As the Director of Paul Cain Ministries, I want to echo what Paul said of Jon. It is my pleasure to introduce to you my dear brother and good friend Jon. 

Jon lives in Sheffield, England and has been diligently working as an associate for Paul Cain Ministries in the UK for nearly 20 years. Together with his wife, Jon & Kerry have been used by God to bring much prophetic encouragement to the wider church, and to leaders internationally.

Jon has also helped with Paul’s website and his social media and has sought to relay Paul’s ongoing, encouraging assertions concerning the unprecedented things that God is about to do in the life of the Church and across the nations.

Jon’s experience in church life with the prophetic ministry has brought him many friendships and interesting opportunities, and reflecting on that is growing in the conviction that sees his calling as to, “restore hope in the heart of the believer by a scripture-honouring approach to the prophetic ministry.”

He and his wife Kerry have the ability to nurture and inspire faith and bring a renewed sense of God’s presence.

Jon’s website, talking mostly about church, prophets & prophecy is here

Paul Cain Ministries associates:  Dan Reise  |  Chris Reed

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