I knew Paul as a close friend for nearly 40 years. As I look forward to the years ahead I know that much of what I say and do in ministry has been influenced to one degree or another by what I saw and heard from Paul. Paul modelled something to me that impacted me for life – a simplicity in trust and obedience to the leading of the Spirit and an ongoing love for the Lord and what He is doing.

It is easy to get caught up in the ‘stuff’ of life but the scriptures have made an even bigger impact on my life than Paul did, and the bible speaks about having a different spirit. To me that is about walking in humility, faith and obedience in the face of the challenges I face. Those are certainly things that Paul would have encouraged me in, and now, I encourage you the same.

We have a wonderful God who is worthy of the praises and glory of everyone who has breath, and it is fitting that Paul’s recurring vision of the Stadiums being full of those seeking and finding God is still before us, even though Paul has gone on to be with the Lord.

I was with Paul when he died and went to be in the Presence of the Lord, and I can tell you that even before he died his humor was still there, but so to was His confidence, faith and trust in God. The story hasn’t ended, and that is why as the Director of Paul Cain Ministries, I am keen to stir the heart of a generation to keep looking to God, not just for great salvation and revival but for the Lord’s return in great glory.

Wherever we are, this is the moment we have, our hour of visitation. Paul Cain Ministries aspire to visit the nations and spread the good news, God is stirring the Church again – something unprecedented his speeding towards us.

This move of God could be far bigger than anything we ever imagined, and if it is, then Paul was right! An unprecedented move of God is coming!

I aim by God’s help to be both encouraging and inspiring and am available to speak at your conference or church by contacting me at  Dan@PaulCain.com

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