Ethel Aratta

Ethel Aratta

Lord I believe by Ethel Aratta
It has been my privilege to see the HAND of GOD in action, and to see HIS BOUNDLESS COMPASSION manifested in a supernatural way. Truly, the Scripture, in JESUS’ own words (Luke 10: 21), which says: “I THANK THEE, O FATHER, LORD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, THAT THOU HAST HID THESE THINGS FROM THE WISE AND PRUDENT, AND HAST REVEALED THEM UNTO BABES: EVEN SO, FATHER; FOR SO IT SEEMED GOOD IN THY SIGHT,” is being demonstrated in the beautiful ministry of the young Evangelist Paul Cain of Garland, Texas.

I am a refugee from that abyss of darkness, Catholicism. Five months ago I was saved. It was not difficult for me to accept JESUS as the LORD and SAVIOR of the cross of Calvary, nor was it hard to confess my sins, and ask forgiveness. Had I not been doing just that for years, and to mortal man, a priest of the Catholic Church, believing that as a servant of God he could forgive me?

Shame, shame on my ignorance! My big doubt was the “personal” SAVIOR element. To a Catholic, the very idea of fellowship with the LORD JESUS CHRIST would have been a sacrilege. Mary was the intercessor between GOD and man, not JESUS. I know it is hard for good Christians to put themselves in my place, or even begin to understand my skepticism. I had been blinded by false doctrine too long to accept this wonderful gift of fellowship with JESUS, without reservations. That I, a sinner, who had tasted of nearly all of the flesh pots, would be honored of GOD in such a wonderful way— it was too much to believe. I wanted this fellowship, more than I have ever wanted anything; though my seeking it seemed like colossal ego on my part.

However, I sought this blessing most eagerly, by attending services every night, as well as all of the Divine HEALING meetings I could manage. I must be honest, I sat through the latter with tongue in cheek, feeling that there were people in this world who could “sell” themselves on just about any idea they choose to believe. I saw people healed, and I saw the same people lose their healing almost as quickly. Being still in the dark myself, this only added to my skepticism. Was I not one of the “wise and prudent”? How much black magic did these preachers think an intelligent person could swallow with impunity? I tremble as I look back on those days now, and marvel that GOD did not slay me for my unbelief.

Then Brother Paul Cain began his campaign at my church, Calvary Temple, in Los Angeles, Calif. This was almost more than I could take. I had little or no faith in the older men I had heard, and now they were asking me to accept a youngster, a mere boy; it was absurd. A year and a half earlier, I had suffered a severe injury to my spine, and was even then awaiting surgery.

Three of the best Orthopedic specialists on the West Coast held out little hope of complete recovery even after an operation, and told me I must expect my back to be stiff for the rest of my life. As I listened night after night to the powerful preaching of this precious child of GOD, as I witnessed miracle upon miracle manifested in a supernatural way through this young man; GOD opened my eyes and blessed me with the greatest of all blessings— FAITH.

Now I could go up in the prayer line. I went believing, and Praise the LORD, I was healed. Brother Paul did not know me, nor did he know my illness. The gift of discernment is highly developed in this young man, and as he took my hand GOD showed him what was wrong with me. He said: “Sister, you have an injured back; if you believe, GOD will heal you.”

Then he touched his own back, and a look of pain crossed his face. I guess I looked alarmed, because he said: “I feel your pain in my own body, that is how GOD shows me what is wrong with you.” As he prayed for me, I felt the pain leave me, and it has never returned. I can do all sorts of heavy lifting that would tax the endurance of a strong back, and feel no ill effects.

Thanks be to GOD for HIS infinite MERCY. Even after I had received my healing, GOD was not finished with me. As Brother Paul finished praying for me, he put his hand on my head and— O GLORY! —I was slain under the POWER of GOD. This falling under the POWER was another thing I found hard to accept, and my first thought when I saw it was “hypnotism.” Our GOD truly works in mysterious ways HIS WONDERS to perform, and I can’t but feel that HE must have found something worth while in this poor sinner, to give me such priceless proof of HIS DIVINE LOVE. This started out to be my healing testimony for Brother Paul Cain, but I seem to have deviated a bit from my subject. However, I feel it adds rather than detracts from it, for had I not had my eyes opened through Brother Paul’s ministry, there would not be any testimony.

After this wonderful experience, I became an altar worker in Brother Paul’s meeting. Frankly, I was scared to death. When he is under the anointing, one feels the POWER of GOD so keenly, it is almost overpowering to those near him. I want to tell you of some of the miracles I have been privileged to witness at close range while working on the platform with him. For several consecutive nights I had noticed a woman with a small girl in the same seat in the first row. The child looked sickly, but the woman made no effort to get a prayer card.

Then one night Brother Paul spoke to her from the pulpit, and told her that JESUS had shown him the child, and told him that she had a growth on her hip, and that the doctors wanted to operate on it at once. This would not be necessary, as GOD was going to heal her. Brother Paul prayed for the child, and instantly the growth vanished. Through this miracle, the mother, who was unsaved, found salvation for her own soul.

Another night, Brother Cain called for ten totally deaf people to come up to be prayed for, saying the LORD had revealed that HE would heal ten deaf people in that service. Everyone heard the ticking of a small watch, and left the prayer-line with their hearing completely restored. Many never enter the prayer line at all, but receive their healing right where they are sitting, as they are told their sickness, and to praise GOD, and accept their healing in HIS NAME. Brother Paul spoke to one man in the audience who had a broken leg, and couldn’t walk without crutches. He was told he was healed, and that he was to accept his healing by faith, and get up and run to the back of the church without his crutches. He left them on the seat, and did as he was told, and his leg was every whit whole.

There are many who say: “How do we know that cancer was healed; we can’t see it? God seldom proves HIMSELF to unbelief, but Brother Paul seems to be especially favored of GOD in this respect, for the LORD has given tangible evidence of healings, which might have been scoffed at otherwise. An example is the sister who went up for deliverance from stomach trouble. Brother Paul discerned her case as cancer of the stomach, prayed for her healing, and told her to go home and spit up the cancer. That night on returning home she was taken violently ill, vomited the cancer, and brought it to Brother Cain the next night in a bottle of alcohol, for a testimony.

Don’t tell me Divine Healing is a fallacy. I saw that cancer with my own eyes and my own body gives me the evidence that it is very real indeed. I could go on indefinitely, telling you of the signs, wonders, and miracles that have been wrought in this meeting. A man I know well, and pitied greatly, had devils cast out of him in Brother Paul’s meeting. He is a different person now, and a very lovable one. I have never been in a meeting with Brother Cain without receiving a blessing in one form or another, and for that reason, when he left us to hold a revival in Long Beach, twenty miles away, I tried to attend as many services in that city as possible. In the Long Beach meeting a small boy who had been blind from birth, saw for the first time. Medical science said this was impossible, that he would never have sight. Wonder what they are saying now?

What a heavenly sensation that must be— to look upon GOD’S beautiful creation for the first time with understanding of the thing one sees! This boy was about seven years old, and he looked at Brother Paul’s watch and told him what it was. Isn’t HE wonderful! One of my own friends, a trained nurse in Long Beach, was healed of T.B. in Brother Paul’s meeting. The doctors told her she must stop work and go to Arizona for a long rest if she wanted to live. Shortly after she was prayed for she had another X-ray made.

This X-ray, along with a statement from the laboratory which made the X-ray, is a matter of record, and the picture and the statement both testify to the fact that there is not a trace of T.B. in her lungs. To go on with the Long Beach meeting would sound like an old story to you, for again GOD blessed in a mighty way— an old story or not, it is one I never tire of telling. One of the finest examples of this young man’s nearness to GOD is evidenced in his altar calls; with hundreds giving their hearts to the LORD, and many receiving the Baptism of the HOLY GHOST.

As Brother Paul would be the first to tell you, he in himself can do nothing; it is the supernatural POWER working through him. Again I thank GOD for calling this humble child to be HIS ambassador of salvation to so many. His burden is for the sick soul rather than the sick body, and rightly so. Healing is the children’s bread, and it takes a simple childlike faith of a healthy soul to digest this bread for the nourishment of a sick body. If GOD, through the ministry of Brother Cain, will reach down HIS HAND to heal and save a sinner and skeptic like me, what will HE not do for those who come to HIM in faith believing? Thank GOD again for Paul Cain, who did so much that helped me to understand— that JESUS CHRIST is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

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