Dan Reise – Sept 5, 1997 (released June 15th, 2016)

Two Churches in Our Generation

In this time and in this hour our whole focus is placed on where is the church now and where is it headed? God has written in the lives of two people a parable of truth for all who are wise to understand. On one side of society and Christianity we see the wonder of sorrow over the loss of the Princess of Wales which, I believe so typifies one segment of the church. She was loved for the excitement she created and for her beauty and attraction she projected. She was ruled by a system which was filled with tradition and witchcraft and was seen for a time as dutiful and naïve.

But like the church today, she like Jonathan loved the songs of David but ate from Saul’s table. She thought divorce was the answer for the freedom she so desperately needed, like so much of the church today; wanting acceptance and money, yet crying for freedom from it all at the same time. In the end, she like many are filled with adultery both spiritual and real, yet still proclaiming that they love God and His people, when as a prophet once said, “they say money is not the issue, yet it is ALWAYS the issue”.

The question is not whether Diana was kind or interested in the poor and in the children, but did she love God? In her death it seems all the world has come to her defense to preserve some of their own standing, just as in the end they will mourn the death of Saul’s house and give presents to each other when they think the prophets of God are dead.

But wait…there is another church laying at the feet of Boaz, the kinsman redeemer, and she is about to be found. She is seen in the life of Mother Teresa – a type of the church in secret. Money is not a means to an end. Big houses, big cars, bank accounts, IRA’s, pension plans, golden parachutes, corporate mergers, stock portfolios – none of these was of interest to her path of life, but serving in secret and finding the power of forgiveness for herself and others was her calling. This church, unseen yet really there, is going to confront on a corporate basis, the church of prestige and power that is filled with itself and its plans for survival when God has written a death notice to it!!

The church in hiddenness is watching the way the world and the church reacts to these two deaths. One was with great pomp and circumstance, much wailing and sorrow of the flesh that can never bring life…because life can only come when real death is found; in the loss of our lives for another…the church of the servant is not known to our generation. We have not seen it modeled here because we have been birthed in the other church. But somehow deep in some is a cry calling to the deep of God’s purpose to serve even the lowly; to honor even the poor; to give hope to those who see no hope; to cover those who have no covering. The death of the servant-type is a solemn occasion with burial in the place of service and friends, not in and for some building built by the hands of men, for men.

The true last church realizes that like Jesus, the real need is not in the synagogue, but in the streets; not by someone who is unapproachable or unreachable, or who only appears when the offering is high enough or the personal recognition and advertising is strong enough to feed the ego for another week.

There is to be left to this generation a calling like no other. One that will require everything and many will not hear. Who can but prophesy, for the Lord has spoken and will not repent, “Behold I make all things new.”

As for me and many of you, we will ONLY be satisfied when we awake with HIS likeness!!! Which church do you follow???