of the teachers across the hall saw her bolting from the classroom and ran out to intercept her.

She threw her arms around Jean, who was sobbing. “It’s all over, it’s all over.” The colleague, Jane, calmed her down and got her into the car. She took her to Dr. Bowers, who immediately called a psychiatrist and made an appointment. By thetime John got to the psychiatrist’s office two hours later, Jean had still not able to talk to the psychiatrist. All she could do was sit in his office and cry hysterically. The psychiatrist found that only drugs could calm Jean. He started her on tranquilizers. Jean could not believe that she, a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian, had to take tranquilizers. She slid into an abyss of hopelessness. She never went back to the classroom and ceased functioning. It got to the point that all she did was sit around the house and cry all day. John had to make herself even comb her hair, and get the children ready for school and go to work.

Jean became suicidal. She began attempting to take her own life on several occasions including one day when she tried to jump out of John’s car on a busy San Diego Freeway. He was barely able to restrain her. The doctor put her on thorazine. John took her to work to keep her from harming herself. But Jean could not feel John’s love, and the drug didn’t really dull her pain. She felt enveloped by a suffocating darkness. She felt mentally, emotionally and physically dead. Thoughts of suicide were always on her mind.

While all this was happening Jean’s parents, Carl and Jesse Williams were in anguish over their daughter’s illness and descent into insanity. Carl was the international treasurer of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship. He traveled with Demos Shakarian, its president and had occasion to meet a number of well-known Christian evangelists. He and Jesse had taken Jean to all sorts of crusades and Christian meetings in order to have pastors and evangelists pray for her healing. Many of the most famous healing evangelists of the 1950s and 1960s prayed for Jean to be healed during this time, but nothing happened. She grew worse.

By February 1966 Jean have a complete breakdown and simply stopped functioning as an adult. John did everything for her. Janelle, now 11, had become the mother of the house. After losing everything and basically being cut off from their church, friends and family, John pleaded with Jean to go back to the psychiatrist. She had stopped taking her medication and vowed never to see another doctor again. In spite of these protests, on Jean Raborg 36th birthday she found herself in the office of Dr. Jim Dickson and in front of the MesaVista Psychiatric Hospital.

The building was not what she imagined.

She found it physically beautiful. She thought, “perhaps I can get some help here after all.” Her and John signed the admitting forms and began to walk down a long corridor. The warmth Jean felt in the lobby disappeared. They came to a stark metal door that had one small window in it. They walked through the door, and when it slammed shut, it automatically locked. Jean was on one side with a nurse, and she saw John on the other side through the little window. At this moment Jean Raborg realized it would be a long time before she would see her husband and family again. She called out for John and he was gone. She called out for God and he didn’t seem to be there either. She stood there, stunned. The windows were barred, the room small. She was alone. She was given more thorazine, and she slipped off into mental oblivion. No matter what kind of therapy they tried on Jean, she didn’t respond. She spent her waking hours in a daze. She began to want to sleep all the time.

At four in the afternoon she would go to her bed and curl up in a fetal position. In the mornings, a nurse had to make her get out of bed. A few times she seemed to come back from the darkness and pretend she was feeling better. On these occasions they would let her go home for a visit and she would just wonder through her house from one bed to another, trying to sleep, but finding no rest. Her doctor would not allow sleeping pills and soon as she got home from the clinic she would always wind back up in the psychiatric ward. John kept hoping Jean would regain her sanity, but everyone else knew that she was not coming back home.

Their children had given up hope. Her parents had given up hope. And Jean herself had given up hope a long time ago. Jean knew she would never leave her prison again. The doctor suggested Jean stay indefinitely. As Jean sat on her bed crying, doped up on thorazine, drowning into this abyss, that same voice that had come to her in the very beginning of this descent came to her again and said, “How could a Christian who loves God and believes in His supernatural power end up so far away from him and in an insane asylum?” Then the voice offered Jean the answer: “You have committed the unpardonable sin. You have blasphemed the Holy Spirit. You can never be forgiven. This is your judgment.” Jean believed that voice and basically sank even further to the bottom of her mental pit never to return again.

Meeting Paul Cain

In October 1968 Carl and Jesse Williams traveled to San Bernardino California to hear a healing evangelist named Paul Cain. On the last night of the meeting Jesse stood up and asked Paul if he would pray for her daughter, who was locked away in a mental institution. Paul agreed and prayed for Jean. After the meeting Paul asked the Williams where their daughter had been institutionalized.

They told Paul that the hospital was somewhere in the San Diego area, but they did not know its name or precise location. John had refused to tell Jean’s parents where she had been institutionalized.

Although his relationship with Jean’s parents had been extremely strained, he didn’t do this out of meanness, but rather out of despair. Every attempt by the Williams through the healing evangelists had not helped, they had only aggravated the situation.

Promises of healing that did not materialize just caused Jean to lose even more hope and strengthened her view that God had truly forsaken her. In the end both the institution and John agreed that Jean would be better off if she was totally isolated. John had cut off all contact between Jean and the outside world, except with himself.

Paul told the Williams that he would continue to pray for their daughter. Paul walked out of the meeting at midnight and went to his car. After two continuous weeks of meetings he was dead tired. Of top of that he had a severe sinus infection. Paul thought it was ironic that the Lord had used him to heal various people over the last two weeks while he himself had remained sick. He put the key in the ignition, but before he turned it he prayed one more time for Jean Raborg.

As he prayed, he began to feel the compassion of Jesus for Jean. What started as a simple prayer became a torrent of words and emotions as he petitioned the Lord to deliver Jean from her madness. He wept as he felt the heart of Christ for her. As he was weeping, he looked up to heaven and the night sky turned into a giant television screen. On the screen, he saw jean in the psychiatrist’s hospital and he saw the things about her life before she went to the hospital.

Then God spoke. It wasn’t audible, but it couldn’t have been any clearer than if it had been audible. These sentences formed in Paul’s mind:” If you will go to San Diego and pray for this woman, she will instantly healed to my glory. And I will use this testimony to the end of her life to encourage women with hope.” The next morning Paul drove to San Diego. He felt impressed to pull of the freeway at a certain exit in San Diego. He walked up to a pay phone without knowing Jean Raborg was two blocks away from the Mesa Vista Psychiatric clinic.

The Williams had given Paul Jean Raborg’s office number and home phone. He called John’s office and no one answered. He called the home and got Janelle the daughter. He asks her for the number and is told, “I’m sorry sir, but I cannot give you the name of the hospital. No one is allowed to see my mother but my dad.” “Janelle,” Paul said, “I don’t want you to disobey your father, but I would like you to stay on the phone for just a minute longer. You see the Lord sent me here to help yourmother. I am going to pray now. Please stay on the line.”

Paul prayed, and in a few seconds he saw the giant television screen again. This time he saw a San Diego newspaper with a headline that said, “Mesa Vista.” “Janelle, I believe the Lord has shown me your mother is at Mesa Vista. I just need you to confirm this for me. Does that name mean anything to you?” “That’s it sir! that’s it, my mom is at the Mesa Vista Psychiatric Hospital.”

Paul thanked Janelle and said “Honey, I know this has been a weary road for you and your family. You have had to be strong while your mother has been so sick. I want you to know that God is going to heal your mother and she will be home in THREE DAYS. And when she comes back she will be back to normal and full of joy. Goodbye.”

Paul walks through the Mesa Vista Clinic and finds the receptionist. “Hello, my name is Paul Cain. I am a minister and I’m here to see Jean Raborg.” The receptionist turned to look up Jean’s room number. Next to Jean’s name were the orders, “TO SEE NO ONE BUT HER HUSBAND- ESPECIALLY CLERGY!” The receptionist looks at the chart, turns around puts it back in the folder and said, “Come right this way Mr. Cain she’s right back here.”

“Jean, my name is Paul Cain. You don’t know me, but I know you. What I am going to say to you is going to be difficult for you to understand. Jesus has sent me because he loves you and because he is going to heal you. I am going to pray for you today, and he will heal you, and you will be home in three days.”

Paul walked straight through the nurses’ station and asked for Jean. She was in occupational therapy now – sealing envelopes. When Jean sees Paul she screams “Dear God, who is that man? He looks just like an angel. I see your glory coming from him. Oh, I wish someone like that would come see me.” Paul went to Jean and said “Jean, my name is Paul Cain. You don’t know me, but I know you. What I am going to say to you is going to be difficult for you to understand. Jesus has sent me because he loves you and because he is going to heal you. I am going to pray for you today, and he will heal you, and you will be home in three days.”

Before Paul had gotten there he had prayed for Jean to have a sound mind since she had been so drugged up on thorazine. “Before I pray for you Jean I want to tell you two things that will help you understand God has really sent me here for you. The first thing Jesus told me to tell you is that you have never committed the unpardonable sin, and he knows you love him with all your heart.” Jean thought she was going to burst. “Oh, I do love him, I do love him – I love Jesus with all my heart! she exclaimed.” “The Lord also told me to remind you of something that happened when you were 14 years old, Jean. You were at a summer camp in Oregon, and after a service one evening you threw a pinecone into the fire, and you asked the Lord Jesus to come into your heart, and you asked him to make you a missionary.” “Yes sir!” Yes sir! But how could you have possibly known that?”

Paul took her hand and said, “Jean, I didn’t know that but the Lord showed me those two things so you’ll know He’s really here for you. He says he is about to make you a missionary, but not the way you thought.” Paul abruptly stopped speaking. He closed his eyes for a moment and then said, “Jean, I am having a vision right now. I see a man standing in an airline uniform, and he’s a pilot. He is a friend of yours, a neighbor of yours. His wife’s name is Pat. What’s his name?” Jean answered “His name if Allan Lindemann. He is a captain for PSA Airlines in San Diego. He lives right across the street from us in University City.”

Paul said, “You also have a neighbor named Marion. In the future you are going to tell Pat and Marion what the Lord has done for you, and it will change their lives. And you are going to give your testimony to the man in the airline uniform and while he is dressed in that uniform he is going to believe in Christ through your testimony. Now let me pray for you.” As Paul prayed for Jean she said it felt like a giant heating pad had been put over her abdomen.

Then she had a sensation of hot oil being poured over her and penetrating every fiber of her body. At the same time, she felt a cloud of oppression lift off of her. She started shouting for joy, “I’m healed, I’m healed!” Paul said “No, Jean, you’re not healed yet. When I leave there, the madness is going to try to return. God is going to put a scripture in your heart when I walk out this door. That scripture is going to seal your healing. When the evil voice returns to you, don’t listen to it. Instead say, “It is written,” and then quote whatever verse comes to your mind.” The Spirit and the Word will heal you and will keep you healed. Jean, you will be home in THREE DAYS and you will be filled with joy. Good-bye. I will be praying for you and will be in touch.”

Paul walked out the door and just left. Jean picks her Bible up and tries to focus on the pages but cannot because of all the thorazine in her system. Her mind began to cloud again and she could feel that same numbness trying to come back. Just then she put her Bible down, stood up, walked out the door and as she walked an passage from the Old Testament came to her mind just as clearly as anything could be: “FEAR THOU NOT, FOR I AM WITH THEE; BE NOT DISMAYED; FOR I AM THY GOD; I WILL STRENGTHEN THEE; YEA, I WILL HELP THEE; YEA, I WILL UPHOLD THEE WITH THE RIGHT HAND OF MY RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

At that moment she felt an icy hand try to grip her heart. Each time she would just walk and down the hall screaming . Everyone around her said, “Don’t listen to her, she’s crazy, she’s crazy!” NO, Jean Raborg had just been healed. The next morning, her psychiatrist, Dr. Appleford came to see her and immediately said JEAN, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU! Why aren’t you crying? Where did that smile come from? I have never seen anyone in my entire practice snap out of depression overnight.” Jean told him what happened when Paul visited. Dr. Appleford said, “Jean, I’m a backslidden Presbyterian and I don’t believe in miracles but what I see before my eyes is changing my mind. I am going to have you observed for a couple of days and then i will make another evaluation.”

On the THIRD DAY, a bright sunny October morning in 1968, Jean Raborg walked out of the mental clinic never to return again. Everything had changed when she got home. John and her had gone bankrupt. The house on the hill had gone. They lived in a small apartment now. None of their “stuff” had been able to give them joy or protect them from the enemy but now by the mercy of God John and the children had gotten back their wife and mom.

The SPIRIT and the WORD of God had set Jean free. Since they lived in a poorer section they didn’t see their old friends anymore. But a few months later, she returned to a Bible study group in her old neighborhood to give her testimony of God’s deliverance. Pat and Marion were profoundly impacted just as Paul Cain had prophesied.

Soon after Jean’s healing, the Raborg familymoved from San Diego to Phoenix. Some 13 years after Jean’s healing she was invited to come to Salt Lake City, Utah to share her testimony with a women’s group. Jean flew from Phoenix to San Diego to meet her daughter Jeanelle, who going to accompany her to Salt Lake City. “Mom,” said Jeanelle, “I wonder if Allan Lindemann could be flying this plane?” Jean smiled and said, “Honey, I am sure he is retired by now but to satisfy your curiousity I’ll ask.” Jean asked the stewardess who smiled and said, “His name is Captain Allan Lindemann.” Jean couldn’t believe it.

Jean Raborg was saved and set free by the Word of God AND the Spirit of God. Allan Lindemann was saved by the power of the Word of God AND the Spirit of God. You must have both. Don’t ever give up on your miracle!

She sent Allen a letter message that she and Jeanelle were on the plane. The stewardess brought it back and said Allen would meet them in Salt Lake City and have coffee wtih them. Normally Allan did not fly to Salt Lake City. His usual route was San Diego to San Francisco. He was filling in for another pilot on this day. At least this was the human reason why he found himself in Salt Lake City in December 1981.

The real reason he was in Salt Lake City had been decreed by God 13 years earlier in a mental institution. At the airport restaurant, Allen asked Jean what she was doing in Salt Lake City. “I am hear to share my testimony of my healing,” Jean said. “Oh yes, I remember that prophet fellow had a vision of Pat when you were healed.” Jean smiled and said, “That’s right Allen but he just didn’t see Pat, he saw you too.” “Really?” Allen asked wondering why. “Yes, he saw me talking to you while you were in your airline uniform. This is how he knew you were an airline pilot.” Allen just sat back and said, “That’s amazing.” “Yes it is amazing Allen. It shows you how much God loves you, and how well he knows you.”

From there Jean began to share the Gospel with him. Alan’s eyes filled with tears. For the first time he understood Jesus took his place on the cross and paid for ALL of his sins. That day, Allan Lindemann trusted in the Lord Jesus to save him from his sins. He was born again right before Jean’s eyes. “Allan, this is just like Paul said it would be in the vision he saw of you, you were wearing your uniform. You heard my testimony and the Gospel in the vision and you became born again.” Allan continued to cry. Finally he said, “What you don’t know Jean, is that this is the last day I will ever wear this uniform again. I am retiring today from PSA Airlines. In just a little while I am flying home to San Diego, and I will never wear this uniform again.”

On the last possible day, Captain Allan Lindemann was saved. Why? Because a word from God had decreed it 13 years earlier in an insane asylum and no word from God will ever fall to the ground before it is fulfilled.

Jean Raborg was saved and set free by the Word of God AND the Spirit of God.

Allan Lindemann was saved by the power of the Word of God AND the Spirit of God.

You must have both. Don’t ever give up on your miracle!

Anner Cain

The Testimony of Anna Cain  by Dan Reise

Anna Cain was 45 yrs old, pregnant and had four terminal diseases in her body, tuberculous, heart disease, both breasts eaten by cancer and 3 tumours in her womb, preventing the birth of her child.

A doctor, a renowned cancer researcher, sent her home and said she would not live to deliver the child. At home she continued to waste away, she spent her time in bed praying and trusting God, but one night after midnight, the angel of the Lord appeared by her bedside and laid his hand on her shoulder saying, “Daughter be of good cheer, you will live and not die! The child you bear is a male child, you shall name him Paul of Troas and he shall preach the gospel as did the apostle Paul, binding up the sickness and infirmities of My people, and he shall stand before kings and rulers of nations”.

She was completely healed, and Paul was born shortly after and was nursed on breasts that just weeks before had been eaten with cancer. Anna later traveled back to the cancer specialist at Baylor Hospital  who stated she was a miracle woman, that no one but Almighty God and His Christ could recreate breast tissue.

Not only was Anna completely healed but she lived to 105, loving God and praying for Paul every day. She was truly his secret weapon as she was more gifted than Paul in revelation and seeing ability.

One close friend was William Branham, who told Paul that his mother’s healing was the greatest miracle of the 20th century.  Once, when Paul was worried about his mom’s health, Brother Branham  took him aside and said, “Paul, the Lord showed me you’re worried about your mom – well you needn’t be, she will live a long, long, long time.”

Anna used great wisdom and never told Paul of his special birth and prayed, “Lord, You speak to him and call him to what you told me he would do.”  Then at the age of 8, the same angel appeared to Paul in his bedroom in the middle of the night. Paul’s sister Mildred called out to the angel, “Here am I Lord, speak to me too!!”  But he was sent to confirm Paul’s special birth and calling and graced her with the opportunity to witness Paul’s call to ministry.

Mildred was one of Paul’s closest siblings, helping and praying for Paul her whole life.  Paul traveled the globe during the late 40’s and 50’s preaching Jesus as Saviour, Deliverer and Healer, with miraculous signs following his preaching and ministry.

In 1957, William Branham by the leading of the Holy Spirit, called Paul and told him that he, Paul, was to go around the world in his place and God would supply everything he needed.

It was a great honor for Paul to preach to crowds of thousands, seeing tortured souls come to Christ, on different occasions, around 1500 people visited meetings from behind the iron curtain and were saved and healed.

Who but God knows how this final great army of God will be released in the earth? 

Paul is 89 yrs of age at this time, and has come to believe that God has saved the best till last, and he is noted as saying on many occasions:  “I have not yet done what God showed my mother I would do…”

What is Paul’s agenda today? 38 years ago, he was shown he would live to at least 2017, and preach in an Elim context.  In November of 2017 he did speak in Sunderland England at an Elim church, helping birth a revival fire to sweep the nation.

Recently he headed back to England in May 2018 to speak at Kensington Temple Elim Church, and trust God to fan the fires birthed in Sunderland last year.

 Paul has had a vision of stadiums over 150 times being filled with people ministering day and night and “NO ONE KNOWS WHO THEY ARE…  They are not the big names or well schooled or highly acclaimed today, but a nameless and faceless group, filled with the power of God.  It’s as if the whole world is turning to Jesus.

Paul’s words said it best when he preached telling how it would sound, “There is a news report of someone leading a parade of miracles out of St.Jude’s hospital. Crippled Children now healed and marching in the Glory of God! Then there was another report a 33 degree mason that was raised from the dead out of a coffin, telling where he was, and he is saved on the platform in front of all.  It is as if this is the last touch of God on the face of humanity…”

Pray for Paul, and the Church, that we may run the race and finish our course.

Dan Reise
Paul Cain Ministries Historian

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