When God hides His face

Sermons from Yesteryear | Paul Cain

God has His own peculiar way of apparently disappearing at the times when we seem to need Him the most–times when He seems to hide His face. I have experienced the Lord hiding His face from me.

Years ago when I first began a public ministry, it wasn’t long before thousands of people were coming to hear me speak. Within one year, we had 26 healing and revival services in Los Angeles, and wonderful things were being said about me. It didn’t bother me, though, because my humility was intact. I was very proud of my humility.

Believing I was immortal, I would pray for hundreds of people in a single service, having had little or no sleep. I would fast from food or water for long periods of time. Proudly boasting one night about the accuracy of my discernment, I said, “I can tell every one of you what’s wrong with you. I know your names; I can tell you who your children are and where you are with God; whether you have been converted or not, and whether you are a spiritualist or a New Ager.” I was so proud.

When I began the prayer line, I said to the first lady, “I know who you are.” But I did not! The anointing was gone. God had hidden His face from me, and it was terrible. I looked at all of those hungry people lined up for prayer and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I have made a terrible mistake. His anointing is gone, so I’m leaving. If He comes back, I’ll be back tomorrow night, but if He doesn’t, you won’t see me again.”

I stayed on my face before the Lord all night. He had withdrawn from me the intimacy of His conscious presence that I loved and along with it, the wonderful confidence and ability He had given me. He was there, but I didn’t have the benefit of knowing His presence or feeling Him. I think that John Newton understood this when he wrote these words in a hymn: “How tedious and tasteless the hours when Jesus no longer I see. Sweet prospects, sweet birds, and sweet flowers have all lost their sweetness to me.”

“Surely I Am with You”

In biblical terminology, the hiding of God’s face refers to this withdrawal of His conscious presence.  says, “Truly you are a God who hides himself, O God and Savior of Israel.” David said in , “How long, O LORD, will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me?” In , he said, “Why, LORD, do you stand afar off? Why do you hide yourself in time of trouble?”  says, “Why do you hide your face and forget our misery and our oppression?”

When there is no conscious presence of God, no visible means of support, no tangible way to see the Lord meeting our needs, then it is time for us to rejoice and acknowledge that this is an opportunity to trust the Lord to reveal Himself in an even a greater way when He shows Himself again. On such occasions, God is really there. Just because we cannot see Him does not mean that He is not present. He is with us all the time!

In order to survive the times when God hides His face, we need to know Scripture. The New Testament speaks of reaching out for God and feeling for Him so that we might find Him “not far from each one of us” (). Perhaps we may not feel Him at first, but when we persist in reaching out and seeking Him, we will find Him.

The accuser of the brethren will always try to separate us from the Lord by telling us that God is not with us: this is not the truth. The fact is that God is present with us all the time. He is testing us to see how we will react and what we will do under the set of circumstances in which He has hidden His face from us. The Lord has said in His Word to us, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” (). Even when we cannot feel and see and taste and handle the sweetness of God, He is still there.

In , the Lord told Joshua, “No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and courageous.” He says in , “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” God never withdraws His promises, His power or Himself from us; He may allow us to feel that He has withdrawn for a specific purpose. However, He is always with us even when we do not believe that He is there.

When I was a little boy, I would listen to “The Midnight Hour–Songs in the Night,” and God’s presence would fill the room. It was a wonderful feeling that reminded me of , when David said, “Will the LORD reject forever? Will he never show his favor again? Has his unfailing love vanished forever? Has his promise failed for all time? Has God forgotten to be merciful? Has he in anger withheld his compassion?” The answer is, “No!” Regardless of how bad we may feel, the Lord is still there. He is omnipresent: He is here, there, and everywhere, all at the same time.

When Moses told Aaron and his sons how they should bless the Israelites, he instructed them to say, “The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace” (). The “face of the Lord” became the symbol of a smile, approval, or a sense of His presence. When it does not seem that the Lord’s face is turned toward us, the best thing for us to do is acknowledge that He is there, even though we may not feel Him. When the sense of His presence is withdrawn, we may not know the reason why, but God does not have to reveal His reasons. He is omniscient; He knows why He is allowing us to have this experience.

When God Shows His Face

Our desire must be to have His presence remain and abide. When His presence and His power come, they are worth everything. His presence is like having Jesus right there with us, just like a husband or a wife. When the Lord reveals His face and shows Himself, it is like when the Holy Spirit decided to reveal Himself and came on the day of Pentecost: the disciples were there together, and suddenly the sound of a mighty rushing wind came from heaven (see ).

In , there is a man, lame from his mother’s womb, whom they carried and placed at the Gate Beautiful every day. When God decided to show His face, He healed him. Rejoicing, the man leapt up and went into the temple, shouting and praising and magnifying God. A crippled, mangled body was straightened out immediately. This is what it is like when God decides to show His face.

However, there is a warning in  that we must remember:

But if you turn away and forsake the decrees and commands I have given you and go off to serve other gods and worship them, then I will uproot Israel from my land, which I have given them, and will reject this temple I have consecrated for my Name. I will make it a byword and an object of ridicule among all peoples.

It should not surprise us when we commit blatant sins and lose the sense of God’s presence. When we sin, we must repent and turn our backs on evil if we hope to experience His presence with us again.

Trials and Disappointments Will Come

Each of us will go through trials. Paul said in , “So that no one would be unsettled by these trials, you know quite well that we were destined for them.” In his letter to the Philippians, he writes, “For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for him” (1:29). The end of every trial is at hand, though, because every trial has a built-in time limit. “And no discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it” (). God knows just how much we can bear. In we read,

No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

The Lord is compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in love. He will not always withdraw Himself, nor will He harbor His anger forever (). We may think that God is never going to show up again or that He is never going to come through for us anymore. Trials or difficulties may seem like they will last forever, but they will not. We must understand that God our Father has compassion on us, His children. “As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust”().

Many people only want the brilliance of God’s presence–the fun, the spiritual food and the fellowship. Christians tend to want to be happy and jovial all the time. When we are not, we sometimes lie about it and don’t want others to know that we going through difficult times.

Let us be honest with each other. Trials and disappointments will come, but Jesus is always standing nearby, ready to step in. Just when it seems we cannot bear anymore, He will say, Your shoulders weren’t built for more than you could bear, and I am going to shoulder this for you. I am going to take your problems; I am going to take your burdens, and I will carry them for you.

This is what happens when He reveals Himself. In a moment, everything changes. Our Father is merciful and loving. “For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning” (). “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him” (). Seeing Christ will make everything we have suffered worthwhile–all the midnight of the soul, all the pain, all the trials. We will realize that all the suffering and adversity we experienced were for a purpose; they will pay innumerable dividends in these last days as we meet our Lord and our Savior.

With joy, we can thank the Father for times of pain, the times of not enjoying His conscious presence, nor seeing His face. In all things, we must seek His face and not His hand. When we take Him for granted and believe that we should never feel bad or have a dull moment, we are acting like spoiled children. We can thank Him even for painful times or dull times, for the times when we aren’t gushing with joy or filled with happiness. At the end of our journey, we will look back and be able to say, “It was all for a reason. It was all for a purpose. It was all for my benefit, all to the glory of God.”

A post charismatic church

Sermons from Yesteryear | Paul Cain

It is encouraging to know that God often calls or speaks to men and movements more than once. He spoke to Abraham more than once, Moses and others more than once. Stephen’s great sermon recorded in Acts chapter seven is a summary of the continual moving of God throughout Israel’s history. Stephen points out how every one of the leaders sent by God were rejected the first time, but accepted the second time.

God is Speaking the Second Time

The history of Israel and the history of the church reveal how God speaks to His people the second time to restore them.  is called the restoration chapter. “Moreover the Word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the second time, while he was yet shut up in the court of the prison” (vs.1 KJV) That the word of the Lord would come to anyone a second time represents God’s extraordinary grace towards His people. The word came a second time because they had rejected His first word. Even though they had imprisoned His prophet for prophesying, God continued to speak to them. Certainly God remains faithful even when we are unfaithful (see ).

One of the great errors of the church has been to judge movements by their most extreme elements. One of the significant movements of the last few decades was the Charismatic Renewal. Like every other move of God, the Charismatic Renewal had its extremes, which caused the less discerning to reject the whole movement. In spite of the many problems, the Charismatic Renewal was used by God to accomplish much, and we should rejoice in the good that was done. Even so, the Charismatic Renewal is now over, but God is going to move again and speak again, even to the very ones who rejected Him in the last movement.

God Uses The Foolish

Some church leaders rejected the Charismatic Renewal out of pride. First, they could not imagine that God would do anything of significance unless it was through them. This kind of pride will always disqualify us from being a part of a move of God. Others rejected it, not so much because they could not imagine God moving without them, but simply because of the foolishness they saw in many charismatics which they did not want to be identified with. This too is a form of pride and, “God resists the proud, but gives His grace to the humble” ().

Some foolishness has accompanied every move of God and will accompany the future ones too. In  we see that in His wisdom God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the worldly wise. This foolishness, or seeming foolishness, requires a certain humility for us to press beyond it so that we can find the real treasure and receive the grace of God. This kind of foolishness is a God ordained test for removing the proud and undeserving from the ranks of those He will use. Gideon’s army is a good example of this principle. The strategy that Gideon was given by the Lord appeared to be utter foolishness, but it was exactly what was needed to accomplish the victory. In spiritual matters, human reason will almost always result in “the paralysis of analysis” which destroys our ability to obey God.

The Wisdom Of God

So some of what appeared to be foolishness in the Charismatic Renewal really was the wisdom of God, but some of it really was human folly. We must learn to discern the difference and remove that which is folly, and an unnecessary stumbling block to sincere seekers. We must honestly evaluate the hard lessons that were learned in the last movement so that we do not make the same mistakes again. The Lord is going to give us another opportunity to do it right. We will again, very soon, see multitudes being converted and being empowered with the Holy Spirit. We must realize the limits of our own wisdom so that we do not automatically disregard that which we do not understand, even when we consider it to be foolishness, but let us quickly discern and repent of that which is our own human folly.

There Will Be A Second Harvest

Many godly, sincere leaders rejected the Charismatic Renewal be cause they considered it to be Ishmael and not the promised Isaac. These leaders have been sincerely seeking the power of God in their lives and ministries; they just did not think that the Charismatic Renewal represented the real thing. Regardless of whether they are right or not, they are still waiting and seeking the Lord for the true power of the Holy Spirit and they are going to receive it. We are nearing a Second Harvest that is about to sweep even some of the most dry and barren institutional churches and empower them with the Spirit of God. He is speaking the second time as it were, but this time we can avoid the mistakes and excesses of the last move while incorporating its many positive contributions to the spiritual advancement of the church. Even though God is moving a second time because of His great grace, we cannot be presumptuous with His grace—He is also requiring a higher standard of purity and obedience from those who would receive His full endorsement.

Judgment Begins with God’s People

Because judgment begins with the household of God (), we must understand that God is going to discipline the church for her sins before He brings judgment on the world. How could the Lord judge the world if the world can point to His own family, the church, and say, “They do the same things that you are judging us for.” Indeed, the world does now have that excuse and uses it to continue in its rebellion. With our second chance will also come a second, more severe discipline from the Lord. Just as Jeremiah received the word of the Lord a second time as a last warning before the whole land was devastated, the church is likewise in a precarious place. Let us not receive the word of the Lord coming to us again in a spirit of presumption—it is not an endorsement of our present condition, but a call to repentance. It is the kindness of God to call us to repentance (see ), but in our own foolishness we often interpret His kindness as a stamp of approval.

Salvation or Judgment?

Do not be like the rebellious child that has to be told several times before he will obey. That is a profound foolishness when dealing with God. He is patient and full of mercy, He sometimes gives second chances like He is about to give us, but to presume on His patience and mercy is a pride that He is certain to resist. . . “TODAY if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts” ( NAS). We are the ones who will choose if the next move of God will be a day of salvation or a day of judgment. For those who receive the word, repent and order their lives to conform to it, it will be a day of salvation. For those who reject it, or try to use it for their own selfish ends, they will have a more severe judgment, having rejected the word of the Lord twice. Our God is a holy God and He requires that His people be holy as well. The Holy Spirit is first of all just what His name implies—HOLY, and if we are going to be His temple we too must be holy. The Lord is offering the church another chance for renewal.

God is speaking the second time and in this we should rejoice. We are now entering a “post-charismatic” era of the Holy Spirit. There is now a wave emerging and gaining momentum. I have seen this wave by the Spirit of God, sweeping over multitudes and engulfing them in life changing power. This new move of God will contain the good from the previous moves and much more to prepare the Church of Jesus Christ for the greatest season of harvest and manifestation of His power, glory and righteousness the world has ever known.

Seek His Face, Not Just His Hand

Over a million Baptists are about to be endued with this power. The Holy Spirit is already sweeping in and preparing the great Baptist people for a great awakening. Solemn Assemblies are being called by the Holy Spirit, moving them to a holy desperation for Him. The Spirit is moving upon multitudes of Baptists and calling them to a true repentance. They are seeking God’s face and not just His hand, so He will reveal to them His hand (power) as well. He is about to meet them and bless them in a way that greatly exceeds their expectations. The church has now been pressed as far as she can go. We have reached a crisis moment in which only the true power of God can reach such a dislocated, rootless, fatherless and hopeless generation, and God is going to give that power.

The Last Day Ministry of the Church

Many other evangelical leaders of various groups are also now in desperation seeking God for a fresh Word from heaven. The Word of the Lord is coming to them the second time as well. The Lord is about to give these godly, sincere leaders a reason for believing that His supernatural power is as available today as it was when He Himself walked the earth. Those who, for various reasons, could not see a way to be involved in a past renewal, will soon see integrity of heart, sincerity and reality in this coming time of restoration and visitation that will enable them to lay aside everything that has entangled them to run the race without inhibition to be a part of the last day ministry of the church.

Vessels of Power

For the great last day ministry of the church, the Lord will take some of the greatest skeptics and make them the greatest believers, able to move mountains with their faith. He will take some of the greatest critics and turn them into the greatest vessels of His mercy. He will take some of the most proud and make them into examples of true, godly humility. He will take some of the least intelligent and use them to confound the wisdom of this world. He will take some of the weakest and display through them the works that He did and even greater ones. Just as Saul of Tarsus, the Pharisee of Pharisees and the most desperate enemy of the young church, became the apostle of grace and one of the greatest heroes of the faith, the Lord has a host of such men and women that He is about to confront and radically change. Some of the leaders and denominations that have been the most adamant opposers of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, will soon become some of the greatest champions and vessels of the power of God.

The Retreat of the Lukewarm

Likewise, many who have been mightily used of God, who have seen the power of God in measure, have become proud, comfortable and lukewarm. Sadly, many who were in the center of previous moves of God do not realize that they have become spiritually blind, naked and poor. God will speak to them again too, calling them to repentance, but as has been the case with every previous move of God, many of these will not go on. The roar of the ocean is made by the retreating waves, not those coming in. Some who were a part of the last move will also make a great deal of noise as they continue their retreat, seeking to undercut the incoming wave, but this next wave will not be stopped and the opposers will soon be forgotten. But God is now saying to all of us—in spite of our mistakes—the shakings, the bondage, the disillusionments, even the criticisms and slander we have used against each other—He is going to give us another chance. There will be a restoration of His Power and Spirit to the degree that every strata of society and every stream within the church will be greatly affected and blessed.

Walk in Spiritual Reality

For those who have already tasted of the power of God it is time to lay aside everything that encumbers to walk in spiritual reality with integrity and purity of heart. It is time to lay aside the disappointments and failures, and the injuries that have come from being blown about by so many winds of doctrine. The past no longer exists, if we try to live in it we will cease to be a part of what God is doing today. Today is a new day and it is going to be different. Now is the time for us to, in a holy desperation, to lift our voices together to cry out …”AND NOW, LORD BEHOLD THEIR THREATENINGS: AND GRANT UNTO THY SERVANTS, THAT WITH ALL BOLDNESS THEY MAY SPEAK THY WORD, BY STRETCHING FORTH THINK HAND TO HEAL; AND THAT SIGNS AND WONDERS MAY BE DONE BY THE NAME OF THY HOLY CHILD JESUS” (, KJV).

Power Will Come Through Relationship

The Lord is going to move in unprecedented power because we are going to need unprecedented power to accomplish the Lord’s purposes in this hour. Let us never make the mistake of seeking the power of God without intimacy with God. Intimacy is a special grace. We can be near to God without being intimate. Judas was near Jesus, but he was not intimate. Intimacy with God, like the grace of God, requires humility. It is no accident that Moses, the prophet who had the most intimacy and power with God was also the most humble. True humility attracts God’s majesty. Only true humility enables us to see the purposes of God without distorting them with our own self-seeking. Moses understood God’s eternal purposes; Moses knew God’s ways, not just His acts (). Because of this the Lord spoke to him face to face as friend to friend (). That is our first calling—to be the friend of God (). When we are His true friend we will have true intimacy— then he can trust us with true power.

All are Called to Intimacy with God

 (KJV) says: “SURELY THE LORD GOD WILL DO NOTHING, BUT HE REVEALETH HIS SECRET UNTO HIS SERVANTS THE PROPHETS.” The Lord does not do this because He has to, but because His prophets are His friends and He does not want to do anything without including them. Not all are called to be prophets, but all are called to intimacy, and everyone of us can be so close to the Lord that He will want to share His most intimate secrets with us. Being close to Him is something that we can decide to do—He exhorts us to seek Him, to draw near to Him so that He can draw near to us (). He has rent the veil for us, we can come boldly before His throne at anytime (). Every one of us is as close to the Lord as we want to be. We need power, but let us not forget that even His power is given to draw men closer to Him. “But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith” ().

Dying to live in Kansas City

Sermons from Yesteryear | Paul Cain 

New year message 1999

This is an unusual time every year. In the last few years I have had the privilege of bringing the New Years Eve message and it has kind of become a “State of the Church” address rather than a “State of the Union”, a “State of the Church” address. I planned to say a lot things about the worship tonight, how much I enjoyed Tom and the worship group. It was wonderful and then the sister that just sang. I wanted to do all of these things and I won’t have time to do all of the things that are going on in my mind tonight because I need all of the energy that I have able to accumulate today after being out knocked of the race. I’m not giving you a health report, but I’ve been knocked out of again. I’ve been taking a licking, but I keep on kicking or ticking, which ever, I don’t know, but the lord has intervened and I am able to be here tonight.I’ve learned a little more about warfare than I have known in the past and thank God for the people, not only here in Kansas City, which is the main spot for intercession and prayer. I came here for that, for 24-hour prayer and intercession. We are lost without it. We have to have that. That’s the reason why I am here. The ones that are most troubled make it to Kansas City hoping that this 24 hour prayer, intercession and this bombarding heaven will pay off and it has been paying off. Thank God for what he has done for Don Steadman. Without this we are hopeless and helpless.A lot of people have been hit with cancer just in this past year. In just the past few months we have heard of a number of people, some of the leaders of this church, who have loved ones close to them who have been hit with cancer. Even though we say cancer is the little “c” and Christ is the big “C,” it is an awful thing for God’s people to be hit with such a demonic destroyer called cancer. We don’t minimize the fact that cancer does kill, but we can’t help but magnify the lord in this matter and Jesus does heal. Amen? Jesus heals. Thank you for your wonderful enthusiasm. Most of you must not be sick. If you were sick you would be enthusiastic about Jesus healing tonight. It’s too late now, (to applaud) but He will accept it I suppose. He is more friendly that I am and warmer, by far. But let me tell you, most of the people who criticize healing are people who don’t need healing, but when they get sick enough they will think again and maybe they will call upon the lord.

I have a prayer that I want to pray before I bring you the message. I have the most unusual message that I have ever tried to preach. I started to say undertaken, but I guess that would go along with it because the title of my message tonight is, “Dying to Live in Kansas City.” You say, “That’s cute,” but wait until it is over and we’ll see about that. But right now, let’s pray.

Heavenly Father, we pray to you because you are the Father of lights. You are the truth. You are the Way, you are the Truth and You are the Life. Lord, I pray tonight that you will overcome our enemy; the father of lies. We resist the spirit of witchcraft tonight. We refuse to listen to this fallen worshiper of God, satan. I beheld satan fall from heaven. Lord, this prince of man who was able to worship, this angel who was able to worship you with such spirit and with such truth is now a fallen worshipper and is now the father of lies. We resist him tonight and we believe that you will come through for us. I say, satan, it is enough, it is enough and it is finished. ().

() So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit.

It is written, “It is finished, it is finished.” Lord, we thank you for that proclamation in the Holy Spirit that it is finished, it is finished and satan has lost the battle. We are going to have victory through the Lord Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father, I pray you will move here tonight by your finger, by your hand and by your arm. Recapture the truth that has been thrown in the streets. Nothing but the blood here tonight. Nothing but the cross and the resurrection power of our lord Jesus Christ. We divorce humanity and abide with divinity. We declare that this is the day of the Father. This is the day of Father God. Come through for us Holy God.

We release the fear of God here tonight. We release the fear of God in this service, this very service. Right now in the name of Jesus, put a holy fear in Metro. Put a holy fear in us tonight. No one talking, no one moving around or no one anxious to leave. I pray lord, that you will put a holy fear in all of us tonight. Let us focus not on hearing a man, but hearing God. Judgment is in the house. Judgment is upon us and we need to hear from heaven for the healing of our land. Have mercy on your people and give us another chance. Give us a vision to say that all of your promises are mine in 1999, in Jesus name we pray. Have mercy on us in Jesus name, amen.

Well, I don’t really like to say a lot of cliché’s or employ a lot of cliché’s in my messages, but why don’t we just say, “Everything is fine in 1999.” Would you do it? Just project that into the atmosphere, “Everything is fine in 1999.” I’m not so concerned about Y2K; I’m more concerned about 1k999. Does that make sense? 1,999, because we will be into that year in just a few hours and I’m looking foreword to this year. I’m looking foreword with great anticipation for what God will be doing this year.

Right now, without further adieu, I want to talk about dying to live in Kansas City. If you came here, to Kansas City, to live you just may die a horrible death. Let me repeat that. If you came to Kansas City to live you may die a horrible death. If you came here to die, and you have died, you may just live a wonderful life in Christ. That may be tricky, but


() But she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth.

and I believe that he that liveth in pleasure is already dead. Have you been in a graveyard lately? How many of you have been in a graveyard lately? I drive by one every day that I go out. I live by a graveyard. But what you don’t realize is that you are in a graveyard tonight. If you have truly come here to die, you are in a graveyard tonight. This should be one of the greatest indoor graveyards in Kansas City and welcome, dead or alive, but welcome.

Tonight’s message is a radical call to discipleship. A radical call to apostolic leadership. Two of my favorite passages in all of the bible that deal with discipleship have to do with what the lord says about it; the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself.

() And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. {24} For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.

In the days of Jesus anyone who was carrying a cross in Jerusalem or through Jerusalem was a walking dead person. He was a walking dead man. He was advertising to everyone that he was dead because the cross meant death. We don’t advertise so much, the cross anymore. We have lost sight of the fact that we are all on a journey and we, on this journey, leave something behind, which is ourselves and we take something with us on the journey, which is the cross. We don’t see very many people advertising their death anymore, but that is what Kansas City represents and that is what Kansas City is all about. That is the reason to many who have been playing games in Kansas City, I am glad to announce to you that the game playing is over and God is about to step in. That is the reason why I said that judgment is in the house for judgment begins at the house of God.

Now this may not be a pretty message to begin with, but it ends well. All is well that ends well. That’s not scripture, but Shakespeare said a thing or two that were fairly good. All is well that ends well and this is going to end well, but we may not be doing so well tonight for we are not advertising enough; our death. We are not emphasizing enough; His death, His burial and His resurrection and the prophetic gospel, which I plan to be consumed with and I am already consumed with for this next year. Now, this  business:

() And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

is something that Jesus himself is saying. It’s not Paul’s version of discipleship. It is the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself. The sinless, spotless, Lamb of God is saying, “If you want to follow me, if you want to be my successor, if you want to take up where I left off, then this is what you do: you get on this journey, you leave yourself behind, you take up your cross daily and you follow in My footsteps.  is a wonderful verse of scripture. I love it and I have used it more than a thousand times in messages. Everyone seems to like verse 8 of because is says:

() Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

But wait a minute, there is still price to pay for God’s miracle working power. Everybody wants to someday heal the sick, or cleanse the lepers, or raise the dead. They want to see demons cast out. They want to see all of this on a wholesale scale, but there is a price to be paid. I said, everyone likes , but not everyone likes verse 38. Let me just preface it with verse 37.

() He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

That is pretty cruel discipleship, isn’t it? Did you know that you might have to follow that close? Did you know that the cross might be that excruciatingly painful? Some of you found out later and you just skipped out. You may stay out or you may come in. The invitation to you is, come on back for the lord still loves you. You can still get into the journey. You can still deny yourself. You can still take up the cross daily and follow Him, but when you found out this part of the gospel it didn’t seem to be good news, did it? So, who in the world is willing to give up father and mother, houses and lands? Or even children? Who is willing to do that? That’s too radical! That’s too much! But can anything be wasted on the Son of God when He gave everything for you and me? When He died on the cruel tree, can anything be too much to give to Him?

You know there are people in my lifetime, when I first started out as a disciple for the lord people were on fire for God. All of those were rooting for me and they were blessing me and encouraging me along the way. Their lives were full of vim, vigor and vitality. They had a lot of energy for God and a lot of energy for bearing the cross, but you know many of those have passed on now. Some of them died while they were cooled off and while they lost the vision and while they never got back on the journey. But I don’t want that to happen to me and I pray this will never happen to you. We need to come back to the original Kansas City Fellowship where we had an original vision. Where we had an original simplified lifestyle and that was so wonderful for me to learn about. It eventually brought me here and it brought you here. Many of you that are here and have become fixtures here, that is the reason, because of that four-fold vision, the IHOP vision if you will. But verse 38 is what some people do not like.

() And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. {39} He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

() And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

Whether it’s  or , the challenge is a challenge to surrender everything to the Lord Jesus Christ. You don’t have anything to lose, really, but your own life and you’re going to lose it anyway. So what is there to lose? We need to take up our cross and follow Him. The cost for being a disciple is one thing and I said it before, it is a great cost. But the cost of not being is a greater cost than you may ever dream of.

While I was preparing this message I thought about, “How about a hell on earth marriage? How about a hell on earth house full of children on drugs or in jail? How about a hell of bankruptcy and losing everything you have? How about a hell on earth of divorce? Then how about a hell on earth of attempted suicide?” So what’s left for us?

Most all of my adult life I have spent in a search of those who have similar values. My values are that we must come to the realization that we have to die and if we don’t die we will lose our life anyway. So, again, what do we have to lose? Dying to self is one of the strangest things. We don’t know a good definition for the flesh. I have preached messages about the flesh and it is a very mysterious thing. People want to deny themselves and they want to kill the flesh. They work hard at it under the Golden Arches. They eat junk food and they eat things that will kill them eventually and if you spend enough time under the Golden Arches you will soon be seeing the Pearly Gates. But will you be prepared to meet the lord unless you have successfully made this journey? Dying to self; here is what it means. When you are content with any food, any offering (and thank you for the offering I am very content. I don’t know what it is. When the bag passed me it was empty, but thank you for the offering tonight. I am contented with it.)

Any climate, any society, any raiment and any interruption by the will of God, that is dying to self. When you are forgotten or neglected, or purposely set at naught and you don’t sting and hurt with the insult or the oversight, but your heart is happy at being counted worthy to suffer for Christ; that is dying to self. When your good is evil spoken of and when your wishes are crossed, your advice disregarded, your opinion ridiculed and you refuse to let anger rise in your heart or even defend yourself, but take it all in patient, loving stride; that is dying to self. When you lovingly and patiently bear any disorder, any irregularities or any annoyance. When you stand face to face with waste, folly, extravagant spiritual insensibility and endure it as Jesus endured; that is dying to self. When you never care to be referred to in conversation or to record your own good works or itch after commendations. When you truly love to be unknown; that is dying to self.

When you can see your brother prosper and have his needs met and you can honestly rejoice with him in spirit and feel no envy nor question God while your needs are far greater and in desperate circumstances; that is dying to self. When you can receive correction and reproof from one of less stature than yourself and can humbly submit inwardly as well as outwardly, finding no rebellion or resentment rising up within your heart; that is dying to self. Question: Are you dead yet? Am I dead yet? Well, I am dead certain that we must die. We must take up our cross and follow Him, ready to die to self.

There are things that others seem to be able get away with in the Christian walk and they don’t go very deep and they don’t go very far on the journey, but that’s not you. That’s not me. When I was just a young boy I read a tract that I ran across the other day and it was entitled, “Others May, You Can Not.” It had a whole list of things that others could very well get away with and seemed to be able get away with, like the song, “Farther Along, We’ll Understand Why.” We don’t understand why we have to be hit for every little thing we do and others just go along never molested and never tried, but we are all tempted and tried, but it is worth everything isn’t it? I just want you to know that your excitement about this message tonight is overwhelming me. It’s just like a tidal wave sweeping in from you. Don’t keep that coming. Just let me rest a little while here. Don’t bombard me with such praise for this wonderful message because I know you are all just itching to die. You are just dying to get out of here, but you can’t leave.

We have this radical call to death to self. God is calling us to voluntary fasting. That is the best thing if you can do it right now. It’s good because involuntary fasting can be rather painful when you are forced to it. Think about Jesus with the disciples. He said, “you won’t fast now that I am with you.” He was there, he was blessing them, but he said, “when the bridegroom is taken, then you will fast.”

() And Jesus said unto them, Can the children of the bridechamber mourn, as long as the bridegroom is with them? but the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken from them, and then shall they fast.

Listen, the lord can cut things off for you and me and make things miserable and that’s when it is an involuntary fast. It is time to fast the best we can. Why not volunteer while things are good? In the day of the lord’s power there will be willing volunteers.

() Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth.

Well, how about you who volunteer now? There is going to be a special place for you, just remember that. You did your Christmas shopping early, why don’t you die early? Don’t wait for 1999. Why don’t we just die now? I mean die to self. Die to self and be resurrected into the newness of life and walk with Christ all through 1999 and be a red-hot, on fire, praying church and have intercession going, and have holiness going, and have the offering that God is accepting, have that going? Have the prophetic going and have prophetic preaching going and go all through 1999?

If you want to know the truth about it, I think 1999 is what we need to focus in on and forget about Y2K, that will take care of itself. If you want to know more about Y2K then get the tape that we did on that subject. It is entitled, “The Prophetic Tale of Two Cities.” Get that. I am not going to waste anymore time talking about Y2K. I am just sick of it. I want to talk about Y1K999. 1999 was going to be my greatest year and I can hardly wait for it. It is just right around the clock here. It won’t be long. Now this is not the time to get excited here. You should have gotten excited a while ago about dying. That is what we ought to get excited about. Come on now.

There is a three-fold drama about to be played out. Number one of course will be Y2K. There is a loss of electricity and some things are going to go haywire for a while, but that’s not the big problem. It is not Y2K, it’s Y-O-U. That’s what somebody said at one of our last conferences, the Amber Rose Conference in Portland. I think it was Jack Taylor. He said, “It’s not Y2K, it’s Y-O-U.” Then I added to it: “Yes, it’s Y-O-U and

M-E! It’s you and me, or you and I, I guess, but it sounds better because it’s hard to spell “I.” Well let me just tell you that it’s you and me and it is not what we think it is.

Number two; there will be economic pressure globally. I am talking about wholesale pressures with a domino affect; Indonesia, Japan, Russian, Brazil, Western Europe and then finally, the USA are all headed for some serious problems. But be that as it may, it will be the church’s finest hour. I have a friend that is looking in tonight by Internet and I think this is the first or second time that have preached on the Internet. While we were in Europe recently during the Shiloh Conference there were people all over that nation that we were in, who were watching you on the Internet. In fact someone in the household where we were staying. We were very seriously involved in some of the Far East business, but in that household there was someone watching the Shiloh Conference on the Internet. It just makes it a little closer for the lord to come back. When this gospel is preached in all the world, then shall the end come and here, there and everywhere the gospel is being preached. But I believe that this gospel represents the prophetic gospel; what the prophets said about the cross, the death, the burial and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and that is what God has ordained me for and called me for from my mother’s womb, to preach the prophetic gospel. That is all I am going to be doing in 1999 is preaching the prophetic gospel for it is the power of God unto salvation. We can thank the lord for that and the miracles are going to come from that and the thousands of souls that are going to be saved. I believe more souls will be coming to Christ in 1999 than any year in our history and we are going to see them come under the influence and through the power of the preaching of the prophetic gospel.

I wish we had a lot of time to say something about that, but just wait until 1999. If I go over past twelve midnight I will start preaching the prophetic gospel because I am committed to doing that all through 1999; preaching the prophetic gospel. What did the prophets say? Why did they prophesy? What came to pass? Where was it fulfilled and so on and you can talk to anyone. You can talk to an Islamic person. You can talk to a Moslem person about your doctrine and they will just treat you like you are beating the air and you will feel like you are beating the air, but if you preach the prophetic gospel it cannot be resisted because that is where the power is. That is where the power is for the Moslem. That is where the power is for the Hindu. That is where the power is for the Buddhist. That is where the power is and it is going to be different when they hear the gospel preached as the prophetic gospel, where you cannot resist the death, the burial and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ as it has been prophesied by all of the holy prophets since the world began. Amen. That is where the power is. It is in the prophetic gospel.

All right now, we have talked about economic pressures globally and then, number three, there will be unprecedented terrorist activity. I know that you expected a little prophetic thing here tonight and you are getting it because staged acts of terrorism by demonically inspired minds from different parts of the world will be employed against America, especially, and also against Great Britain. I tell you that there are certain people who are not finding any peace about what has happened in Afghanistan and Sudan and in Iraq. I know I am bold in making those statements, but there are certain things that are going on. You know, I feel sorry for Iraq, but there is something biblical I want to say about Iraq. It is where the Garden of Eden existed. We know that, that piece of geography is so important and Iraq is where the first great lie was told. That was where the first lie was told. That was where the father of lies began his war on the Holy Father God and then had to be driven out of heaven. So they have had trouble ever since. But I have good news for Iraq, when the prophetic gospel is ever preached there in power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit, Iraq’s problems will be over and all of the Ishmael states will have no problems and study war no more and peace will come to the Middle East when the prophetic gospel is allowed to be preached. Can you say amen to that?

My how I enjoyed talking to my friend tonight from way up north, as far north as you can go from the USA. He is watching by Internet tonight. He is my friend and my intercessor, a dear minister friend that we met recently when Aaron and I went over on the Middle East business. We met him over there where we were staying and he is looking in and I just want to say hello to Bud tonight. I call him Bud wiser. I didn’t realize the meaning of that, but I do put a little slash after Bud/ and then, wiser. He is enjoying such wisdom from God and he was giving me some of these thoughts that just thrilled me through and through tonight. So, I just wanted to say hello, Bud and you just keep getting wiser. If he gets any more anointed he is going to be taken up like Enoch and I told him to please cool it just a little so he can stay here and help us, but you keep praying for me Bud.

But anyway, what can save us? First, there is going to be a national shaking and don’t discount God being in this. There will be a natural shaking.

() See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven: {26} Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. {27} And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. {28} Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: {29} For our God is a consuming fire.

I want to get into a place with God that we can stand. Having done all to stand we will stand therefore and we cannot be shaken, but we will remain. We need that stability tonight.

Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: {29} For our God is a consuming fire.

That is the reason I prayed that the judgment of God that’s in the house, that there would be a holy fear in this place tonight. That we would leave here with God meeting us in an awesome way and we would have a reverential awe for Him and a holy fear for all of 1999 for our God is a consuming fire.

A global shaking at the end will come and then a spiritual shaking. A global warring and as I said, there is a war in Iraq tonight and there is a war in the Middle East, but that is not the warring that I am talking about. I am talking about you and I entering into a spiritual warfare that hasn’t been described yet. It is indescribable warfare that I am trying to hit at tonight. I can’t even start to describe it because we are going to be warring against things that haven’t even been invented yet. Against tribulations and against temptations that haven’t even come up yet. The devil is working day and night in his laboratory trying to figure out something so sophisticated that even the most ardent Christian will fall for it. I used to tell the devil when he would send some good-looking broad, I mean good-looking female my way, I used to say, “devil can’t you do better than that?” Because that was my area of strength, but you know something? Well, you know, he did better and he did better. He will wind up doing so much better that he will cause you to fall if you are not stable. If you can be shaken you will fall.

But let’s get this stability we need. Let’s grind our heels in and let’s stand tall and strong and say, “Come on devil, I’m coming through right where you are standing and you can’t get me because I have already heard from heaven. I know what you are up to and the deal is dead. You’re a dead dude.” Well, I shouldn’t say that, but the deal is dead. I will only call the devil what the Word of God calls him and don’t you ever make the mistake of calling him anything the Word of God doesn’t call him. But, I feel very safe in anything that Jesus calls him and I have a whole list of things that I am saving up for 1999. When I get a little more vim, vigor and vitality I am going to let him have it.

() And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, {8} And prevailed not;

“And prevailed not!” There is bad news and there is good news. The bad news is we are going to war, but the good news is that it is going to be won. It says:

Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, {8} And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. {9} And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world:

He was cast out. And may I say would deceive the very elect if it were possible

() which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. {10} And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down,

Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that something to praise God for? One day the accuser of the brethren will be cast down. This implies that he is already making trips to heaven or that he is already up there bringing accusations and saying accusatory things about every one of us, but thank God he will be cast down.

() Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down which accused them before our God day and night. {11} And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,

Remember, that which will prevail in the last days is the preaching of the cross, the blood, the death, the burial and the resurrection of Christ. None can dispute it, none can gainsay it, none can resist it. It is the irresistible gospel and after we are long gone, even the angels will preach the everlasting gospel and more people will be saved then, than the earth has ever known. But let me tell you I am anxious about what is going to happen in 1999 with you and me, or you and I preaching not only the everlasting gospel, but the prophetic gospel! Amen.

I just feel the power in that when I say it, but I’m not expecting you to get excited again because you’re still thinking about carrying the cross and about giving up mother, father, houses, lands and everything else and you just can’t bring yourself to that, but you are going to have to. You are going to have to! You don’t have to. You don’t have to. The cross may be too great for you, but I’ll tell you one thing, it’s going to be greater if you don’t. You shouldn’t have gotten yourself into this mess in the first place. You made a choice. It is a matter of choice that we choose Jesus Christ. It is a matter of choice that we accepted salvation. It is a matter of choice that we accept what comes with it. Now, we have all of these people that just, well, “grace is one thing” and “grace, you know, does cover it all,” but let me tell you there is something left for you and I to do when it comes to taking up our cross daily and follow Him. Don’t you ever forget it.

Now here is what’s left for us to do.

() {11} And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

You get a group of people in Kansas City that feel this way, that work this way together, that join in faith this way together in day and night prayer and sacrificial lifestyle and that is what I came here to be a part of and I want you to know that something is going to happen. If you don’t love your life this is what is going to happen:

{12} Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

But during that short time there is going to be a mobilization of God’s troops, of God’s army, of God’s people and some of those people are right here in Kansas City. They are not all here, but there is a good segment of God’s people here and they have come here for all of the right reasons. You may have gotten sidetracked on some of this, but you can come on back and take up your cross any time. Before it is too late let’s do it and let’s get on with it.

() And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child. {14} And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. {15} And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. {16} And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth. {17} And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Let me tell you that the solution is for the church, globally, warring in red-hot, fervent prayer, fasting, intercession, prayer and supplication. That is the need. It is a radical call to prayer. . You say, “There sure is a lot of scripture in this tonight.” Well, I know there is a lot of scripture. I happen to know where the power is for the Word of God is powerful and there is no Word of God without power. So the more of that I use tonight, the more of it that I employ it, the more obligated God is and the Holy Spirit is to come along side here and confirm the Word even with signs and wonders and diverse miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit. He has always done that, always will do that and why should tonight be an exception? He can do it again tonight.

() Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.

That is what I came to Kansas City for. I know that many of you came to Kansas City for that. You heard this was a place for day and night prayer, 24 hour prayer. You heard the IHOP thing. You heard about the intercession. You heard about all of this; about the giving to the poor, the offering and the radical ministry to the poor. You heard about it and you came here for those reasons and for more. But here the church was gathered together for a very special reason. Peter had been cast into prison right after James had been killed by the sword of Herod and it says in here, in verse 6:

{6} And when Herod would have brought him forth, the same night Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains: and the keepers before the door kept the prison. {7} And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from his hands.

We are talking about New Testament caliber stuff. May it come to Kansas City. May it live in Kansas City. May it be welcome in Kansas City. May it have a good life here. May 1999 see the fulfillment of all of this, not only the chains falling off, but the gate opening of it’s own accord and the deliverance of all of God’s people. Like Peter was delivered, we will be delivered. Sorry, just a little sidebar there.

{8} And the angel said unto him, Gird thyself, and bind on thy sandals. And so he did.

I tell you, there is going to be a lot of that kind of thing. God is going to speak and say, “Get out of bed,” and so I did. “Put on your shoes,” and so I did. “Go down to the street,” and so I did. That is where the gospel and the Word have been taken and dumped. Pick it up! Reclaim it and preach it! Preach the prophetic gospel! “And these dry bones will live,” and they did. I’m going to look foreword to that..

{9} And he went out, and followed him; and wist not (did I say, “And he saith unto him, Cast thy garment about thee?, I guess not. Well, anyway, he put on his garment on and followed him. We have to be clothed before we leave the prison, see.)

{9} And he went out, and followed him; and wist not that it was true which was done by the angel; but thought he saw a vision.

God is going to be moving so fast in these last days, we can’t tell whether it’s a vision or whether it’s the lord Himself, or what is going on. It’s just going to start happening. Look for it in 1999! This is not a pep talk. I’m glad I have some pep. I’m glad I have some vim. I don’t know, I didn’t expect, well, I’m glad I’ve got it! That’s all there is to it. I don’t know… well, I do know how I it happened, but I don’t have time to tell you about it.

{9} And he went out, and followed him; and wist not that it was true which was done by the angel; but thought he saw a vision. {10} When they were past the first and the second ward, they came unto the iron gate that leadeth unto the city; which opened to them of his own accord: and they went out, and passed on through one street; and forthwith the angel departed from him. {11} And when Peter was come to himself, he said, Now I know of a surety, that the Lord hath sent his angel, and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod, and from all the expectation of the people of the Jews. {12} And when he had considered the thing, he came to the house of Mary the mother of John, whose surname was Mark; where many were gathered together praying. {13} And as Peter knocked at the door of the gate, a damsel came to hearken, named Rhoda. {14} And when she knew Peter’s voice, she opened not the gate for gladness, but ran in, and told how Peter stood before the gate.

Well, of course they say, “well it’s impossible to pray for him. Herod has already killed James with the sword and now they are going to do the same and probably crucify Peter upside down tomorrow, and don’t bother us.” But, you know, even though they were praying and not knowing, really, what they were praying for, red-hot intercessory prayer pays off whether you know what to pray for or not. Even if you can’t do anything but groan in the Spirit the Holy Spirit will make intercession for you and make sense out of your groanings. Just make it a red-hot powerful groan and groan in the Spirit if you can’t do anything else, but they prayed not knowing really what to pray for and God answered their prayers anyway because the Spirit was praying behind it. You’re missing all of this good doctrine.

{16} But Peter continued knocking: and when they had opened the door, and saw him, they were astonished.

Some of you will be astonished at the kind of prayers God is going to answer, but it’s our only hope. If you don’t do it, what on earth are we going to do about people like Don Steadman and people like Pat Bickle. We need red-hot intercession going and day and night, 24-hours a day and not even bother to check out the health reports of the people we pray for, but just keep praying and praying and praying and then you may be astonished at what has happened because you haven’t had time to hear the latest news or read the latest email. You just were so busy seeking the face of God for these needs that you were astonished when it happened.

{17} But he, beckoning unto them with the hand to hold their peace, declared unto them how the Lord had brought him out of the prison. And he said, Go show these things unto James, and to the brethren. And he departed, and went into another place. {18} Now as soon as it was day, there was no small stir among the soldiers, what was become of Peter. {19} And when Herod had sought for him, and found him not, he examined the keepers, and commanded that they should be put to death. And he went down from Judaea to Caesarea, and there abode. {20} And Herod was highly displeased with them of Tyre and Sidon: but they came with one accord to him, and, having made Blastus the king’s chamberlain their friend, desired peace; because their country was nourished by the king’s country. {21} And upon a set day Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat upon his throne, and made an oration unto them. {22} And the people gave a shout, saying, It is the voice of a god, and not of a man.

If we ever praise anyone or anything or any place above our magnification of God for what He will be doing through intercession and prayer and through the pursuit of holiness and our pursuit of feeding the poor and extravagant giving and all of that, our prophetic preaching; it has to be that we give God the glory and God the praise for everything that is a result from that. Can you say amen? But here is a man that gave God not the praise and they praised him as though he were a god and not a man and immediately the angel of the lord smote him.

{22} And the people gave a shout, saying, It is the voice of a god, and not of a man. {23} And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him,

The angel of the lord delivered Peter from prison, but now here the angel of the lord smote Herod because he gave not God the glory…because he gave not God the glory: and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost. {24} But the word of God grew and multiplied. {25} And Barnabas and Saul returned from Jerusalem, when they had fulfilled their ministry, and took with them John, whose surname was Mark.

Now we are in a similar situation here in Kansas City. The only solution to our woes and our problems with so many coming down with cancer and even in the leadership of the church. Those great people have been smitten with these afflictions. Now here is our dilemma. Either we pray without ceasing and don’t give up just because you get a good report. Now, with all due respect and with all kindness, I am not trying to destroy any faith, we should not stop praying for Don Steadman. We should not stop praying for anyone else that has a remission or seems to be getting all good reports because the same faith that we employ to pray for them to get those good reports, we may need to maintain that for them to keep getting good reports from here on out. Let’s keep the demon of cancer, which has an intelligence all it’s own, let’s keep cancer away from this body by red-hot intercessory prayer, fasting and a lifestyle that pleases God.

I want to show you that five great things came out of this  prayer meeting at John Mark’s mother’s house.

1) The angel of the lord delivers Peter from prison and that was no little miracle.

2) The angel of the lord smote Herod because he gave not the glory to God.

3) The Word of God grew.

4) The Word of God multiplied.

5) The greatest missionary journey in all of history; Paul and Barnabus launched the first missionary journey.

So it pays to pray. Look what comes out of it.

() Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.

Some things don’t move easily. Some things are not easily cast out or done in, or done away with. So, we are going to be approaching some big demons and some big problems. Forget about Y2K and think of the problems of 1999 that God is giving you and giving me the opportunity to stand up against, to pray against, to war against. There is going to be a warring of the saints, especially here in Kansas City. I challenge you and everybody listening around the world, I challenge you to make this a year of warring. A lot will depend on how far Y2K goes, by how far we go in our prayer, our red-hot prayer regime praising God, worshipping God and praying day and night without ceasing.

So the church is being called upon to fast in this desperate hour. We need to fast in many and varied ways of life. I know some people who just are tired of reading about the news. They fast the newspapers. They fast CNN, they fast television news. They fast periodical reading and book reading.

You can fast television, that’s a tough one right there. When I first started in apostolic ministry as a teenager, I want you to know that television was just coming in. It hit New York big time. It was black and white then and a lot of snow was in it and everything. They had snow just about every night even through the summer, just by watching television. But anyway, I hated that thing. It was like a demon rising up against the church. It started eventually emptying the churches. It also emptied the theaters. A lot of the great theaters (the good and bad side of that) a lot of the great theaters out west closed down because of television, when television hit. It was good for us because we were able to rent out some of the largest and most beautiful theaters in the country because television closed them down. Television was a one-eyed monster that just robbed the church of attendance. Let me tell you, it wouldn’t hurt if you fast television. If you fast television.

You say, “What about Christian Television?” There will be no Christian Television in heaven, you might as well get used to it now. So we could even fast a little in that area. I wouldn’t want to go to heaven for Christian Television. Wouldn’t you be bored for watching television throughout eternity for millions and billions and quartrillions of years? Oh my, no way. Just let everything that hath breath will be praising the lord and we won’t have to watch television to do it. Thank God for television right now, but I am going on a fast. Now, you’ve heard me, didn’t you? I am going on a fast, but lord, don’t take my videos away from me. I mean, I know that some of you just rented some videos and you’re anxious to go home and watch them. All right.

But this is a wake-up call for the church of Kansas City and we really are sleeping. Not all of you, but some of us are sleeping. Now, the bad thing about sleeping, as I have said before, is that we don’t know we are asleep until we wake up. Now isn’t that logical? But before a great awakening there is going to be a rude awakening. We do things in our sleep that we would never think of doing while we are awake and the church is doing some embarrassing things these days. When I was young and a Southern Baptist preacher, finally ordained by a Southern Baptist church; I had been a fiery Pentecostal preacher before that, but there was so much rule making and so much legalism in the Pentecostal church that I escaped. I thought that I would find less gossip and less sin in a more refined church. Well, it was just the opposite. What they didn’t do in the way of some of the shameful things of the other group, they made up for it in other ways so I was just out of the frying pan and into the fire. So the only way out of this is for us to truly wake up and for us to truly, truly see what the major vision is. It’s not leaving Metro and going into something else or leaving that something and going into something else, you will never find peace. But there is a rude awakening right where you are and we need to come out of our sleep. Amen. The thought I was pursuing there has left me. If it comes back, it was the lord. If it doesn’t , I’m not worried about it.

Let me share two major visions with you that led me to Kansas City. June 1996: the IHOP vision, Intercession, Holiness, Offering and the Prophetic. That was enough to bring me here, but the thing that happened in August 1997 in which God revealed to me that Kansas City was a place of day and night prayer. I couldn’t think of any other place because I thought if Kansas City is red-hot on this day and night prayer that is where I have to be because I had a dream in Anaheim, California and I was told in that dream that I would not survive. I would not come through what I was suffering if I did not find a place of day and night prayer. So I hopped a plane from Anaheim or Orange County to Kansas City for that reason. I am here for that reason and if you let down and you stop praying without ceasing, if you discontinue the vision for your four values then I am sunk and a lot of other people will sink with me. But let’s go all the way with this. God is beginning to use similar events like in  to wake up His sleeping church.

My mother has quoted this scripture to me in her lifetime or my lifetime hundreds of times.

() Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: {11} So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an armed man.

Father, I pray that you will anoint the rest of this message and not let anything take away from it. Lord, we refuse to listen to that fallen worshipper ever again. We refuse to give in to the spirit of witchcraft and Jezebel ever again, in Jesus name, amen.

This is not a time to sleep. This is not a time to be numb or to numb our senses with the wine of Babylon or any other kind of wine if you want to know the truth about it. . You say, “Well, what about wine drinking? There’s nothing in the bible about drinking wine as a sin, it’s only drunkenness that is a sin.” Well, be that as it may, this is the time for soberness. We are right on the heels of doom or we are on the threshold of the greatest move of God in all of the history of the world combined. So don’t you think it’s good if we give up the wine of Babylon and all else that comes from Babylon and come out from among her because the good that are in her will perish with the bad. All the bad that are in her. So you don’t want to be the good mixing with the bad. It’s an unholy mixture. God has come to give something to his people in an unprecedented way. He will visit his people without mixture, with his Spirit without measure.

() Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. {15} See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, {16} Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

I want you brothers and sisters to know that we here tonight, (it’s just before midnight, I can say it) we are the only people on God’s earth, on this planet, that have a unique ability to buy time. Redeem means buy! We, the children of God, can buy time! We can say, “just a little longer please, Jesus.” That’s not just an icky song. It is a special message to the church; just a little longer please, Jesus. Just a little longer to get our loved ones in. There is time for you and I to buy time because the days are so evil. It seems like one more day of evil will overwhelm us, bit we can buy time.

 describes a vision I had about AIDS, a communicable form of cancer as it were, coming upon the human race. Twenty years ago I preached ardently and even the medical profession, some of the of the medical community doctors were attending our meetings who were great friends of ours said, “Paul, you’re going to ruin your ministry and lose all of your credibility because there is no proof and never will be that cancer is communicable. There will never be anything like this, surely. If you want to keep your ministry intact don’t say that anymore.” But I kept saying there was a fire in my bones that in the last days men’s hearts would fail them for a form of disease that would come upon them through sexual acts and would transmit a thing like cancer. It would be communicable and they would die from it and men’s hearts would fail them for the fear of this coming upon them. Well, there are other reasons too, men’s hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things that are coming upon the earth. There will be people who will die over Y2K, over the fear of it. Not over the calamities, but over the fear of it before a calamity ever comes. So let’s get that out of us right now, amen? Let’s work on that. We’ve got a whole year to do it. So don’t fear those things which are coming upon the earth for the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.

() And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.

This is an awesome warning tonight. That is the reason we should not partake of the wine of Babylon. That is the reason we should not get investing into the money system, the world system of Babylon, because Babylon will fall. We must have our faith in the unseen, which is the only real thing left to have faith in. The seen is absolutely futile and it’s not real. It’s the unseen. It’s our way out and it’s our invisible means of support.

() For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. {36} Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

“Oh, but the grace of God will cover us. Oh we’re saved and the lord is going to take care of it. Jesus paid it all, all to him I owe.” Of course he did, but why should we, why should we watch then? Why should we pray? Why pray if it has already been determined what God is going to do? No, we can pray and God will hear our prayers and God will heal our land! God will save our household! He will save a nation, maybe in a day.

{36} Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Amen and amen. Brother Bud and I were talking tonight about the need to pray the kind of prayer that I prayed in the early part of the message. The kind that I want to end with too. 

() Father, glorify thy name. Then came there a voice from heaven, saying, I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.

Where that saying of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled which he spake,

() Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?

All right, I am closing this message, but I’m closing it on a positive note. Earlier I talked about the finger of God. Do you know he spanned the heavens? He spanned the heavens with His little finger. If he can do all of that with his little finger and if he flung the stars in space and hung all of the constellations in the sky and he did all of these acts with his finger and his hand, what on earth could He do with His arm? I want to end this on that. We have something wonderful to look foreword to and my heart will not fail me for fear because I see the finger of God and I see Him casting out devils. I see the hand of God. I see Him making all things well and I see the arm of God strengthening us to preach the prophetic gospel to the ends of the earth and then shall the end come. God has raised us up for such a time as this: for the time for the Arm of the Lord to be revealed.

In the 1960’s we published a periodical called, “Our Report.” It was a clever little thing to come up with because we had a scripture at the top that said, “Who has believed our report?” Then underneath it we had the rest of the Isaiah scripture, “And to whom has the arm of the lord been revealed?” Then we would have some pages in there of testimonies of people who had been saved in the meetings and people who had been healed in the meetings. People who had marvelous deliverance’s. They were the ones to whom the arm of the lord was revealed. So I say there will be a greater manifestation of this. We are going to hear from people who have believed the everlasting gospel. Who have believed the prophetic gospel. Who have believed the report which is the prophetic gospel and to whom the arm of the lord has been revealed. God has raised us up for such a time as this and the lord wants to reveal his arm.

One last thought: God is looking for true worshippers who are always in the pursuit of worshipping Him in Spirit and in truth. God wants us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. He is seeking for those to worship Him and those who worship Him, to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. That is how we come into alignment with the plan and purpose of God for us.

() When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;

The work of His hands in other words. The lord made the heavens and the earth by the work of His hands, but just wait until you see in the last days, what He will do when He reveals His arm. His arm is about to be revealed, revealing the prophetic gospel. It’s about to be revealed in the most amazing move of God the world has ever seen. It will be the preaching to the ends of the earth of the prophetic gospel in a way that none will be able to gainsay or resist it. The redemptive work of God. I want to just add that a whole city will hear it, like Ninevah, and turn to the lord in a day. Then a whole nation will hear it; I don’t know by what means, but they will hear the preaching of the prophetic gospel and one day maybe in your lifetime and mine, we will see a nation! I hope its Iraq. I hope its Jordan. I hope its Israel because he promised that he would purge the iniquity of Israel in a day! In one day! So I hope he turns nations unto him in one day and the preaching of the prophetic gospel can do that. The redemptive work of God: the cross, the death, the burial and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the prophets.

I tell you, I used to come home after a meeting and my mother would say, “Was there a good meeting? Was there any Azusa there?” I said, “What do you mean by that?” She said, “Well, did anybody feel the presence of the lord? Did anybody shout? Did anybody get saved? Did anybody get healed?” Well, I just want all of that to happen here tonight. I know my mother is looking in on this, maybe. I don’t think she is looking in by Internet because they don’t have it up there. Microsoft is too hard for heaven. But let me tell you they have something better and she has a way of looking over, into this service tonight and my Grandmother is looking in too, saying, “There’s my Buzzy and God is blessing him.” That’s what she always said when I preached.

All right, I don’t apologize for preaching so long. I wish I could preach longer and I may. But , if you had been through all that I’ve been through you would be glad just to be here, but I’m glad to be here and to be anointed. If you don’t think I’m anointed, that just shows you how the devil has fooled you. I want you to know that he shouldn’t be tampering with your thinker that way.

() And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. {2} And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. {3} For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

Won’t you prepare for it tonight? In closing, can we see the need of coming back to those four values? I came here because I wanted to share those values with you. I wanted to live them out with you. I intend to live out my value of a celibate life with you in hopes that somewhere along the way there will be others who will be able to make it. There is a great reward in that. There is a reward in being a eunuch for Christ. There is a reward for making a choice of this kind. There is a reward for making the IHOP choice. There is a reward for making all of this extravagant giving to the poor, the choice to do that. All of these: IHOP, in this international house of prayer is also meaning by acronym, this great intercession and holiness and pursuit of holiness, and offering to the poor and this prophetic preaching; let me tell you, great things are in store.

But the things that I have read to you of a negative nature: Babylon falling, which means get out of her or you will fall with her. , and I’m closing. What manner of people ought we to be? I’m asking you, will you prepare with me? Will you prepare yourself with me for 1999?

() Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, {12} Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? {13} Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. {14} Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent (BE DILIGENT!) that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless.

Heavenly Father, tonight I have preached none other invitation than that of the sinless, spotless Son of the Living God; His invitation to discipleship.

() And he said to them all, (It’s a matter of choice) If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

Lord, we want to follow in your steps throughout 1999. We don’t want to just be secular Christians and believers and be a part of the humanistic form of church that both saint and sinner would do no differently and if we come into a situation saying, “What would Jesus do?” in a situation like this and then try to do it. Lord, we want to be so filled with your power and with the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to be so much in Christ, for in Adam all died, but in Christ all are made alive. We want to be so much alive in you that we would automatically do what it is to do when we see any situation with the poor, or with the sick and suffering, especially with the lost and dying. Lord, we will just do it because we are following in your steps. Give us that tonight, in Jesus name.

I want every one of you that will accept the challenge, you have plenty of time tonight before this meeting is over, to accept the challenge of making 1999 the most important year, ever, in your life. We don’t know how many else we will have of many more years or even if we will go all through 1999. But lord willing, if we have 1999 before us, will you accept this challenge tonight to make every day count?

My thought about happiness: I used to say that happiness is the most elusive thing in the world and I gave up on it. But I’m still thinking that happiness, to me, means something to look foreword to. I heard that and it just kind of set with me. Have you ever heard a little thing like that? Just someone says it accidentally? Not even a believer said that. I thought, that’s what it is, happiness, that’s it really is: something to look foreword to. I’m looking foreword to red-hot, glorious intercession and prayer meetings. I’m looking foreword to IHOP becoming a reality. I’m looking foreword to Shiloh amounting to something more than we ever dreamed of. I’m looking foreword to 1999 producing marvelous results as the lord comes along side, as the Holy Spirit automatically accompanies us and we do things that we do not ordinarily do and we say things that we cannot ordinarily say, and preach the prophetic gospel just this way that a city or a nation will come to the lord in a day. Will you stand?

I really would like to minister to a lot of people tonight, but I prayed a whole lot about that. I prayed much about it and I believe the lord said, “I will give you energy to do my will. I will give you energy to do one thing and if you step outside of that perimeter it will be you that will have to account for it.” So I have been cautious and I have been careful to only do only what the lord anointed me to do tonight. My anointing is confined and restricted to the kind of preaching that I have done tonight. That’s all that I have had energy for. My brain has been messed up all day long. The last two days I’ve been under an attack, but I cried out to the lord over and over. I said, “Lord, keep me out of palpitations, keep me out of atrofribulation.” Right now I’m wearing an event monitor, a heart monitor and I think it has blown up and I’m going to have to pay thousands of dollars for it because I think the power showed up tonight in the prophetic words that were said and the prophetic preaching, or prophetic gospel, rather. I know that sounds funny to you, but it’s a very expensive little gadget and I was warned not to wear it because there has been a time more than once where power has come into a meeting and things happen. Somebody said, “Don’t wear that tonight. That’s the first thing the power will hit.” No, I think it just hit my heart, I really do and it hit my mind.

The lord gave me grace for this meeting tonight. He gave me power and strength and he has made my way plain to preach the gospel. So, I’m leaving it with you. You have a long time to do something with it before 1999 rolls in. Well, maybe not so long, but I would get on it if I were you. I’m going to get with it. We’re going to see God do things that will astonish us just like it did those believers at John Mark’s mother’s house in .

God be with you. God, bring us into everything that Kansas City IHOP vision and Shiloh vision ever, ever was meant to be and don’t let us miss a thing, in Jesus name

When Heaven touches Earth

Sermons from Yesteryear | Paul Cain

November 1997

The coming move of God is going to be a lot different than I ever thought — and I’m sure it will be different than you thought, too. The Lord is going to move in a completely new way, unlike anything we have ever seen before.

It is good to look for precedents in Scripture and in church history, but many of the things that God will do in the days ahead are truly unprecedented. In fact, God has set somewhat of a precedent for doing unprecedented things. There never had been a precedent for a burning bush, but He used a burning bush as a powerful sign (see ). Moses didn’t have any doctrinal or theological foundation to prepare him for his encounter with this burning bush. God simply put His glory on a bush that burned without being consumed, and Moses turned aside to see.

Like the burning bush, the church will again shine with the glory of the Lord. Though the bush was merely an inanimate plant impregnated with God’s glory, the church will be a living body that is glorious beyond description. Like the burning bush, we will be a sign that people will turn aside to see.

The holy radiation of God will drive out all kinds of illnesses in these last days, and it will be the number one cure for cancers, AIDS and all kinds of communicable diseases. God will once more do things that are unprecedented. He will do things that are different from anything He has ever done before.

In the day of God’s unprecedented acts, we need to be careful about saying, “Well, that’s not in the Bible.” No one had ever experienced a burning bush prior to . Paul had no Bible verse directing him to go and stay in a certain house, nor did Ananias have a Scripture giving him revelation of the geographic location, street number or name of the man he was going to see.

Ananias had no precedent to follow that would show him what had caused Paul’s blindness or what God would do if he would go and lay hands on Paul. Although Moses, Paul and Ananias may have lacked scriptural precedents for how God was choosing to move in their lives, they had the witness of the power of the Holy Spirit and they obeyed when God called to them.

I do not know all the details of what God plans to do in coming days, but surely one of the key aspects is found in :

“Arise, shine; for your light has come,
And the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.
“For behold, darkness will cover the earth,
And deep darkness the peoples;
But the LORD will rise upon you,
And His glory will appear upon you.
“And nations will come to your light,
And kings to the brightness of your rising” ().

Just as Jesus stood on the Mount of Transfiguration and his three disciples saw Him shine (), God is going to have a whole company of people who are going to shine. The world will see the light, and all the nations will come. It is going to be the light of “a city set on a hill” that “cannot be hidden” (). It is time for the body of Christ to arise and let her light shine forth for the world to see.

A New Breed of Leaders

I see a whole new leadership and a whole new move of God for these last days. The Lord is going to speak mightily again, and He is going to cause heaven to touch the earth. It is not enough for the world to hear our teachings, our prophecies, or our expositions of Scripture if the heavens are not stirred to action. Multitudes of men and women might thrill at the words they hear, but it matters little if there is not a chain reaction of kingdom life on the earth.

The world is not so much questioning the reality of life after death, but rather it is watching us to see if we truly have a new kind of life after we receive Christ. Our inability to evangelize the world has been more the result of the world’s skepticism about “life after life” than about life after death. Are we really saved? Do we really have new life? When we do, a heavenly chain reaction will follow. Life will beget life after its own kind (see ).

I believe an awesome, reverential fear and respect is coming back to the leadership of the church. Losing her self-imposed restrictions and her imprisonment to human traditions, the church is going to regain her power and emerge shining brighter than the noonday sun. We are going to be called upon by heads of state and kings of nations. The Lord is going to give heaven to earth so that we can evangelize the world.

In the condition we are now in, the church would never be able to fully win the world. But, thank God, she is about to change. In order for the changes to occur, we, like Ezekiel, must “eat this scroll” that contains the Word of the Lord ().

What does it mean to eat the scroll? It means that we have to digest His message to the point where we become the message. We will never be able to reach the world unless that happens. God gave John the Beloved similar instructions about eating a little book () and, like Ezekiel, John was able to prophesy in a way that caused a mighty chain reaction.

When we eat the scroll and get His Word in us so that it becomes a part of us, the world will behold the glory of the Father. The nations will respond to this kind of word — not because God’s servants are listed in Who’s Who, or because they raise the greatest offerings, or build the greatest buildings. Rather, people will respond because they know that ordinary men cannot speak with such authority unless the power of God is in them.

True Seed Faith

One thing I am sure God will challenge is the idea of “seed money.” God makes it very clear in His Word that His people are to be the seed that is planted, not the “almighty dollar.” He distinctly shows us that we are to be the seed that is planted, and we are to be fruitful in the earth.

Out of love for the Master they serve, God’s true disciples are those who forsake everything (). The teaching that one can grow financially prosperous by giving more to the church is a perversion of truth. We cannot be His disciples until all we have, all we are, and all we ever hope to be has been laid before Him. Only then can He do with us and through us all that He wants to do. “If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me” ().

This is what true discipleship is all about — the sacrificial life. The Lord wants the seed to be planted so that it can produce grain, but it must first be bruised and crushed before it can be living bread for the hungry (see ). Although the “seed money” principle may have filled the coffers of the church, it has left the ministry and the people sterile. There is no birthing. The womb is closed. Yet God is going to change all this. He is going to plant the right seed in the right soil, and life is going to come forth.

In the book of Acts, Peter and John were on their way into the temple when they saw a lame man lying at the gate. Fixing his gaze upon the man, Peter said, “Look at us!…I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene — walk!” (). Then Peter took him by the right hand and lifted him up. Immediately the man’s feet and ankle bones received strength, and he began walking and leaping and praising God. This is what the world is waiting to see.

The first thing Peter told the lame man was, “Look at us!” However, the world is not presently looking at the church. In fact, most unbelievers pay no attention to us at all. What is going to impress the world is the power and the character of God in our lives. They will take note when we are able to say, “What I do have I give to you” — and then do mighty miracles in Jesus’ name. That kind of authority is going to be restored to the church.

A Heavenly Chain Reaction

There is going to be a release of power evangelism that will meet the needs of mankind. This will cause a chain reaction throughout the world. God is going to have a mighty army that goes into every place on the face of the earth, sharing this glorious gospel. The gospel of the kingdom is not just His Word — it is also His power. It is always associated with healing the sick and doing the works of God. This is the gospel that Jesus proclaimed and demonstrated, and He is about to do it again.

When heaven touches the earth, we won’t have to twist any arms to get people saved. Jesus is the Lord of the harvest, and He has given us the opportunity to proclaim His life-changing kingdom. We won’t have to strive in our own energy. We won’t have to go out and evangelize in the energy of the flesh, knocking on doors in hopes that someone will get saved. As never before, lost people will come to us.

In this spiritual chain reaction of the last days, we are going to know the times, understand what God is saying, and then go do something about it. We will have life to pass on to those who will hear, and they will receive life to pass on to others. When heaven touches earth, the world will know that we serve an awesome, life-giving God. His glory will be seen throughout the whole earth!

The victorious Church

Sermons from Yesteryear | Paul Cain

I believe that Scripture teaches us that in the last days there will be a victorious church. Viewed historically, the church just prior to Jesus’ return will be unequaled in four distinct ways.

1. Unequaled in power.

I the last days there will be a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit in signs and wonders, prophecy, and evangelism. John 14:12 says, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father” (KJV).

Some people believe that Jesus was not referring to physical miracles in this text. They point out that the apostles never did greater works than Jesus. For example, they never did a “natural miracle” such as walking on water, commanding stormy seas to be calm, feeding the 5,000.

It is incorrectly assumed that Jesus must have had something else in mind when he referred to “greater works.” But what were they? Could the evangelistic crusades of the twentieth century be what Jesus was referring to?

I think not. The language of the text does not allow for this interpretation. The word translated “works” is used in John for the miraculous ministry of Jesus (see John 5:20).

A better interpretation – and one that is faithful to the meaning of the original language – is that John 14:12 refers to greater miraculous works than those of Jesus. This promise awaits fulfillment.

Is there evidence elsewhere in Scripture that John 14:12 will be fulfilled literally? I believe there is. In another of John’s writings, the Revelation, we see a graphic example of greater miraculous works than those of Jesus. The Spirit permits John to see in a vision the ministry of two end-time witnesses. His vision is recorded in Revelation 11:3-6:

“And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth… These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them into blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will” (KJV).

The two prophetic witnesses will perform miracles that even exceed Jesus’ earthly miracles. And they will have an extraordinary prophetic ministry that is similar to Moses’ and Elijah’s. This indicates the church in the last days will have a powerful prophetic gifting.

In the last days the church will also have a great evangelistic thrust. The gospel will be preached to every living creature (Matt. 24:14Rev. 14:6), and it will be believed by more people than in the history of revivals (Rev. 7:9, 13-14).

2. Unequaled in purity.

The Lord will uniquely refine and purify the church in the last days (Mal. 3:1-3). The bride of Christ will make herself ready (Rev. 19:7-8); the church will e presented to the Lord “not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing; …holy and without blemish” (Eph. 5:27).

3. Unequaled in unity.

In his high priestly prayer of John 17, Jesus prays for the unity of his church:

“Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; that they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one, I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me” (KJV).

The Father has not yet answered his Son’s prayer for the unity of the church. The church is not “one” even as the Father and Son are one. But it is unthinkable that the Father will not answer his Son’s prayer.

Further, it is clear that Jesus is praying for the unity of the church while it is on the earth, not when it gets to heaven. Jesus wants the church to be one “that the world may know that thou hast sent me.” For the world to know this they must see the unity of the church on earth.

The apostle Paul teaches this same truth in a different context. He maintains that God has given the ministry of the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers to perfect the saints for the ministry of the church until the church reaches the unity of the faith (Eph. 4:11-13).

But what is the nature of the “unity of faith” that Paul refers to? The answer is found at the end of verse 13: “unto a perfect [mature] man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.” The church has not yet reached this unity, but it will, or else one of the major purposes of God for his church will have failed.

4. Unequaled in intimacy.

The pouring out of the Spirit in Joel 2:28-32, which results in the revelation of dreams, visions, and prophecies, means that God will grant a new level of intimacy with his church.

The 144,000 servants of Revelation 14:1-5 reveal the intimacy that God will have with the end-time church. His name will be on their foreheads (14:1), signifying that their thoughts will be taken captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor. 10:3-5). The nature of their intimacy with God will be so personal that only they will be able to learn a new song before the throne of God (14:3). They will follow Jesus wherever he goes (14:4), walking in obedience to his word.

If it is true that God wants a victorious church, then it is imperative that we begin preparing our hearts for this greatest of all revivals. The greater our vision of this glorious future, the dimmer will be our attraction to the world.

Try Tears

Sermons from Yesteryear | Paul Cain

There will be no public reaping without some public weeping. The greatest reapers in this world are the greatest weepers.

There is a gift that we need to ask God for in these days. It’s the gift of tears.

We need to come before the Lord, making ourselves available to Him in a deeper way.

The gift of tears is more than a result of the suffering that comes from living in a fallen world. It flows from feeling the pain and the suffering that the Lord Jesus feels for us. He is our High Priest, touched by the feeling of our infirmities.

We need to feel what He feels for America. We need to feel what He feels for the Church. We need to feel what He feels about sin and the abominations that are going on in the earth today. We must have tears if we are going to see revival.

If we have no tears it’s because our hearts are parched. Lord, give us tears that we may see revival! David said in Psalm 6, “I’m worn out from groaning all night long.” How long has it been since you or I have groaned all night long? He also said, “I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears. My eyes grow weak with sorrow.” Have you considered Jesus Christ as a man of sorrows? He’s not known as a man of laughter. He’s not known as a man of frivolous flippancy. He is known as a man of sorrows.

Our dry eyes
reflect our parched
hearts. The shedding
of tears shows that
the heart is engaged.

In these last days it’s imperative that the Church become a partaker both of Christ’s heavenly calling and His heavenly ways. Jesus Christ is a man of sorrows. What a privilege to share in the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings – even, if necessary, to the point of death.

Where are tears today? Ps. 56:8 says, “Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?” Did you know that God is saving up our tears? I know theologians who are as dry as shucks. They never shed a tear no matter how emotional their text or subject.

How can you preach
the gospel, the death
of Christ and
all that happened
on the cross
without tears?

If you look at the Son of God without tears to protect your spiritual eyes you’ll go blind. Could this be what has happened to so many theologians?

They look into the word but they never cry. They never engage their hearts. What if all of us were called upon to accept God’s gift of tears before He would ever consider giving His gift of revival? Would you apply for the gift? Would you seek for the gift? Would you beg for the gift?

If you really want revival, I believe you would.

Until a situation really seems hopeless we won’t cry. We won’t employ tears unless it’s really desperate.

Don’t you think it’s about time we try tears? We may have had a little too much of the opposite in the Church. Let’s try tears.

Maybe we have too much “know how”. Now it’s time to have the “know Who’, the Man of Sorrows.

Let’s try tears. I tell you, there will be no public reaping without some public weeping. The greatest reapers in this world are the greatest weepers.

Ministry in the last days is worth everything. It will cost everything. Are you willing to pay the price in much tears, in much prayer and supplication? I pray a lot, but I don’t supplicate enough.

If necessary, I need to
supplicate until I
suffocate! We need
prayer and supplication.
We need to pray as
Jesus prayed, with
strong crying and tears.

Where are the tears today? This is what we ought to ask ourselves. Do we really know the heart of God? “Out of the heart flow the issues of life,” Prov. 4:23 says. Not out of strategic meetings, planning committees, building committees, missions committees, not out of little weak prayer meetings, but out of intercession and prayer with travail.

I want my soul to be filled with tears, and rivers of living water to flow out of my innermost being, rivers that will water the seed. The seed of prayer produces little unless it is watered with tears, the water that nurtures it and brings forth a harvest. So ask God for the gift of tears. Expect it – ask for it and expect it.

I think the Lord is saying, “I want My Church to go from feasting and playing to fasting and praying. From laughing to mourning and then from weeping to reaping.”

From weeping to reaping – can you see where it will end?

We must go from laughter to mourning. We have gone all out for hilarity.

Now the party’s over. Oh, for prophets like Jeremiah, who cried out for his eyes to be a fountain of tears! Prayer and intercession is our most important work. Let that be locked into your thinking.

Prayer and intercession is the most important work of the Church. The next move of God will not be characterized by people falling on their backs and laughing, although that can be good.

The next move of God will be known for people falling on their faces and weeping, weeping, weeping – all the while God is being magnified as the Church beholds His majesty, beholds His glory and becomes His glory.

Sunderland 18 Nov 2017

Sermons from Yesteryear | Paul Cain

Paul Cain. Transcript of message 18th November 2017. Rainton Meadows Arena. Sunderland


Thank you so much. I am so thrilled and pleased with what the Lord has ordained for such a time as this and excuse this I can’t see any of you without blocking the light. I never felt comfortable in the lime light anyway.

I’m here to tell you that the Lord is here and my Mama always taught me and said you must decrease for Him to increase. Every meeting I would go to she would pray over me, as I was leaving she’d say, “Son, you just be as little as you can be and God will be just as big as He can be.” So I come to you tonight in weakness, but the Lord’s strength is what we’re looking for, the impartation of His strength. And if I can do no more than groan in the Spirit, it’ll accomplish more than all the beautiful words the auditory put together.
I am really just so glad to be here. Someone said at your age and condition you should be glad to be anywhere (laughter). but I’m specially glad to be here.

My mother was a very humorous person and I think she passed what humour she had along to me. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see the receptivity, no resistance, I couldn’t feel any amount of resistance in this meeting last night. The speakers today were on fire and that just pleased me so much. Paul Mannering…Man Warring I guess I pronounce it. Man Warring…and it looks like he won the war. And Doctor Glass, I hear that the Lord was mighty, used him mightily today. It just really thrilled my heart to think we heard from God and obeyed the Lord and here we are in a most history making meeting probably in many decades. We prayed it would be greater than 1907, the results, when the results are finally in we’re going to look back on this meeting, those of us who are still alive , and say I was there and God was moved in and anointed in a mighty way and He’s here tonight to confirm ministries and do mighty things.

I was just hoping in some way, this young doctor who led me to the platform, I understand he’s the son in law of brother Ken and Lois Gott and he came to visit me today. Someone said you’re always having health issues, health problems and they’re critical of that and in America a prayer request will go out and say Paul Cain needs prayer and then the response is, “How bad is he this time?” Very heart warming. Well, anyway, I think I had the battle of my life this morning. So brother and sister Ken and Lois sent their son in law, who is an accomplished, I guess sounds like, a world class physician, already retired, can you imagine that, if I had the finances I would just invite him and his family to travel with me and help me. He told me things that only one other specialist I ever met told me and so he really is an intelligent, accomplished doctor. Well I didn’t come to preach tonight, I just came to talk about how God really established you in the meeting last night and we will see the results of it on the years to come. I want you to pray that I will live to see at least some of the benefits from this meeting. (Applause) I want to with all my heart.
Now one of the things that happens to me without the anointing, where my memory is involved and without the Lord illumining my mind, sometimes I don’t know where I am. This morning I had an experience where I thought it was the end and my life, I didn’t know where I was, I didn’t know who I was and I didn’t know if someone else was in the next room. It was probably the most unusual experience and the enemy said, “Well, you’re not going to live through this meeting.” Well now that bothers me. Wouldn’t it bother you? Well of course the devil is a liar, always has been from the beginning so I have to remind him of that. He always knows it, but we have to remind the devil who the devil is. How many of you would like to get to the point where you just scare the devil out of the devil? Wouldn’t that be wonderful! I’m not preaching tonight as you can tell, but I’m going to share a few things with you. I just wanted to tell you that I was breathe struck when I was told that Doctor Colin Dye and his wonderful wife Amanda had gone back today and I thought, “Oh I won’t get to tell them what’s on my heart for them|” and when I found them here tonight it just really blessed my heart.

I don’t know when I’ve met anyone who has challenged me to really go on to know the Lord, as Hosea said, as much as brother Ken and Lois Gott, They’re just regal people to me, very wonderful charged vessels of God and who else would the Lord call to host the beginning of a revival like this. You know I had an assistant that lasted for 20 years, he and his wife when they first met me, they were just newly married and they sent me a card, a greeting card and they said we don’t love you for what you’ve got we love you for who you are, but what you got ain’t bad either. So with the Gott’s I thought of something a little humorous today. I was telling Danny, the Gott’s have ‘got it, the Gott’s have ‘got it’, can’t remember the rest. You that have discernment can laugh and you that don’t just forget I said it. So anyway I wanted to mention people tonight if I possibly could.

I have a representative here for many years n the meeting and he and his wife have been such wonderful friends and that’s Jon and Kerry Cressey. I’m just so glad they are here, that they represent the Paul Cain Ministry of the UN, I mean the UK. I really appreciate them being here. I appreciate the hostages, I mean the hosts that they’ve been to us given and taken care of us. They’ve been absolutely wonderful. Well I know there’s someone I’m going to leave out. I know there’s a young man here tonight, an older man now who is married and he was in the meeting in Anaheim California when I first gave the visions of the stadiums and that meeting was accompanied by such awesome power that something tangible, something you could feel knocked out a $50,000 camera and the phone systems and someone said that can happen because of the current in the AC, the electrical current, but what was strange about it, it was all battery operated equipment and all of that burned because of the power of God that was in that place.

I don’t know whether I told you last night about, we had a meeting in Olathe, Kansas, near Kansas City, Missouri, on the Kansas side and the glory of God came to the degree that the fire alarm was set off at the fire station and here are all these fire trucks and fireman came in and the power and the presence of God was so strong that it was so disruptive to see them walk in with their yellow jackets and hats, axe in their hand. ” Where’s the fire? Where’s the fire? Fire alarm, fire signal….Well when the glory of God comes it messes up with, gets mixed up with the what is real in the flesh and what’s real in the natural mind because the natural mind can’t discern the things of God.

How many of you know that there were people in this meeting last night, you were here, you believe that the first match was struck, that God was going to strike the first match for revival? Amen. I believe that with all my heart.

This is something I wanted to speak about tomorrow, but I feel like there are people here tonight that God wants to hear this and you may not be in the meeting tomorrow so I’d like to just give you my thoughts, then pray for you and see what The Lord has in store for us tonight.

Again you know, Dan and I are not in this thing alone. Appreciate Dr. Glass and Dr Paul Manwarring. We appreciate them. Appreciate the Gotts. Appreciate what they’ve got it’s really wonderful

“But the Lord had laid on my heart just to talk about discipleship tonight. In Luke 9:23 it is written the real meaning and a real principle of discipleship and you can take a note, I want you to read this when you have time. It speaks of discipleship. I believe it is a journey. For many years we had a television programme in America that was really blessed and it was entitled,” The Class of 33AD.” It was all about discipleship. So I think that’s what Luke 9:23 is all about.
“If any man would come after me he must deny himself take up his cross daily and follow me.”
When we think of discipleship as a journey, every journey consists of 3 things:
1. What we leave behind.
2. What we take with us.
3. The path we follow.
So of course what we leave behind in Luke 9:23 is ourself; we leave self behind. What we take with us; we take up our cross daily and the path we follow is in His steps. We follow the Lord. That’s the most wonderful illustration of discipleship that I could ever imagine. So I want you to think of yourself in the future journey that’s ahead of us to leave something behind and what we leave behind is of course yourself. You know everytime I go on a trip I prepare to take something with me and always leave something behind and what you leave behind in discipleship, you leave behind yourself. And what you take with you, you take up your cross daily and follow him in His steps. There is no reason to ever get out of sync or ever be distracted as long as you keep your eyes on Jesus. How many think it’s important to keep your eyes on Jesus? “Looking onto Him the author and finisher of our faith.” We need to keep our eyes on the Lord. I could see in this vision for discipleship in Luke 9:23, the Lord leading us. If you’re following the Lord you need to keep your eyes on Jesus and He’s the one that’s head of the group and if you don’t keep your eyes on Him, the Lord may turn a corner and you have your eyes now on number 13 and he goes right on in another direction and you’ve missed the Lord altogether. Wouldn’t that be sad.
So the point beyond all points tonight is, “Keep your eyes on Jesus.”
Watch the Lord and which way He goes and don’t follow after another, because you’ll wind up in all kinds of weirdness and doctrines that are even of devils.

Keep your eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ and that’s what’s important in this last day revival, is for you to keep your eye on the Lord at all times and to do what He does and follow in his step, then you’re going to be involved in revival beyond your fondest dreams. Supernatural revival, the healing of the sick and the raising of the dead.

Before I came here, every time I would look at Lois on the Facebook page. I would see all these children and I saw one in particular and it turns out his name is Elijah and the Lord showed me, I told his father today, that the Lord showed me that he was a future prophet and that he was going to be used, before I ever knew his name was Elijah. Before anyone ever told me anything about it, I was going to ask Ken and Lois about this young man.

So I say to that, something happened when I was 5 years old. I didn’t know anything about my mother’s healing or about my calling and we went to this First Assemblies of God, little county church, Saxe Texas and everyone forgot there was an old prophet there….. Stately old gentleman, just an awesome looking man. He had the largest hands I think I’ve ever seen and here a little 5 year old boy that was leaving with my family, my family was holding my hand taking me out of church, he stopped them and put his great big hand on the back of my head and just captured my head in his hand. I felt so strange and he said , ‘ I hold in my hand” and his voice just resonated all through the church,
he said, “I hold in my hand on the head of a future prophet to the nations.” You know that didn’t mean so much to me till later when I found out that the Lord appeared to my Mom at my birth and told her she’d live and not die, when she’s dying with the cancerous tumours in her womb and cancers that had eaten both breasts away and mutilated her and destroyed her breasts and her heart trouble and tuberculosis in both lungs. Now my mother was given up to die long before my birth and she went to Baylor University Hospital for help. They told her she was dying and never would live for the time for me to be born. How many of you believe I’ve been born?

Well I’ve been born you know for all these years. It seems like all my life I’ve loved the Lord. Never has been a time in my life when I didn’t love the Lord. I’ve never turned away from Him and I’ve followed Him on a discipleship journey and it looks like it’s going to pay off in innumerable dividends right form this meeting here. God is going to raise up young prophets and apostles and evangelists and teachers and pastors from these meetings to go into all the world and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. But I just come and I just tell you these simple little truths. Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Keep your eyes focussed on Him. You know it used to be our theme song in the meetings.

I was staying in a home for elderly women, they had a prophets chamber there, when I was at Calvary Temple in Los Angeles for meetings and there was a lady there that had written a song and it turned out to be Mother Lidden and she wrote this song, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim as we see His glory and behold His grace. Let’s keep our eyes on the Lord. Don’t ever allow yourself to focus on number 13 or you’ll be ruined. You’ll be tainted. You’ll be absolutely out, out of step with what God is doing in these last days.

Don’t you want to be in on the greatest event in history? Don’t you want to think that we maybe the very generation that will see the Lord split the eastern skies of Glory and come to earth to catch His bride away?

Listen! All things will disappear. There’s been some songs. I used this phrase quite a bit lately because it’s the winter of my life and when something warms the winter of my life it thrills me and when I heard from Dr. Colin Dye the other day, he wrote something that i just said to him, ” You’ve just warmed the heart of an old man in the winter of his life.” Well I want you to know in the winter of my life right now, the greatest thing i could ever hope for is to know that last night a fire was lit. Last night something just as significant as the beginning of any move of God or revival of the past, may go beyond it and upstage it greatly and it happened last night. How honoured we are just to be here with each of you and to the speakers, the leaders of this meeting. I’ll never be the same again. I’ve had faith to go through all I know I had to go through to get to the end of the way.

How many of you still want to be a disciple? You still want to follow the Lord? You still want to look to him the author and finisher of our faith.

Not long ago I was in North Carolina. I was in a walk out basement of a beautiful home there, staying with some wonderful people. I was there by myself and I was looking out of these sliding glass doors and it was night time outside, but i actually had a vision and didn’t know what was going on. But I had a vision of the host of heaven and I saw my mother and everyone in that host looked exactly alike and I thought, ” How in the world will I recognise my mother and my loved ones?” And I knew my mother out of that great host of vast numbers of people and I said, “How can this be Lord?” And so He said, ” Well you will be known as you are known.” Won’t that be wonderful! To be in heaven and know as you are known. I mean you’ll know everything , everybody as you are known.

Well say something. Amen! Don’t you look forward to that? Now I do look forward to that and heaven’s my home, but I’m not home sick tonight. I really want to live to see what you’re going to see. I really want to live to see young men and women excel for God. Heal the sick and raise the dead and I haven’t lost the fire I had when I was a very young preacher.

I came to Los Angeles for the first time and the pastor’s son of this great church, Calvary Temple, in the old Paul Rader tabernacle, he was the man who wrote, “Only Believe”. Remember that old chorus we used to sing? And so this pastor’s son had just returned from South America and he had fasted for 40 days, had unusual miracles, everything this side of raising the dead. But I had a vision beyond this. I was going for raising of the dead, you know when I was just a very young man, a boy. So I told him that I believed God would raise a person from the dead during the meeting at Calvary Temple. He said, ” Well that would be wonderful!’ So I said, ” I know you’ve seen outstanding wonderful things in South America, but something better than that is going to happen during this meeting. Someone’s going to get raised from the dead.” I said, “Will you pray with me? Will you pray with me that we’ll hear about someone dying during the meeting and we’ll go and raise them from the dead.” He said, “Sure. I’ll agree with you. i’ll pray for you.”

One day he came, he had no sense of humour at all, he came in and said,” We’ve got a live one!” And I said, “What?”
“Well”, he said, “A lady in the church, her husband died this morning and I called her and told her we were coming to pray for her.” So I thought he told her that we were coming out to raise her husband from the dead. So we prepared to go to the home of this palatial mansion type home and very wealthy people. We went in the living room area and we were seated in comfortable seating for this lady who had just become a widow and Paul, the other man was named Paul, this young man and he began to quote John 12:14. Anyway I said, “Paul!” Paul Copp was his name, I said, “Didn’t you tell this lady what we were coming here for?”
“Well wait just a minute brother Paul, I told her we were coming to speak.”
I said, “Paul, you didn’t tell her?” And I walked over in front of the divan and I said, “Lady we’re here to raise your husband from the dead.” And she shot straight up from that couch and looked at me and fainted. So here we’re patting her little hand trying to bring her back around, so when she did come back around she said,”Did I understand you right? Did you say you were here to raise my husband?” She said, ” Please don’t! You wouldn’t do that would you? Please don’t! I wouldn’t have him back for anything!” (laughter).

So that’s the closest we ever came to raising the dead from that time.

You know it’s going to take that kind of child like faith in this discipleship journey. We’re going to have to be able to trust God for anything. I don’t know how we’re going to get rid of this carnal brain of ours and see the dead raised in these last days. It’s going to be a revival so great that the dead will be raised. That’s the kind of thing you’ve signed up for whether you realise it or not. Amen. Amen!

We have some people here from the States, that have come all the way over here and why do you think they did that? Because they really believed that God was going to visit Sunderland, and that it was going to be unprecedented and that’s what we talked about last night. I’m not going to speak a long time tonight, but i just want you to know that we need the dead raising faith to see this revival to go the way God wants it. We need to go about everyday in this discipleship journey telling the righteous it shall be well with you. We need to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils. That’s what the church is all about in these days.

Aren’t you excited about your journey? There’s a little song in America, “It wouldn’t take long for my journey now. We’ve come this far let’s go the rest of the way.”I mean we haven’t seen the things we’ve talked about, but we’re going to see them. Let’s press on. Let’s press forward! The way forward means Jesus will come and help you in every situation. He will accompany every word you speak as His and think of the word and how powerful it is. It is written,

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same that was in the beginning with God. All things were made for Him; and without Him there was not anything made that was made. in Him was the life; and the life was the light of men. The light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. So there was a man sent by God, whose name was John. He came to bear witness of that light. He was not that light, but came to bear witness of the true light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. The world was made for Him. He came to his own, His own received him not. But as many as received Him, to them gave He the power to become the Sons of God, even to them who believe in His name.”

Let’s believe on His name. By the name of the Lord the lost will be saved, the sick will be healed. By the name of the Lord, the lost will be saved by scores and everywhere you go you’re going to be a soul saving instrument for God in the last days. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Let’s all strike some matches tonight, for revival has come in the name of the Saviour, in the name of the deliverer of the world. The Lord Jesus Christ has come to our hearts again. Although, we’ve gone astray in the past and we’ve settled for things that didn’t last, but let’s go all the way, let’s pick up our cross, take up our cross, let’s walk, let’s follow Him wheresoever the Holy spirit leads us. We’ll see the signs and wonders above any imagination, beyond any thought, beyond any belief. Let’s go for broke. Let’s go for the whole 9 yards. Let’s go for the whole thing. Amen! Amen!

Will you stand with me and just say “Come Lord Jesus.” As John Wimber used to say, “Come Holy Spirit.” Lord Jesus come. Come to your people tonight. Fill them. Fill them. Fill them with the Holy Spirit Lord. Let it flow through us. Let it emanate from our being. Let the light shine above the brightness of the sun. In Jesus name. Revival! Revival Lord! Let the first fires of revival start here for the end time, in Jesus name.

Now one of the things the Lord has laid on my heart tonight is for the young. This thing with the doctor today, I told him about his son, that the Lord has shown me he was going to be used of God greatly and the young man needs to be protected. He needs to be watched over, prayed over , tutored and guided by Holy Spirit. And Elijah inspired me no end and I said , ” Lord what do you want to do tonight?” Knowing my weak vessel I can’t do anything in myself. I’m just at the point right now where God can use me because I can’t use myself. I’m not able to do anything in a self centered way. I can only depend on Him to keep me alive with what I’m doing right now. I’m 88 going on 120.
Now listen this young man has inspired me so much, the Lord showed me I should pray for every young person under 21. You can cheat if you want, if you’re under 30 or 40. I want every person under 21 years of age that’s in this meeting to come forward right now. And you know I was speaking to William Branham before he died , of course, and I said, ” You know I don’t understand why I get mixed up with so many situations. Why can’t the discernment the Lord gives me for others, why can’t it work for me? And Brother Branham said, ” Paul, the gift is not for us! It’s for others.” He said, ” I get mixed up with the biggest crooks in the world and I don’t even know about it until it’s too late.”
Well I want you to know tonight we have the mind for Christ. These young people are coming forward. You’re certainly candidates. You certainly can be equipped for the last day ministry. Isn’t it wonderful! Oh Lord, let the spirit of Elijah come! Let the spirit of Elijah come in Jesus name. Thank you for that Lord. Amen . Oh my! Lord please move upon every one of these young people, no matter what age they are. I pray you will baptise then with the Holy Ghost. Lord baptise them with every gift. Lord give them the gift of discernment, the gift of healing, the gift of miracles, Lord every gift available. Lord give these young people their marching orders tonight. Give them their anointing tonight, so that they can leave from this meeting with the glory of God upon them and so that they can walk behind you all the rest of the way and follow you in this discipleship journey Lord. Oh God, let us keep our eyes ever upon you Lord Jesus Christ. Lord send your angels to lift these young people up lest they dash their foot against a stone. Everyone that stands before you tonight, I declare and decree that they’ll never fall. I pray they’ll never fall into sin or into sexual problems or into any kind of immorality Lord. Keep them! Keep them from falling. Lord keep them. Hold them with the right hand of your righteousness. Lift them up lest their feet may dash against a stone. Oh Lord, carry them all the way through the rest of this journey. Help them be evangelists for you. Help them be prophets for you. Help them to be discerning of spirits for you Lord. Help them with discernments and words of knowledge and everything you have to equip your people with. Equip the young saints here tonight Lord. Equip them with your power, your anointing. May their tongues be tongues of fire. May their words pierce through the hardest criminal and through the hardest heart. Let them be your salvation evangelists. Let them be your healing evangelists. Let them be your word prophets and what they speak will come to pass. Lord let things come to pass not many days hence from this night. Let the glory of God come upon both young and old. Bless all of us no matter what ages we are. Let your power, let your glory, let your victory come. Unprecedented unity coming to the church. Oh my!
You young people are commissioned tonight. In the name of Jesus such as I have I give to you. If I have anything, if I have anything that has been worthwhile from God, I give it to you. The Lord has given me the ability to give it away. To give it away! I might not be here much longer, but I’m here to give it away. Whatever God has given me through these many years of ministry, I give it to every young person. I give it to old and young and Lord may they take it up and may they use it and may it be for your glory. May they go beyond anything any healing evangelist has ever done, anything I’ve ever done, ever thought I might do. Let it happen to them! Lord this is a baptism of your love, a baptism of your power, a baptism of your fire, a baptism of your glory. Lord you’re gong to bring unity to the church through these young people. I commission them to live in faith and walk in faith and purity the rest of their lives. May they be ‘way showers’. May they show us the way. May they show others the way. To the glory of God unprecedented in Jesus name.
And now I want to prophesy to the people of the UK, and of course this is extended to everyone no matter where you’re from, whether you’re from Australia or the uttermost parts of the earth, this is come to you like on the day of Pentecost, “But to them that are far off to as many as the Lord our God will call.”
But I just see for the UK that your churches are going to be on fire. Your churches are going to be attractive and people are going to watch you come and burn. They are going to come and see the glory of God and the fire of God and the anointing of God and it’s going to stay with you and you’re going to know how to nurture it and you’re going to know how to keep it. It’s not going to be a passing thing like the Welsh Revival or Brother Roberts, bless his heart, Evan Roberts, that was one of the greatest moves of God this nation has ever seen, yet it was not nurtured, it was not kept by the right keepers. They didn’t know how to to do it. We know how to do it! Don’t we! We’re going to follow Him. Follow Him. Wherever the Lamb leads us we’ll follow Him. Wherever He goes. I don’t know whether you can feel it or not, I get going about feeling all the way, but there’s something you can realise here tonight, I tell you some of these young people up here tonight close, I felt the the power of God surging through your being, through your body and this couple of brothers here they can’t turn it loose. Something got ahold of them and they can’t turn loose. And I want something to get ahold of both old and young that you can’t turn loose and that won’t turn you loose because you don’t want it to turn you loose.
The love of God is multiplied here tonight. The power of God is multiplied here tonight and in every increasing way tonight the power of God is all over this audience. This is what we’ve come for. This is what we’ve prayed for. This is what we’ve longed for ever since the last time the Lord said in 2017, “I’m going to send revival to them.” Alright now Elim, let it go over your walls and let it pour out over the Assemblies of God. Let it pour out over the Baptists, the Methodists, the Presbyterians, the Catholics and all flesh. All flesh will know that something happened on this day that was prophesied 30 years ago. Thank God! How could we ever forget.
Now just extend your hand to these young people here. Father let them be anointed from the top of their head to the tip of their extremities. Flow through them Holy Spirit and let them bring revival everywhere they go. Everywhere the soles of their feet have trod, let revival come and let the power of God, let the power of God fall on old and young, both small and great all through this place. Let it be known on this date, on this particular time, at this exact time the power of Almighty God fell. The power of Almighty God and His Christ.
Oh Lord, we’ll never forget what you did in Sunderland this night for the very young and the old. Let’s all stand. Let’s all praise Him and accept whatever the Lord is giving to the young people. Let it resonate in you. Let it come upon you and the Spirit of the Lord shall come upon you and you’ll be turned into another man or another woman before you get out of this place tonight. The Spirit of the Lord coming upon you. The Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Wisdom. The Spirit of unity, of power and of a sound mind comes upon everyone in this room. You’re privileged to be here. The power of God has put His stamp of approval on this gathering and we’re all gathered in one place and suddenly the Holy Spirit has come, almost like a mighty rushing wind and cloven tongues as like of a fire are on some of you. The spirit of discipleship is on every one of you. You’ll leave here not being the same, ever being the same again. For God is with you. He’s with your children. He’s with those you represent at home, far off and as many as the Lord our God shall call. Let’s praise Him for that and thank Him for that right now.
Listen while I’m under the anointing I want to pray for Colin and Amanda and i want everyone else to be blessed as well, but there seems to be those who God had called for specific things in the body of Christ for these last days. And I feel that way about Colin and Amanda Dye, I feel that way about Ken and Lois Gott and I feel that way about many of you and Jon and Kerry Cressey. All of you and the wonderful people who have taken care of us. But all of you. This is an all inclusive thing. God is not just speaking to a handful of people. Everyone here has been graced by the touch of the hand of God. Everyone! The fire of the Holy Spirit has come upon everyone here and when you leave you’re not going to be the same again, no matter how much you try. You’ll never be the same again. I prophesy that no-one in this building will ever be the same again. It’s for you and your children and for them that are far off, to as many as the Lord our God shall call. A significant thing. A significant voice has come and spoken and God has revealed Himself in a new and living way in every one of us.
So Lord I just pray that the anointing will come upon Colin and Amanda. Lord the church that has had the most history of Smith Wigglesworth and the revivals of the past, Lord I pray that the Welsh Revival and all would be upstaged in this meeting. But anoint them Lord and let their days be greater than anything that they’ve experienced in the past. We’re making some strides forward tonight. God, the Holy Spirit, has come to make great strides forward for your path. Let’s walk in His path, follow after him to know Him and Lord I’ll just pray this blessing for everyone. It’s a vision I’ve seen before. In a vision praying for Colin and his wife and for others. Oh God, don’t let this escape the minds , the hearts, the experience that you’re sending tonight. Don’t let it ever escape any of us. In Jesus name. In Jesus name.
Let everyone stretch their hands out towards the youth that have come forward tonight. It’s the most glorious thing He’s done, He’s done for the youth and then it’s overflowing to both young and old.
I want to pray for the leaders of the conference and the speakers of course, this requires a reciprocal action. I want you to pray for me too because the enemy has already planned to make sure I pay for this. But it’s worth it. It’s worth it.
I told Lois, God, in an email, that this meeting’s the most important ‘cos I’m giving my life, it’s costing me my life. It really is costing me my life. I don’t mean that I’m going to expire or anything ‘cos I’m too inspired to expire, but let me tell you this meeting has cost something and God has rewarded those who have prayed for these years. God has rewarded you and the effort you put forth to come here. Look what God has done for us! It’s wonderful!
Now Lord I pray for the sick. I pray for….. Lord I want you to please heal Lois tonight. Just move up and down that spine and her back and Lord bless Ken and Lord give them strength, not just for the day, but also for the rest of the way. And all of you, both young and old, I pray you will bring healing power. Let your healing waters flow on all of these and let them go away saying, “We’ve never seen it on this fashion before. We’ve never felt the depth or the power to this degree before.” Let them be able to exclaim that. And Lord I pray that the power will rest upon them for the rest of days of their life and they’ll dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Thank you Lord.
There’s a number of people here with cancer, hanging on. Lord we pray that, that cancer will die, die at the roots and fall from their bodies and be passed from their bodies and Lord from the crown of their head to the tips of their extremities, I pray the arthritis, sickness and diabetes and blood disease, every kind of cripple condition, everything that caused it Lord will be dealt with tonight. Let people go their way saying, ” We really have never seen it on this fashion before. Surely God was there!” And you are here and we thank you Lord for showing up in this meeting of all meetings and I thank you Lord we’ll never be the same again, going right on to the end of the way with the power to witness. The power to have well bodies and strength and health and vitality to go all the way to the end of this age and the end of this time when you shall appear. Oh Lord, and all fear, all fear will be wiped away. Oh Lord, you came again to us. In Jesus name. It’s been worth it all and it will be worth it all from this point on. When we see Jesus, one glimpse of your dear face, all sorrow will erase and how bravely we’ll run the race from this night on. How bravely we’ll run the race until we see you Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. The Lord bless you.

Sunderland 17 November 2017

Sermons from Yesteryear | Paul Cain

Transcript of message 17th November 2017. Rainton Meadows Arena. Sunderland.

Paul Cain:(Great applause)
“ Thank you so much. Didn’t expect all this. When I came in and saw the mist ( referring to the smoke machine) I felt sure it was a London fog. (laughter)
This meeting is the most important meeting of my life. Speaking, preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, loving Him with all of my heart, since I was 9 years old. Travelled the world and The Angel of His Presence with me in such an incredible way that I couldn’t fail the Lord if I tried to. Impossible. It’s not ever in my heart, in my life to ever fail the Lord again.
This is so kind of you Ken and Lois Gott, after all these years, to invite me here and I’d forgotten about the prophecy, 1987, 30 years ago with Mike Bickle and Lois spoke of that in a clear way so I won’t go into that. But to think that 30 years have passed and I get a call or an email or what do you call it?
Yeah, of course that! (laughter). My memory belongs to the Lord and some things He doesn’t want me to remember. (laughter) so we won’t share them, but I’m desperate tonight and I hope I’ll share what I need to, to communicate to you.Anyway, Sister Lois sent me a communication on Facebook and said it’s about time for you to come back to the UK. Well I never equated, put together the prophecy of 1987 having anything to do with that because I never knew them to be Elim and then I didn’t really care whether Elim or not, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to be with them again. We decided to come and then found out later, before they ever heard of the prophecy, and I hadn’t mentioned it to them and Mike Bickle had not mentioned it until the day of my birthday,1 year ago and so as we continued to communicate Sister Lois said,“You know I’m so glad that we teamed up with Elim! We’re an Elim church.”
And I said, “Oh my!”And I remember hitting ‘head on’ with that prophecy. And I believe that God has brought us together here.I don’t know how this is all going to come together. It may not be the neat package I’d like to hope for, but things really do get, sometimes, do get messy and misconstrued like on the day of Pentecost, “When that day was fully come and they were all together in one place or one accord and then suddenly there was a sound from heaven as a mighty rushing wind, when that cloven tongues of fire set on each of them and they began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit, God have them utterance and there was revival in the land!” I believe it, no matter how you feel, tonight, at this point, at this juncture, you’re still going to experience revival whether here tonight or when you leave. It’s closer to you than you ever dreamed. The Lord is getting ready to do unprecedented things.
I was using that word tonight and my associate, Danny Reece said,“ You know that’s a good word! Unprecedented! That’s a nice word.”Well I love it! God is getting ready to do unprecedented. Unprecedented household salvations. You’ve heard the visions of thousands of children, your sons and daughters and thousands of people being swept into the Kingdom of God like a Tsunami engulfing them, just engulfing them, million’s of people in these last days. I pray to the Lord, “ Would you let me live to see some of that?” If I can just see household salvations everywhere. Millions of young people turning to the Lord, it’s our hope. I believe that is so near that we can’t afford to miss it. We can’t afford to do anything to prevent us from entering into that fullness.

I know Mother’s and Dads you’d give anything if you’re a Christian, you’d give anything to see your loved ones saved, your children……Just remember there’s a Tsnami coming, there’s a tidal wave that’s coming. Remember the family and the Kingdom of God in these days and the Kingdom of God will be glory in these days to come. And there’ll be unprecedented grace. Unprecedented favour and there’ll be unprecedented unity in the church and that’s one thing I want to really stress that God has already begun to show you the way forward. He’s already begun to show you that your church growth is in gear. God has planned it that way. He’s fore-ordained it that way. When that day approaches, Christ shall appear on that great eternal day, the churches are going to be in unity.

There’s going to be unprecedented unity. Unprecedented unity and that brings unprecedented power, that brings unprecedented faith and without faith it is impossible to please God.

We want faith to bring power to raise the dead. That’ll be the common thing in the days to come in this revival, the dead will be raised and it’ll be like major healings of the past, but the dead will be raised. I think we’re not looking forward to that just as a show, but wouldn’t it be wonderful and convincing to the unlearned and the unbelievers when they see that happen, and they’ll know that God is with you in truth and they’ll fall on their face and worship God and report that God is with you with the truth. Isn’t that something? We have altar calls and we entice people to come, to accept Christ and sometimes we get a few and we don’t get as many as expected and percentage wise, but I want you to know in these days ahead that this move of God, I believe will surpass and outstage anything. I’ve asked the Lord a thousand times before coming here,“Lord upstage the revival in 1907.

Upstage every visitation and every friend I’ve heard from lately they say we’re praying to God to give you a visitation in Sunderland, that time won’t be wasted. That your words won’t fall to the ground. That God is surely going to visit you. God is going to fight for you. The battle is the Lord’s and the Lord is on our side. And this is not just ‘happenstance’. This is something that was in the mind of God before man could even think about it. For man has no ingenuity to bring all this about.

We’re here tonight to be the forerunners and the ones who strike the match. Sister Lois said something about sending his servants to strike the match. Well if I’m no more than just someone who strikes the match that’s fine with me, just so the flame will move and burn all over the UK. All over the USA and all over the countries. Europe is waiting!

There are places in Europe that have never really seen revival and France is getting hungry enough for the Lord to catch them on the blind side and move through France and their hardness against the gospel is going to soften up. The hardness against the gospel will soften when they see Christ in you. One glimpse of His dear face in you, all sorrow will be erased and we’ll bravely run the race when we see Jesus in each other. Amen!

So I thought it might be good if I just shared a few things , not because it happened to me, but because it establishes a principle of The Angel of God’s Presence. This revival that we’re speaking of tonight is a revival accompanied with the conscious presence of The Angel of The Lord.

Now all through the word of God, God sent an Angel, with Moses, it says, Moses spoke face to face with God,but we know that, it’s not exactly a contradiction, but no man has seen God at any time, so Moses really didn’t see His face. It goes on to explain how much of God he was able to see. But there are different degrees and different kinds of, and different levels, I should say that represent the conscious presence of God and the Angel of His Presence. You know I never knew much about this. I’ve experienced the Angel of His Presence almost all my life and didn’t know what was going on.
And I’d like to tell you just a few things, not to make me look good but to make The Angel of God, make the Lord Jesus Christ look good.
Paul said, “ The Angel of God whose I am and whom I serve.” Now we know that Jesus is the Angel of God, but there are times when God has different levels and different expressions and angels they’re sometimes, God sends an angel that wars and destroys your enemies goes to war and all of that and He cries out to Joshua, “ As I was with Moses, so I will be with you” and whatever He did for Moses He did for Joshua.
Now I’m telling you these experiences I’ve had for you to be encouraged. That these things are going to be happening to you and you’re going to experience the raw power of God. This congregation today is going to experience the raw power of God. The Raw Power of God! Enough to cure cancers. Enough to cure diseases. Enough to cure leukaemia and thank God it can start tonight. I’m already signed up for it and I’m asking you to enlist for it.
My friend Leonard Ravenhill, a very close friend and wonderful patriarch, he’s a friend of mine and he says, “ You know the king of America is sports and the Queen of America is entertainment.” You know I believe in Joel’s army. I believe it’s going to be an army in these last days that will surpass anything we’ve ever read about in the Bible. And this army, the army of the Lord, is going to be a soul winning army. They’re going to show forth the power of God. They can just look upon you and you want to be saved.
One meeting with the Angel of His Presence, God’s angel, was ministering, my associate today, Dan,he’s been a historian of mine for the last 34 years. He’s recorded things that I’ve forgotten, you know I’ve forgotten prophecy’s that took place 30 years ago, but anyway, he was telling me about the Angel of God’s Presence in West Palm Beach, Florida. We were in a morning service at this fashionable church and it was filled with the power of God and the anointing of the presence of God,
The Angel of His Presence, created an atmosphere so thick they say you could cut it with a knife. It was awesome. But it was very much awesome. And there was a man who came to get his little girl every Sunday morning, a small child, but he hated the church and didn’t want to come into the church, so he would come and stand in the vestibule, whatever they call it, and wait for his little daughter to take her home. Well the power of His presence, the power of the Angel of His Presence was so strong in that place that he could not resist, running, to the front of the building, falling on his face, like the scriptures say they will fall on their face and report that God’s in you with truth. That man was gloriously saved because of the atmosphere, because of the conscious presence of the Angel of God’s Presence. Isn’t that wonderful?
My personal experience with Him really starts back before my birth. My mother was given up to die. Tuberculosis in both lungs. Cancer in both breasts, at a terminal stage. Tumours in her womb preventing my birth. And many an instance, she was sent home by a reputable hospital, Baylor University hospital in Dallas Texas and was told she’d never live near to the time for me to be born. She was pregnant at the time these ailments hit her. They sent her home and told her that she was doomed and I was doomed. Both mother and baby were doomed to die, sent home to die, that she would die long before the time of my birth. Well my mother continued to waste away, but she continued also to put her faith in God.
One day, when it came time for me to be born and sure death for her, she had 2 Pentecostal ladies that were going to be midwives, to help deliver me. So here she was. It was obvious the time of her death was at hand because she was in such excruciating pain and haemorrhaging, she couldn’t speak hardly above a whisper without haemorrhaging from her lungs. So my dad, he was a good man , he was a Methodist, he didn’t know about God’s power but he loved my mother and rushed a few blocks away and got the doctor, the city doctor, in that little town and brought him to my mother’s bedside.
He examined my mother and he was the one who pronounced her a hopeless cancer victim and told her to go to bed but there was no hope for her. Well when he came into the room, the Angel of the Lord had appeared, there were 2 Pentecostal ladies who came to our meetings years after that, they were like midwives, as I said, the Angel of His Presence came and stood by my mother’s bedside and told her she’d live and not die and that I was boy and I would be born in perfect health, and that she should name me Paul. I’d preach the gospel as did the Apostle Paul of old. Well my mother couldn’t speak hardly above a whisper, but she began to break out in shouting and praising.
The doctor came in with my dad, well the doctor about that time, Dr Armstrong, said,“ Mrs Cain you should lie down and save your strength. “And my mother had a great sense of humour, I got a little bit of it from her, she said,“Doctor, I don’t need any strength to die and if I am dying, then please let me enjoy myself.” (laughter). She said, “ You know I’m not dying.”( You know I had a vision last night that I was standing preaching. I never preach without sitting down. But I would feel so low down, sitting down. I couldn’t see you.)So let me tell you this. The Doctor said,“ Mrs Cain, you should have died long ago.”And mother was just shouting above her lungs and wasn’t haemorrhaging and she said,“ The Lord has healed me doctor. I am strong and I’m going to have a baby boy and I’ll name him Paul, The Lord told me to name him Paul, The Angel of the Lord, and he will preach the gospel as did Apostle Paul of old. “The doctor Armstrong said, “You’d better lie down Mrs Cain. You’ll find out how healed you are. You’re dying.
”So he rushed out, he’d forgot, he was so excited she was still alive, he thought she’d died months ago, he went out to the car to get his little black bag, you know they carried things in them then. Now they don’t do that anymore they just use them to carry money to the bank. ( laughter)By the time he got back into the house, I was born in perfect health. Later they took her to Baylor University hospital again and the cancer specialist they had, the best they had in those days, pronounced her a miracle woman, healed by the power of God and certified the breasts that had been eaten away only weeks before my birth, certified my mother’s breasts to raise me.
Now that’s the precedent! The type and calibre of miracles we’re headed for and whole salvations and that’s what’s going to be instilled in you, can be born in you in these few meetings and you’re going to take it home with you. Take it back to the US and take it back to Australia. Take it wherever you’re from. You’re going to take it back! The revival is not just for here, but it will go there and everywhere. Everywhere you go revival will go, accompany you.
So that was an encounter with The Presence of the Lord’s Angel. The Angel of the Lord’s Presence speaks about in scripture.
Well when I was born I remember when I was 1 year old. Does anyone remember when your 1 year old? Oh good! We must be of the same stock then! It was a unique experience, not that I was anything special, but I knew the Angel of the Lord was with me all those days. So the time came for me to be serious with the Lord, and when I did, I was wanting to go to church and my sister, who’s 6 years my senior, she would go to church with me. So as the consciousness of the Angel of the Lord grew, we went to the First Assemblies of God church, a little church in Garland Texas and one night before the Lord was ready to visit with me, just before,
I was kneeling at the altar and His Presence, the Presence of His Angel or the intensity of it was so great I thought I would die and I wanted to go to the other altar. The men on one side and another altar for the women. So I went over to my sister, who was my senior, I was 7 or 8 years old and she was 6 years older and I asked her if she would take me home. She said, “Why do you want to go?”I just said, “I just need to go home. please take me home. There’s something wrong.”So the Presence increased and I was sure I would die. We went outside and there was a tremendous fog. I’ve never been in a fog like that in all my life. We couldn’t see hardly, just a few feet in front of us and so there was a light in the sky and it guided us to our little home. We were very poor people, didn’t have electricity or electric lights so when we got home, my sister and I always knelt by the bed and prayed before going to bed. So I knelt and the feeling of the presence of God increased until I knew I would die if it got any more real or if it was any more intense, intensified, I couldn’t possibly survive, in my way of thinking at that young age.
So I jumped in the bed and the room was illumined with an amber light. I don’t say it was like a burning bush, but it was an amber light that I’ve never forgotten and it was very scary and the Lord spoke in an audible voice and it was so real that I pulled the cover up over my head and I couldn’t stand to look at that light. And so my sister, after the Lord spoken, called me into the ministry, she said, “Here I am Lord. Speak to me too.”That’s how real it was. So my sister believed in me all the days of my ministry and up until the time she went to be with the Lord. So that was the first time I actually experienced the power of God, the presence of God, being so real that it was frightening. So Someone said , “When the Lord, The Angel of the Lord, came into your room and spoke to you, what did He look like?” I said ” How could I know? I had the covers over my head. I was shaking” I was very frightened.
So as time went on, I was being re-introduced to to the Angel of God’s Presence in ministry and finally when we had the great healing ministries, a lot of the men of God, William Branham, Oral Roberts came along later and others and then I joined that group as the youngest minister with them, and the Angel of the Lord would come and minister to me. There was always jealousy on the part of some of the signs and wonders ministers because they only had healings and William Branham, he knew the secrets of men’s hearts. He had revelatory ministry, revelatory gifting and all that. It sure sounds like I’m puffing myself up, but I’m not. I’m trying to make the Angel of the Lord look like something you might take on in this new revival that will sweep the earth, cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. A move of God that will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.
Well, anyway, after that experience, my sister , present and witnessed it with me had more faith in me more than anyone, all the days of her life until she went to be with the Lord. I think I told you that. But remember I’m 88 going on 120, so I can’t be responsible for some things.
There was a time when things progressed and we had big meetings. So after that experience with my sister Mildred, and that awesome time, there was a time when I grew into the ministry more and got older. Then the Angel of His Presence, I never thought of Him this way until I started reading the scripture, Isaiah 63:9, (Isaiah 63 we were talking about last night)….. forgive me if I repeat myself, The Lord repeats Himself, He said, “Verily. Verily.”….. One of the awesome times the Angel of His Presence came, I’m talking about The Angel of His Presence because it’s going to be one of the major highlights of this next revival, this next move of God, last and final move of God. So I’m at a conference of ministers that come from all over the world, a speaker for one day, and so I was alone in my room, my sister had her own room at the other end of the apartment, and at about 2 o’clock in the morning I woke up and there was an angel standing in the middle of the room. It was the most awesome sight that I’ve ever seen and I started screaming.
I’ve had people say, “Well I’ve seen angels and I didn’t scream!” Well there’s a chance you didn’t see the one I saw. (laughter) So my sister ran in from her room and said,”Paul, what on earth is wrong? Are you dying?””No, but I’m scared to death though. The Angel came and I had my knees propped up in bed and He put a hand on each of my knees and was rocking my knees and He was lifting up my hands and I thought if I saw his face I’d die.” She said,”Well everyone in this complex is awake now. You’ve woke them up at 2 O’clock in the morning.” She said, “Are you sure you’ll be alright?”. I said,”Yes.” She said, “Would you be alright if I go to church this morning?” It was on Sunday morning. I said,” Yes, but pray I don’t see Him again.” Because when this awesome Angel of His Presence came, I’d never experienced that intensity, I’d never experienced anything quite like that and I thought sure I would die. I said, “Pray he doesn’t show up whilst you’re not here. If He’s behind me I won’t turn round and look at Him.”
I couldn’t look in His face and I didn’t realise the significance of all that until I started reading and studying about men who had these experiences in the Word of God. I said, “If I find Him behind me, I’ll jump out of the window before I look at His face.” I thought that is strange because other people see things and they don’t make over it like that, but you didn’t see what I saw! That’s all I have to say.
Jack Deere, a well known theologian, who was at that time I believe, the ‘in house’ theologian for vineyard, Anaheim, John Wimber’s church…..incidently today is the anniversary of John Wimber’s death, his home going. There are so many prophetic things connected to make this sound like a real time, right on time, a possibility of an earth moving revival. Just from you getting your fire lit and lighting other fires. Praise God! We were in this huge minister’s conference. Ministers coming from all over the world. I was to speak that Monday afternoon following the Sunday incident with the angel. It was like liquid fire just pouring into my veins, my body and I just knew I couldn’t live, but I did.
So when we got to the meeting……Oh! let me tell you. Jack Deere, we contacted him, he’s the theologian, he said,”Oh that’s simple to explain you know. He was strengthening the feeble knees and lifting up your hands like Moses.” “Oh!” I said. “That makes sense.” But it was really frightening, but when I got to the meeting, the anointing from that visitation was so strong that I was able to call out and minister to 75 or more pastors from all over the world and preached for two and a half hours and nobody got tired. So they said why don’t you preach in tomorrow’s service? We have another speaker but he wants you to speak. Well I said, “Fine.”
I just had more energy than I ever had in my life so I just took the service and the same thing happened again. So there were men that respect my ministry a lot and support me in prayer even today, that a fire was lit in their life, like a fire is going to be lit in all of your lives for you to take it and run with it to get family salvations going and get everything else going. So, anyway this thing increased to where I asked the Lord, there’s indications in the word where there’s different levels of angels and different types of angels, and I asked the Lord for a friendly angel, one that wouldn’t scare me. And you know you can’t believe the number of honest people who’ve seen the friendly angel speaking to my ear and tell me what to say.
One thing I think will bless you, we were in the meetings at the West Los Angeles Full Gospel Tabernacle Assembly of God and I told the Pastor, one afternoon we were sitting on the platform praying in the church, I said,”God has shown me the most unusual miracle is going to happen in the evening service tonight.” We were having capacity crowds, but I said,”You know a man is going to be brought through the back door here, held up by two men. He looked like death warmed over, looks like 7 feet tall. He’s the tallest man in this meeting. They’re going to be sitting on the 2nd row in the first 3 seats.” It didn’t dawn on me there wouldn’t be any seats available around the front, but you cannot out do the instructions of the Lord. What the Lord tells you is going to come to pass! So I said to the pastor, “I believe that there will be 3 seats and these men. He’ll be held up by these men, pulled down the aisle after the meeting starts and the Lord told me, the Angel of the Lord told me, if I call him by name, knowing he didn’t know me and we’d never had any way of meeting each other and he’d would have to know that it had to be God, if I called his name, and the Angel of the Lord said it will be like electricity, like electric current will just flow through him and he’ll, the leukaemia, with only 24 hours to live, the very last stages of leukaemia, just skin and bones and being tall you can imagine what this man looked like.
The pastor said,”What did the angel tell you?”I said, “Well He told me that when I call his name that’s he’s going to be instantly healed and he’ll live and not die.” He said, “Well that’s wonderful! That’s the fire of revival for sure!” So that night I preached a message and I wanted to cut it as short as possible because that would be the paradox. the greatest miracle that would happen to bring people to the Lord. So that night, the meeting started, these two men, each side of this brother, coming up the aisle, 3 seats were available right on the 2nd row. They were seated there and I was so happy and elated that I thought I couldn’t wait, I couldn’t wait to get the message over with and I didn’t finish it really and the Lord forgave me. I wanted to see this miracle. So the Angel of the Lord he’d told me when you call his name he’s going to surge through his body like an electrical current and it’s going to burn out the leukaemia, the cancer and heal his blood and he’s going to live and not die, having 24 hours to live according to the doctors and came as a last resort.
Well, I finished the message and I looked over in his direction and I said,” Brother. This your night! This is the most wonderful time of your life! You’re in the last stages of cancer, leukaemia, cancer of the blood and you’re going to be healed. This is the strangest thing. The Angel of the Lord told me that when I call your name you’re going to be instantly healed. You’ll live and not die.” All of a sudden I was falling through the earth! I thought, “What is his name?” This is what I’m telling you about the friendly angel. I hope you get it. And He said,” You know.” whispered, “You know.” And I said,”You know? No I don’t know!” Almost comical but very supernatural. So I said, ” Please, please Lord tell me, tell me so this man can be healed.” He said,” You know.” I said, ” No, I don’t know! Please! It is the greatest embarrassment of my life. Please, help me.” This is the friendly angel now, He said,”U AND O!”I said “U AND O?” and the man shot out of his chair and he said,”That’s my name! And the power of God is all over me.” He was healed. He was from Norway. I hope there are people from Norway.
This is good for you to hear. He lived for many, many years and he was elderly man at that time. And so those were the times that the Angel of the Lord would just whisper in my ear. And you say, ” Well has anyone ever seen Him?” Well there was a number of other speakers, one of them was Shawn Bolz, and a whole row of speakers on the front row. There was a time in a conference where everyone of them saw the Angel of the Lord whisper in my ear. That’s how real it was.
Well alright! The Angel of the Lord is with us today and I’m asking Him to despatch an angel to everyone of you. You know there is a sound doctrine that everyone one of us has at least a guardian angel. A guardian angel is a doctrine in the Bible. But He will give his angels charge over you to keep you lest at anytime you should dash your foot against a stone. So there’s an Angel of His presence guiding you and leading you like Paul of old, in the crisis of his life, at the shipwreck, he said the Angel of the Lord whose I am and who I serve stood by me this night. So it’s simply just a wonderful thing that in the more mature days of my ministry, which would seem immature to a lot of people, the friendly angel would tell me what was wrong with people.
There was a lady, who worked for the Californian health department and she was in charge of one of the largest parts of the largest mental institution in California. The Angel of the Lord, because He did this, opened every major hospital that incarcerated all forms of mentally ill people and I have ever seen such sights in those places, that you never see a movie about. There’s one called ‘Snake Pit’ and looked a little bit like it. But anyway, this lady came across the platform and the Lord said,the Angel said, her name’s Mary Moss and she has 6 tumours, cancers and she’s been dying for 6 and a half years. Call her name and tell her this and she’ll be instantly healed. Well she was a very sophisticated looking woman and I said,”
Your name’s Mary Moss.” She was stunned. She didn’t know how I could possibly know that. I said,”You have 6 cancers in your body. You know your locations and you know you are dying, but God has healed you tonight Mary Moss. You’ll live and not die.” That was when the angel gave me her name and her condition. Well that led to me having ‘carte blanche’. I was able to go into every mental hospital in California and pray for people. You’ll be surprised, those were the silent years of my life. I just went to one hospital the other and prayed for people and did what the Angel of the Lord told me to do.
Now I don’t want to get bogged down here. There’s so much I wanted to share with you. The main thing is for you to catch what God is doing. We strike the match. You catch the fire. You run with it.
Strike a match. Start a fire. You catch it and run with it. And you light a fire of your own.
Not one person in this building should leave without seriously examining what I am saying about the friendly angel, about The Angel of the Lord, for Paul said ” Of whom I serve.” Cause He’s here tonight. There’s an angel in this place to show God’s presence. Just what I’ve shared, I hope you take it serious, if you’ll understand that something may not be all that evident in so far as God starting a last day ministry here, but it’s what happens while you’re here and what happens after you leave here. It’s what happens to your family….you report, ” Everyone of my children come to the Lord, all at the same time.” Don’t you think revival like that attracts positive things?
God is saying don’t be like we are in America and have your King representing your love for sports and your Queen representing, ( of course you have your King and Queen, but we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about another King and Queen), Don’t let the Queen of entertainment rob you of what God is doing. When God first began to move in my life with revival, I didn’t want anything to do with certain activities. Entertainment was out. Well you say, this is the old holiness stuff that drives people from the Lord. No, I’ll tell you, we’re not saying you have to do that, but if you do that, just think of what God can give you. Think in America marriages are broken up because men love sports so much the wives don’t think they love them, and there are people who love entertainment more than they do anything else.
I believe God is signing up an army, lets put it this way, and He wants to enlist you. You don’t have to, it’s like Gideon’s, but if you do you’re going to go through the land healing the sick, casting out devils, turning them, breaking strongholds, changing politics and healing lunatics. It’s a wonderful thing.This may not seem all that exciting to you, but it’s something I just live with and hope to set a fire with. So I brought a match today and I’m going to strike it. I’m going to start a fire. And started it. That’s the plan.
You know when our ministry in church becomes something that is only successful by the gauge of applause and what men feel about it, it’s wrong! If our worship in the church becomes entertainment, then the audience is no longer the congregation of the Lord. It’s just an audience to be entertained. So God wants this to turn around and when this turns around the unsaved will come and they will see what you have, hear what you you’re singing, hear what you’re preaching and the secrets of their heart will be made manifest and they’ll fall on their face, they’ll fall on their face and worship God and report God is in the truth.
Now this is what the next revival is really going to look like. People are not being entertained. They’re being, they’re witnesses to the worship of God with our worship through our worship of God. It’s not manward. It’s Godward. God wants our worship and he doesn’t need Mick Jagger to help our worship. God is going to change the whole idea of worship.
God is going to change the whole idea of preaching. Not preaching for the applause, not preaching for the will of man, man’s approval, God is going come down by fire. God is going to come down by the power of the Holy Ghost, and those who have committed to this, those who have signed up for an army, I like to think of it as Joel’s army it’s a good army, it’s not a bad army because they’re going to take the gospel to every crack and corner of the earth. Every place on earth.
God’s an equal opportunity employer. He’s going to employ men, women, girls and boys and no restrictions. He’s going to send you into all the world with the gospel. To preach the gospel and to use the gifts of the spirit to scare the devil out of the devil. It’s going to be a wonderful time.
So let’s stand. I’m going to impart of this revival that He wants to send today.
” Father, just as sincere as we know how to be, I pray if I’ve ever found favour in your sight, would you please come and baptise us all afresh with Holy Ghost and Fire. And Lord help us to see our seeker friendly churches have so many people coming today, Lord bring the baptism of fire, the baptism of glory, the baptism of holiness into these meetings.
And Lord we pray that you’ll just use everyone in this meeting today. Just lift them up! Carry them on to higher places and you can use them for your glory, for your honour and don’t let anything interfere with the glory. In Jesus name. Jesus you’re Lord. Jesus you’re Lord.
Mike Bickle and I, if you don’t mind please stand for just 5 minutes, Mike Bickle and I were together in 1990, in April when my mother was crossing over, dying and my mother had not given a scripture to me that she had promised, that the Lord had promised her that she would give to me, a scripture that would affect my life and the rest of my ministry. And so here’s my Mom ready to go on and Mike Bickle and I were standing right over her bed and it dawned on me she had not given me that scripture and she said,”Son, it’s Luke 4:18.” And of course there’s things about that scripture that would be too self serving for me to talk about, but I just pray Luke 4:18 for you.
This is how real it was. My mother drew her last breath at 4:18am. Mike Bickle said,”Paul, look at the clock!” We had a large clock above her bed for the nurse to check the respiratory and pulse anywhere in the room, you can see that clock so the clock was 4:18am. 4:18 am one of the saddest times of all my life and my mother said Luke 4:18. Since then the prisoners have been set free. Since then the prison doors have been opened in Iraq every international prisoner has been released simply because of the apostolic power of Luke 4:18. The time of her death was at 4:18 in the morning and the day of her death was 4:18. April. It’s the 4th month and the 18th day.
So these things have significance. And now that keeps me going. The Angel of the Lord is with us here today and He’s speaking it. You’re going to have everything you need for the rest of the race. Everything you need. And don’t get discouraged because you may not feel exactly the way you thought you’d feel. Your flesh is not able to let you feel what God is about to do.
Now let’s worship Him. As we worship Him, He will honour you and will bless you and He will send you and thrust you forth. Right now let’s reach out and ask him for the Angel of his presence.
“Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, just as sincere as we know how to be, I ask you impart, despatch the Angels of Your Presence to everyone here to start this fire, to start this revival. We call this the striking of the first match Lord. Striking the match for revival. No matter what we see right here, we want to see something now Lord. Whatever we see right now, it will pale anything that’s already going to be working out there as we leave this place after these meetings.
Lord we bless the young speakers. I pray Lord you’ll help us be in harmony with each other, impart to each other, let there be reciprocal blessing between us and it’s so wonderful to be here with Ken and Lois Gott to see scripture fulfilled on this day. So reach out and tell the Lord what you want. If you want to be a part of this end time revival. If you want to be part of a manifestation. If you want to be part of a visitation. A visitation (shouting) of the Holy Spirit that will make soul winners out of you, that will make healing ministries out of you. In Jesus name. If it will work for others it’ll work for your family. It’ll work for you. So be healed in Jesus name. See healing. See healing. In Jesus name.
There’s women who have come hoping to be healed of cancer. Lord those who have cancer of the breast and of their female organs, heal them today Lord. Let them go back with a well body. Lord with all types of major diseases heal them and let this be a sign, a token that they have received the last day ministry by healing them Lord. Deliver them. Let the children involved in these families that are not saved, let them be saved and that right early, let them call on the Lord,call on the Lord and change and see a switch, a chemistry shift and chemistry change.
In Jesus name. Let’s give Him a praise no matter how it feels, it’s happening.

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