I do appreciate those who have been a help, support and encouragement to Paul Cain Ministries over the years, especially those who have prayed so faithfully.

I have now been in the ministry for over 75 years and experienced a significant amount of what people may term ‘the supernatural’. It’s something I believe the entire Church is not so much called to but meant to be the natural consequence of being in the Church. My late friend John Paul Jackson referred to it as, “naturally supernatural.”  Many people have heard the stories of me ministering to various international Christian leaders and government officials, but I can tell you hand on heart, there is nothing like ministering to the Church where there is faith and great expectation.

Paul Cain Ministries

My ministry has for many years (1955) gone under the name of Paul Cain Ministries (PCM) and is now hosted at the Santa Maria Healing Rooms in California.

I encourage you to be rooted in a good, healthy, strong Church where you can grow, be accountable and develop your confidence in stepping out in obedience to the Lord

From my early days during the healing revival in June 1946 through to the 1950’s and beyond working alongside other ministries I have been aware that God is at work in the wider church, there is no “Man of power for the hour!”  My very close friend, John Wimber was a great proponent of this, encouraging everybody to follow the Lord and to step out in faith and obedience to whatever the Lord put before them.

I encourage you to be rooted in a good, healthy, strong Church where you can grow, be accountable and develop your confidence in stepping out in obedience to the Lord, all the time being accountable, teachable and easy to lead. The Lord deserves that you read hard books and commentaries that make you think,  cogitate and ponder. “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” ()

Encouraging the Church

Paul Cain Ministries exists to encourage the Church to fan into flame the gift that the Holy Spirit has put within the Church. I am honored to have two men standing alongside me over the years that share my convictions about the things of God, especially the prophetic ministry and with regards to revival. Whilst there is no “mantle” to pass on, and we each stand with the enabling that Spirit of God gives as He determines, they are nevertheless a great blessing to me and encourage the churches and people that I cannot be with.

I can’t always attend conferences or meetings at short notice, but I commend Dan and Jon to you. They know my stories, they have their own, and their passion is to see the Church move in their own great story that is unfolding around it.

  The most wonderful thing that has helped me over 70 years, without doubt, is the support of so many in prayer.


» Dan Reise – USA
With that said, I am particularly thankful for my associate Dan Reise, who travels with me on a regular basis internationally and has been one of my closest friend and historian for PCM for nearly 40 years.

Dan preaches regularly in local Churches and encourages prophetic teams and groups, sharing the overwhelming conviction that God is about to pour out His Spirit and bring about a revival that will touch every area of society, both in the USA and across the world.

Dan and Alice Reise are a wonderful blessing and encouragement to me and have helped me in a practical way that has shown exceptional love, patience and kindness, much of what I have ministered in the Church in recent years would not have happened without that outstanding support.

Be warned, Dan is a fireball for God! He is encouraging and inspiring and is available to  speak at your conference or church by contacting him at  Dan@PaulCain.com or visit his webpage.


» Jon Cressey – UK & Europe

Similarly, it is my pleasure to introduce to you my dear brother and good friend Jon Cressey.  Jon has been diligently working with me as my associate for Paul Cain Ministries in the UK for around 20 years, and together with his wife, Jon & Kerry have been used by God to bring much encouragement to the Church, and to leaders internationally. He has been a great source of encouragement and support to me personally, and I appreciate his prophetic gift and the wisdom with which he seeks to stir the Church to the things of God.

Over the last thirty-nine years, Jon’s experience in church life with the prophetic ministry has brought him many friendships and interesting opportunities, and sees his calling to, “restore hope in the heart of the believer by providing a scripture-honouring approach to the prophetic ministry.”

In a nutshell, Jon is a gifted communicator, writer and technologist with a great sense of humour and has winsome ability to nurture and inspire faith and bring a renewed sense of God’s presence.

Jon can be contacted Jon@PaulCain.com or by visiting his website


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