Dan Reise’s on going vision – we are grateful for your support with the financial needs of ministry travel and administration.


Dan Reise is looking to God for the opportunity to help believers in the USA receive an impartation of prophetic anointing and power of which Paul was a forerunner. Can you help?

A huge legacy

Dan Reise is looking to equip and encourage the Church to continue trusting God for an unprecedented outpouring of God’s Spirit on the Church and the nations in a worldwide revival.

Paul’s legacy is a huge one and we want to encourage anyone who is willing, to pick up their own assignment to walk in the things God has for them, through to completion – an assignment and the purity of a prophetic gift that is essential for reaching our generation, carrying on the work that Paul Cain started.

And so, we want to encourage Churches everywhere, to receive the prophetic tools, gifts and character needed to possess the promises of God and see a great global harvest in revival. It’s a call for true cultural-transformation and the empowerment of the Spirit of God so we can fulfil the promises given to previous generations.

Is this you?

That encouragement means raising a generation of prophetic leaders and humble sons and daughters that are good at friendship and thrive in community together- a people who know God’s ways and do not get distracted by God’s acts of power as they flow through us.

We urge you to become a wineskin that can bear the new wine God longs to pour out in our generation and finish all that He calls us to do and become all He has called us to be.

May He keep us in His presence all the days of our lives so that as we may finish well.

If you would like to donate it will be greatly appreciated. You can do so directly via  the PCM PayPal account.

For details please contact Dan Reise:
Post Office Box 1177 – Santa Maria, CA 93456 – 1177 USA