Paul’s Biography

Paul’s Biography

The Life Story Of Paul Cain

When Anna Cain, Paul Cain’s mother, was about 44 years old, she had four major terminal diseases and was sent home by her doctors to die. Also, she was pregnant. Four diseases: 1. Cancer had eaten away both of her breasts, 2. tuberculosis was destroying both of her lungs, 3. she suffered from terminal heart disease and 4. there were three large malignant tumors in her womb which would prevent a normal delivery of her baby. Her doctor, who was a renowned cancer researcher, took a special interest in Anna. After extensive tests, he told her she would not live long enough for the baby to be born.

At home Anna, bedfast and near death, wasted away to skin and bones until one midnight hour she was in prayer. As she prayed, a dark curtain of death began to settle over her. At the same time, a light began to appear in the darkness and the Angel of the Lord appeared at her bedside. She immediately discerned that his visitation was not a vision but a literal angelic appearance. The angel put His hand on her shoulder and said, “Daughter, be of good cheer, be not afraid, you shall live and not die, the fruit of your womb shall be a male child. Name him Paul. He shall preach My gospel as did Apostle Paul of Old.”

Anna was completely healed. The Lord gave her a new pair of lungs, restored her breasts and cured her heart disease and tumors. When the cancer specialists re-examined her, they said it was the first time they had ever witnessed tissue being recreated and pronounced her a miracle woman.

This was 1929 in Garland, Texas. Paul Cain was born in the normal cycle of life and was nursed on those breasts which were nearly destroyed just weeks prior to his birth. Not only did Anna “live and not die” as the Angel of the Lord had said, she is still alive and is now 104 years old. [This story was written before Anna died. She died 60 years after her doctors said she would.]

At the time Paul Cain was born [1929], Garland, Texas was a small farming community about 20 miles from downtown Dallas. It was surrounded by cotton fields and patches of scrub oak, birch and elm trees.

As a child, Paul was misunderstood by other children because he did not enjoy the same things they enjoyed. His favorite pastime was to read his New Testament and take long walks through the cotton fields, communing with Jesus.

“At a very young age I was conscious that God had His hand upon me,” Paul said. “I was a strange child, lonely and misunderstood by everyone but my mother. The other kids nicknamed me ‘droopy eyes’ because my eyes were usually downcast. I was very shy. Even then I was conscious of the presence of Jesus and His divine guidance in many of my actions. As early as I can remember, I wanted to be a preacher.” It was shortly after Paul’s salvation at the age of eight that the Angel of the Lord first visited him. Paul and his sister Mildred, 14, were nearly asleep one night after an unusually powerful meeting at their church when the presence of God suddenly filled the room. The Lord appeared to both Paul and Mildred. He called Paul’s name twice, and began to tell him of his unique calling. Paul was scared to death and pulled the covers over his head. The Angel of the Lord said to Paul, “I want you to preach my gospel as did Paul the Apostle of old. Open your mouth and I will fill it. You will preach the gospel by binding the sickness and the infirmities of God’s people.”

Soon after the Angel’s visit, Paul found he had an insatiable hunger to preach. Since he had no congregation, he went down to the railroad tracks where they were repairing the railroad, picked up discarded spikes and set them in rows in his backyard. He practiced preaching to them with his little New Testament. Every time he wanted a larger crowd he gathered more spikes. One day, as Paul was trying to preach he wept and said, “Lord, one day I’m going to be a real preacher and these are going to be real people and they’ll say real amens!”

Paul and his sister Mildred soon began to invite friends and family to their home for services. A friend had built a little church from scrap lumber in Paul’s backyard. They took turns reading from the Bible and praying and Paul would preach. Mildred recalled the Holy Spirit becoming very real during these times, as they sang around the piano and played musical instruments in praise of God. She said there were many glorious times for the young people of their neighborhood, and Paul became a truly anointed speaker.

“Those were wonderful days full of boyhood experiences.” Paul said. “In my imagination I saw my little group of kids as The Full Gospel Children’s Church of Garland, Texas. It was glorious. I thought I had a big crowd if 10 or 12 kids showed up. Those were happy days. We sang, praised God and had a precious time in the Lord.”

In 1947, at the age of 18, Paul began to hold citywide salvation and healing campaigns in tents, civic auditoriums and churches. He became one of many prominent preachers in a move of the Spirit known as the “Healing Revival” which lasted from 1947 to 1958. The Voice of Healing magazine, published by Gordon Lindsey (now called Christ for the Nations), chronicled the events of that revival. Paul was one of the men who highlighted its pages. He was the youngest of more than one hundred men who appeared seemingly all at once from nowhere with great anointing for healing and miracles. Dramatic salvations and healings were the norm for those days. Paul walked in tremendous intimacy with Jesus and often experienced dreams, visions and the appearance of Angels before and during his meetings.

It was one such experience that brought Paul’s father to Christ during the early days of his ministry. William Henry Cain was a typical hardworking man who grew up on a farm. After moving to Garland, Texas, he worked for the railroad until starting his own landscaping business. He was a loved and respected member of the community and a faithful member of the Methodist church. Even though he never fully surrendered his life to the Lord, he thoroughly believed in his wife’s healing at the time of Paul’s birth. When Paul was about 21, William Cain attended one of his son’s healing meetings. At that meeting the father saw two tall Angels standing beside Paul as he preached. He went to the altar and gave his heart to Christ. Less than two years later he died and went to be with the Lord. He was 56 years old when Paul was born, and died at the age of 78.

When Paul was in his early twenties, the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in Santa Maria, California. “The Lord is jealous for you and for your companions,” the Angel told Paul. “You were created for His pleasure.” At a later time, Paul understood the Lord was calling him to celibacy through that visitation. He began to pray to the Lord, “Then you don’t want me to get married?”

“I walked alone,” the Lord said, “and so must you, if you want to realize my highest purposes for your life.” Paul accepted his call to celibacy although at the time he had no real conception of just how jealous the Lord would prove to be over his life and just how lonely the road would be.

During the great healing revival, Paul’s ministry reached international proportions. In 1954, his manager purchased the world’s largest gospel tent from Jack Coe, and Paul toured the country, filling it with thousands of people wherever he went. The tent held 12,000 people.

In 1952 Paul began to film his miracle services and air them weekly on secular television stations. In 1954 he produced a motion picture called The Beginning of the End. The movie had a tremendous effect on audiences in the United States and was used to initiate more than 150 churches in South America.

In 1957, the late William Branham had an angelic visitation and was told not to go to a series of large meetings already planned in Europe, but to send Paul instead. As a result, Paul ministered in Switzerland. He also held a meeting in Karlsruhe, Germany that was sponsored by the State Church. These meetings were attended by more than 30,000 people each night for one week. At least 1,000 people came from the Russian zone in East Germany each night. The secular newspaper report claimed total attendance for the week had been 180,000 people. At one service more than 1,500 people received Christ. There were many miracles of healing as the Lord confirmed His word with signs and wonders.

During the height of his public ministry, the Lord began to deal with Paul about the excesses of the healing-revival movement. In 1957, the Lord spoke to him about changing the public format of his ministry. The Lord began to deal with Paul about laying his huge ministry down. It had become a religious machine that the Apostle Paul of Old would never have been a part of. The Lord visited Paul and told him that He didn’t call him to be famous, but to be obedient. Paul would have been in rebellion to continue his large tent and television ministry in the same format at that time. Shortly after this, Paul left the tent ministry by a specific mandate of the Lord.

For the next few years, Paul watched in agony as many of the leaders of the healing-revival movement suffered moral failures involving money, sex, and power, and lost their ministries or seemed to die prematurely, or in infamy. By 1958, Paul had become totally disheartened. At age 29, he was disillusioned and burned out. In the midst of Paul’s despair and repentance, God told him that if he kept himself from corruption and remained content with living a humble life marked by Scripture study and prayer, one day he would be allowed to stand before a new breed of men and women leaders. These would be marked by simplicity, purity and remarkable manifestations of power. This new breed wouldn’t be like the men with whom he had walked in the ’40’s and ’50s. They would want nothing for themselves and everything for the Lord. They would be almost a ‘faceless generation”, leaders who directed all glory to God. Unique revival would come through them, the Lord told Paul. When the Lord promised Paul he would stand before a new breed, he added that as a sign it would happen before his mother died. At that time Anna was 73 years old, so quite naturally Paul though it would take only a few years for the word to be fulfilled.

For most of the next 25 years, Paul lived in a small, two- bedroom home in Phoenix, Ariz., where he, with the help of his sister and family members, took care of his mother. He also drastically altered his intense traveling and preaching schedule, instead devoting three-quarters of his time to meditation of Scripture and waiting on the Lord – sometimes for hours each day. The other quarter of Paul’s schedule went to public ministry. But he refused to use the promotional techniques of the past. Paul made a commitment to the Lord that he would never again take up an offering for himself, as was customary for the healing evangelists to do. He briefly pastored two churches. During his time, Paul shied away from personal promotion or financial gain. He refused to take up offerings for himself at the few meetings he did have, and has stayed true to this financial policy to this day.

Paul is now 60 years old [written about 1989. He is now over 70 years old] and has been a part of the Latter Rain movement, the healing Revival and the Charismatic movement. Although these movements were great and strategic, Paul now believes God never fully endorsed them because of the immaturity and inconsistency of the leadership. He believes they did little to direct people toward righteousness, and that God can only fully endorse that which is holy and wholly His. “God is going to have a clean and fiery ministry,” Paul said. “Selfless men and women who speak as oracles of God will be raised up and accompanied by a fiery anointing from God. God is doing something new and it will sweep the earth.”

Though Paul has never called himself a prophet, those who know him best consider him a prophet. He is a spiritual father in a generation where there are “countless instructors but not many fathers,” (). Paul is especially noted for the presence of God in his life and ministry, a powerful anointing in the word of knowledge, healing, miracles and prophecy. He preaches the message of intimacy with Jesus and God’s jealous desire for His people to be holy. We’ve found that Paul’s ministry produces that effect in those who consistently sit under it.

Paul does impart “jealousy for God” but also is meek and winsome as evidenced by the many puns and little jokes he interjects in his preaching. His humble attitude is evident to everyone who hears him speak. He is motivated by deep compassion for the sick and the lost he sees in his meetings. “I feel great compassion for the sick and my heart aches for them as they come up in the prayer line,” Paul said. “Nevertheless, my greatest burden is for the sick souls. I have found some of my sweetest blessings when I have been able to help a suffering and tortured soul to Christ. That one lost sheep is so precious in the sight of God. Jesus tells us in His own words, ‘I tell you that in the same way, there will be more joys in Heaven over one sinner who repents, than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.” (: 7)

Paul has had several specific burdens and prophetic expectations for the Body of Christ today and in the days to come. He has had reoccurring visions concerning the end time, which he believes are rapidly approaching. About 30 years ago the Lord gave Paul a vision that has occurred to Paul more than 100 times and still reoccurs to this day.

It is a vision of the last days when sports stadiums all over the United States are filled with thousands of people. In this vision, people are being healed and miracles are happening to thousands in the name of Jesus Christ. People are turning to the Lord in droves and the whole nation is in revival. It seemed the whole earth was turning to Christ.

Television news reporters are broadcasting stories of resurrections and miracle healings. None of the secular reporters could get near the men on the platform. They did not know who the men were. Paul described them as “almost faceless men.” He hears a TV anchorman saying, “There are no sporting events to report tonight because all the stadiums, ball parks and arenas are being used for large revival meetings and are filled with people crying, ”Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord.”

In these visions, Paul saw these men minister for three days and nights without food, water or change of clothing. Supernatural strength enabled them to continue for these long periods. In the vision, Paul is standing at the crossroads of life and sees a billboard that says, “Joel’s army now in training.” People are being trained to walk in obedience to Jesus. They have learned patience and endurance, have the power of God and having done all, they know how to stand against the enemy.

“They will have the mind of Christ,” Paul said. “They will partake of the heavenly calling and be a new breed, God’s dread champions.” Those ministries will be filled with such passion for Jesus and the power of the Spirit that the host of darkness will dread their impact. Paul said in the midst of the Laodicean church age of lethargy and apathy, that God was preparing in hiddenness an army to pull down enemy strongholds, and go forth in the power of God and have pure and undefiled religion. “He’s going to do this with a people who have stripped themselves and separated themselves from the world, the flesh and the devil,” Paul said. “They will realize the end time is here and that things are in a mess and things at the end time are different. Just as it required total sacrifice on the part of the disciples to begin this thing, it will require an equal commitment from us to complete the task in the end times. Joe’s mighty army, as described in Joel Chapter 2 is the army of God – not a wicked army, as some have thought. They are the ones with ‘feet of iron not mixed with clay’, with the wisdom of God alone, not imitators of other men of God. Some of the superstars of the Church will fall. The Lord will have an army of holy anointed vessels to usher in His kingdom so that no one man can take credit for it. It will be to the glory of God alone.”

Paul believes God is preparing a new wineskin that is consistent with the “new wine” he is about to pour out. Paul said the prophets today are bringing to the church a revelation of how to prepare the wineskin, how to buy gold tried by fire and what kind of oil to buy for our lamps. One tool God is using to birth His jealousy for holiness in His people is the prophetic ministry. “God is raising up several strategic streams, with leaders who are preparing for Him a wineskin consistent with the new wine he is about to pour out,” Paul said. “If we fail to prepare according to His instructions, the new wine will be lost as in previous outpourings, and the wineskins will again be destroyed.” (: 16-17) Paul said a greater outpouring of God’s power and anointing always brought a corresponding outpouring of His jealousy for that which is holy. This was proven in when the first sins after the outpouring of Pentecost was judged by death (Ananias and Sapphira). “We cry to God for more power, but it’s in His mercy that He withholds the great blessing until we can handle the increased responsibility that accompanies it,” Paul said.

“It’s obvious Paul is becoming most effective in ministering to Christian leaders as evidenced at recent conferences. Already thousands of leaders have been touched through Paul’s ministry for righteousness. These leaders have gone back to their congregations with fresh direction and passion to prepare God a new wineskin consistent with what He’s about to do in the visitation of the 1990’s. It seem very obvious to all of us that it was the jealousy of God over Paul’s ministry that drew him aside for 25 years to preserve him from the corruption that became evident in many of the ministries related to the healing revival in the 1950’s. It was a very lonely, painful and discouraging time in Paul’s life to have had such a powerful anointing that touched thousands at a time. Yet God was jealous for Paul’s part in the end-time ministry. The Lord wanted some older, seasoned ministries that would function as fathers for the younger ministries. We’re deeply thankful to our Heavenly Father that He is jealous over His church to the degree that He would prepare for the church human vessels which reflect His Fatherhood and jealousy for Jesus.”

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