Paul Cain Ministries exists not only to reflect on the remarkable life and ministry of Paul Cain and the vision he had about stadiums in regard to revival, but also to encourage the wider church across every denominational divide towards a scripture honouring approach to the prophetic ministry.

PCM have taken the deliberate and intentional step of not engaging in debate or critical response regarding the life and ministry of Paul Cain, but instead focus on the overwhelming positive legacy of his ministry, and the encouragement that it has bought to the church over several decades.

 Thousands of people across the church have been encouraged, stirred, and motivated by the astonishing story of Paul’s life and his mother’s testimony of miraculous healing. The most astonishing thing for many, was the remarkable accuracy of the prophetic

ministry that was at work in Paul’s life, often accompanied by very specific words of knowledge. 

Significantly, the thing that was most important to Paul Cain was intimacy with his saviour.

 Paul was known for his humility, and gentleness of spirit and also his kindness. Significantly, the thing that was most important to him was intimacy with his saviour. It was all about Jesus for Paul. It is not known where the quote originated, but Paul said that he wanted Christ to be the magnificent obsession of his heart. Those who


knew him will admit, he was not about pomp and ceremony, but was a man who had a heart after God and would often seek God with prolonged periods of time in prayer – especially before ministry.

PCM strives to encourage the church and prophetic ministries within it, to pursue the Lord, walking in righteousness and holiness, and to engage in the things that God is doing in this very important and critical hour. 

We are as close to God as we want to be …

We have our own walk with God, but we also have the encouragements and the lessons that we have learned from observing Paul‘s ministry close up, and hearing the remarkable stories of how the Lord revealed his word, his intention and his kindness to so many in church during the many years of Paul’s ministry to the church and also to world leaders. 

In humility we come with empty hands but with hearts full of encouragement, wisdom, understanding and the desire to see the church equipped to become that people that the prophet Joel spoke of in Joel 2; a prophetic people on a mission together. 

 An unprecedented move of God is coming in the church. We will encourage, equip and help all who are seeking to step out in faith and obedience in the remarkable gifts of the spirit that God has given to the church.

Let us know if we can help you.