My testimony was written decades ago, today I would write it differently, but this does give you a snapshot of my heart and attitude to following after the Lord in those days. It’s unpolished, but may it stir your heart to go after God yourself…

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Anna Cain[/perfectpullquote]“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou earnest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations” (Jer. 1: 5). That you may better understand me as I minister to you, I feel it advisable to tell you something of my life.

Strangely enough, my story must begin before my birth. This may sound like a paradox, but without the events which preceded my birth there would be no story— and no Paul Cain. Even my call to the service of the LORD antedates me. I was a child of prophecy. While still in my mother’s womb, I was ordained to preach. I want to tell you how JESUS reached down to touch my mother at the time of my birth, when all hope of saving her life had been abandoned. Shortly before I was born, my mother’s illness was considered hopeless by the medical profession. She was suffering from cancer of both breasts, which had started to eat into her lungs, already badly infected with T.B. Added to this, they found three large tumors in her womb.

This alone would have prevented my birth. Specialists at Baylor University Hospital in Dallas, Texas, agreed that an operation would be fatal. They did not expect her to live to give birth to her child even if her condition had permitted this, which it did not. Then the great PHYSICIAN, HE who has never lost a case, took over and your humble servant was born. Mother was at home in bed, where she had been sent to die. Dr. Armstrong, our family physician, called to prepare mother for what he believed were her last hours on earth. He put his arm around her and said, “Mrs. Cain, if you have any preparations to make with your GOD, make them now. I hate to be the one who must tell you this, but you are dying.”

Mother began to cry, as any woman would who had been given such news. It was not easy to be told she must leave her husband and two small baby girls. After the doctor left — Oh, Glory! — JESUS came. There is little to help us in the tiny black bag the doctor carries. The doctor offered no hope; JESUS brought a big bag full of it. When we see HIM coming with that precious bag of hope and deliverance— Glory to God!— that bag contains the POWER that heals.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]1929[/perfectpullquote]“Blessed Assurance” Seldom have I known a faith as beautiful as that of my own dear mother. She believed. She stood on the promises of GOD; and HE never breaks a promise. Mother put herself on the altar of HIS compassion and prayed for a miracle. GOD heard and answered her prayer.

The LORD sent His angel to my mother who spoke to her, saying, “Daughter, be of good cheer. You shall not die, but shall live to bear your child. The fruit of your womb is a male child; whom I shall anoint to preach My Word like the Apostle Paul of old; and you shall name him Paul.”

Mother was so overjoyed she started to shout and praise the LORD. She had heard HIS VOICE! and her soul was filled with a deep reverence and happiness. The precious SAVIOR had given her HIS BLESSED ASSURANCE that she would live and bear a son; and the LORD had even named him.

My Dad and Granny became alarmed when they heard mother shouting. They thought the end had surely come, and that she was delirious or dying, or both. They sent for the doctor, who came at once, gravely concerned. “Now, Mrs. Cain,” he said, “you must be quiet. You must save your strength.” Mother laughed when he said that. She always had an answer for the skeptics. “Doctor,” she said, “you told me I was dying. I don’t need any strength to die, so why should I save it?” The doctor pleaded with her, thinking surely she must be out of her head. Mother insisted that she was healed, and told them of her wonderful visitation from GOD; and all the dear LORD had revealed to her.

I was not born in a hospital, but in the very bed where Mother had been sent to die. Her faith had made her whole, and by the GRACE of GOD— no credit goes to man— Paul Cain was born!

The three tumors that would have prevented my birth disappeared, as did the cancers, and the breast and lungs became perfectly normal. Mother Cain’s Testimony

(The following is the personal testimony of Mrs. W. H. Cain) On the 7th of June, 1923, my fifth child was born; a little four-pound-girl. When she was three weeks old, my breasts had turned to cancer, one under each arm. Dr. Manning, of Richardson, Texas, said there was only one solution— that was to remove the cancers and the breasts before it spread any deeper. Five weeks later my husband called another doctor. This time it was Dr. Mitchell of Renner, Texas.

He told me the cancer had already spread to my left lung and an immediate operation was the only chance of saving my life. In October, Mr. Cain took me to Dr. Ellis of Plano, Texas. He agreed with the other two doctors, that surgery was my only chance. I didn’t want to have this done. I knew GOD could heal me. One day, a short time later, I was on my back porch, and as I stooped to pick something up, blood started to run from my left breast. This frightened me and I knew it was time to take hold of GOD. I told my husband and my mother that I was through with medicines, and I would trust in GOD for my healing. I said: “God, if YOU slay me; yet will I trust YOU to make me whole.”

I took all the pain killer and cancer medicine I had, and threw it over the fence into the pasture, never to use them again. That night I slept very well, and awoke the next day without any pain. I hardly knew I had a cancer. Praise HIS sweet name, I was healed. I can never cease thanking HIM for what HE does for us, when we put ourselves in HIS OMNIPOTENT HANDS. Dear friends, turn your faith loose, and let HIM do the same for you. HE will, if you will only believe. Later I returned to all three of the doctors, to tell them how the LORD had healed me. They laughed me to scorn. If I didn’t do as they advised, they said, I would soon find out how healed I was— when I was completely eaten up with cancer and died of it.

In the year 1927, I contracted T.B. and had a severe nervous breakdown. I was prayed for, and was helped greatly. However, in April, 1928, I had another and more serious breakdown, and on the 18th of the following July I was taken to the hospital for X-ray. Where had I failed GOD, that this worse thing should come upon me? I was horrified to hear the doctors say that both my lungs were as rotten as they could be, that I was beyond medical aid, and could never get well. I could only believe that GOD was testing my faith, and I prayed more fervently, and trusted more fully than ever that HE would heal me again. In the year 1929, my breasts began to swell, and my husband was afraid the cancers had returned. My breasts had been perfectly normal after my healing, and now the doctors said they were again cancerous.

I was pregnant at this time, and as well as the cancers they found three tumors in my womb, which would prevent the birth of the child I was expecting in a very short time. I was not told of my condition, but they told my husband. I was sent home and told not to worry. My nurse, Mrs. Baxter, went to see my personal physician, Dr. Armstrong. She told him of my condition. He was to look after me until it was time for the baby to be born, and perhaps he would be able to save the child. There was no hope for me. The hospital doctors told Dr. Armstrong to prepare my husband and family, so that my death would not come as too much of a shock to them. That is what they said, but it wasn’t what my sweet JESUS said. Bless HIS HOLY NAME.

The night before the little preacher was born, my mother told me all that the doctors had said. I cried out to the LORD, for I had two little daughters to leave in this wicked world. I told HIM I had nothing to fear, I was saved and I was prepared to go; if it be HIS will to take me. If HE was ready for me, I was waiting. I put my little ones on the altar of HIS MERCY. I didn’t have to go to bed, I had been there for the better part of eighteen months. Then midnight came. I love to pray at midnight, for it was in that hour that GOD opened the door and let HIS bound servant out. The LORD JESUS sent His angel to me that midnight who said:— “Daughter, be of good cheer. You shall not die, but shall live to bear your child.

The fruit of your womb is a male child; whom I shall anoint to preach My Word like the Apostle Paul of old; and you shall name him Paul.” I cannot tell you how I felt, it was too deeply spiritual for any poor words of mine to describe. To witness the angel of the LORD standing at my bedside, and to hear the voice of my PRECIOUS SAVIOUR speaking to me through him. The next morning I told my husband and my mother of the angel’s visit, and what the LORD had revealed to me. I told them I would not go to the hospital or even have a doctor. My HEAVENLY PHYSICIAN was going to undertake, what need had I for a mortal doctor? I believed that GOD would do just as HE had said, so I told my husband to send for two of my friends, two Pentecostal ladies who were on fire for GOD. They were the only ones in Garland at the time; there are many now.

I told him the LORD would take care of me and the baby, and if the sisters would just dress him, that would be all the help I would need. Mother knew it was time for me to be delivered, and she told Mr. Cain, who sent for the doctor. I didn’t want him, but he called him anyway. I was sorry for that doctor, he was scared almost to death. He told me if I had any preparations to make with the LORD, to make them, because I was dying. I told him the CHRIST of my soul had spoken to me, and told me I was not going to die. The doctor said I was dying and had lost my mind. That doctor didn’t know my GOD. I was sitting up in bed shouting and praising the LORD, and the doctor told my husband to make me lie down,

I told him I was waiting for the two Pentecostal sisters, and if I was dying I might as well sit up and enjoy myself. Then the doctor lost his temper. The sisters had just come in, and I told him I would lie down, and he could go back to his office, unless he wanted to stay and pray with us. He did not. Then— the miracle happened! With little or no effort on my part, the little Preacher was born. The people of Garland knew he had arrived by his shout. When Paul was four weeks old, I went back to Baylor hospital for a checkup. They wanted to know what had become of my tumors. Dr. Lucas, a cancer specialist from St. Louis, Mo., made tests and said I had as healthy a pair of breasts as he had ever examined.

The staff doctors said my lungs were as clear as a bell, and all trace of cancer had completely vanished. Little Paul was a healthy, normal baby. I am now sixty-five years of age, and still healed, praise GOD. At the time of this writing my Evangelist son is twenty-two years of age, and GOD is using him in a greater way than ever I dared hope for. HE is doing just as HE said HE would. Praise my sweet JESUS, HE is the same yesterday, today and forever. I give this testimony with deep reverence and gratitude, for the glory of GOD, and with honor and praise to my soon-coming King, JESUS CHRIST.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]HEARTACHE[/perfectpullquote]
“The Lord Giveth And The Lord Taketh Away” My parents have known heartaches and much tribulation. Before my birth, five daughters were born to them. Three of them died before they reached the age of one year, and all of their deaths occurred in the same month of the year, the month of JULY. The fact of their dying in the same month has always seemed tremendously significant to me. GOD has never revealed to me the reason for this. I often think it was to test my mother’s faith and to strengthen it in preparation for the wonderful blessing HE had in store for her. It was a severe test, too, and almost more than my poor little Mother could bear. Mother— GOD love her— took it like the brave soldier of CHRIST that she is, and bowing her head, said: “Heavenly Father, not my will, but Thine be done.”

I can remember her telling me of these tragic losses. I can see her now, as we sat together on the divan, the sadness in her voice as she told me the story of how my three sisters went to be with JESUS. I can see the tears streaming down her sweet face because the LORD had seen fit to take her darlings at such an early age. After the deaths of these little ones, two more girls were born. They are both living, and grown to healthy, happy womanhood.

The older one has been married many years and has a large family. The younger was recently married, and her husband is in the Armed Forces. This brings me to the year 1929, when, as mother would say, the little preacher was born. That was the year of my mother’s wonderful deliverance. I think it should be her life story, rather than my own, that should be written. I know when that great day arrives, it will be mother to whom GOD will say: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]A YOUNG BOY[/perfectpullquote]““Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he may give it you.” (John 15: 16.)

I have always known that I was born for the sole purpose of helping others. It was not by chance, it was ordained— foreordained of GOD. My parents long before and long after my birth were very poor. I did not have the things other boys had— by that I mean the material things. This never bothered me too much. I was aware of having something the other boys lacked. I had the joy, the peace, the happiness that comes of having the LORD JESUS CHRIST deep in one’s heart.

This is a peace the unbeliever cannot understand. A peace, not of the mind, but of the soul. It is that beautiful tranquility of mind, heart and spirit. It is Heaven sent, when the PRINCE OF PEACE comes to dwell in your heart and life. I knew, too, that worldly pleasures were not for me, and I wanted no part of them. I have never sought the ungodly fun the youth of today call pleasure, and I am sorry for the young people who are tempted by these so-called “good times.” If they could only see JESUS, these worldly pleasures would seem so futile, so insignificant. Oh my GOD, when I look at humanity today! When I see young people rushing around to those hellish cocktail bars, theaters, honky-tonks, gambling houses, and worse!

The teenage boys and girls, walking along the street smoking, blowing the smoke of defiance in the face of GOD while they serve the devil. They go from one noisy cafe to another, always seeking a new form of amusement, a new “thrill,” they call it. Oh, my GOD, if they could only see my JESUS! They would want to be at home on their knees looking up into His dear face rather than watching all the movies or television the world has to offer. From the bottom of my heart I pray: FATHER, forgive them, for they know not what they do. At a very early age I was conscious that GOD had laid HIS HAND upon me. I was a strange child, lonely and misunderstood by nearly everyone but my mother. For this reason I was and in many ways I guess I still am a mother’s boy.

I had little in common with other children. I wasn’t a “sissy,” just a solitary sort of kid, and the usual childish pastimes didn’t appeal to me. I love people, and enjoy being with them. Unfortunately, that same lack of understanding persists to this day, and often it makes the most ordinary social contacts difficult for me. My greatest joy was being shut in with GOD. I knew when I took my little problems to HIM that HE and HE alone understood my foolish heart. I often wonder if in later years, no matter how hard we strive to walk in HIS WAY, if we ever again approach that divine intimacy with JESUS, that sublime nearness HE instills in the soul of a child. The blind unquestioning faith of the little ones is a beautiful and precious thing. “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” Take heed to these words, dear Christian parents, I beg of you. Don’t deny your children the heavenly privilege of friendship with JESUS.

Chapter 5. “Train a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Prov. 22: 6.) At the age of six I started school, and it disappointed me. They didn’t like me at school, they didn’t like me at all. The thing that hurt the most was the attitude of the other boys. Because I didn’t care for football, or for that matter, any other form of sports, the boys looked upon me as some sort of odd character, a person apart. I guess I was “odd” to them, for at every opportunity I had my face buried in my little Testament. I was always trying to learn more about JESUS.

They nicknamed me “Droopy Eyes,” because my eyes were usually downcast. I was very shy. Droopy, Droopy Eyes— that was all I heard, and just about the only name I had. They wanted nothing to do with such a quiet boy, and the little girls never did like me. I recall one little girl turning on me, for no reason at all. I hadn’t done a thing to her; I had just looked at her. I didn’t say a word. I guess she didn’t understand my look because she spit in my face. I didn’t like that at all, and I told the teacher. That young lady got a spanking. I felt real good about that spanking, even if I did have a heart full of love. I just didn’t appreciate her misunderstanding me.

I failed in nearly all of my studies, and only one year did I make even passing grades. This was due to the fact that the teacher liked me, and let me read my Bible in class. I think I studied a little that year, to show my appreciation. Oh me, I had a hard time of it! Most of the teachers disliked me, and I was spanked on the least provocation. I didn’t like school, nor did I get anything out of it. As soon as school was over, I would rush home. I didn’t always take my books, either. I wasn’t going to study, so why bother?

School and I simply did not see eye to eye, and for that reason my education is anything but a good one. All the knowledge I have GOD has given me. GOD said unto Moses: “Now therefore go: and 1 will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say.” In like manner has my sweet JESUS done unto me. Bless HIS HOLY NAME. When I was eight years of age I was converted; I was saved. Let me tell you about my born-again experience, for it is very dear to my heart.

Our family attended the First Baptist Church of Garland, Texas. That was fourteen years ago, and the love of GOD was very real to me even then. The pastor gave an altar call, and with tears streaming down my face I made my way to the altar. I felt as though my heart would burst within me, and all I could do was cry and pray, and pray and cry. Suddenly I stopped crying and I experienced the most wonderful sensation a child can ever know. I “felt” JESUS come into my heart, and HE has been there to this day. Only eight years of age, but I knew what had happened to me. HE is real, so very real. I felt HIM then, as I feel HIM now; deep within me as I tell my story. I began to cry again, and I was so sorry for my sins.

Perhaps they were small sins in the eyes of man, but you will never know how big they were to me, and possibly just as big in the sight of GOD. I prayed until I knew HE had forgiven me, that I was saved. It was so beautiful, and I felt so good, I started to cry all over again.

There was another boy saved at the same time, and as we left the church he asked me to go to the movies with him. I said, “Leon, I’m not going to another show, not ever. JESUS is in my heart, and I know if I go now it will be a sin, and I will go to hell.” He told me I was foolish, that it wasn’t a sin unless we went on Sunday, but it was all right to go during the week. The old devil never overlooks a chance, even with a boy of eight. I had read in my little Bible of how Satan had tempted JESUS, and I knew the old devil was trying to do the same thing to me. No, I wouldn’t go, even during the week. I always knew I was not an ordinary child, that is in a spiritual sense. Even then I was conscious of a supernatural POWER guiding all of my actions.

As early as I can remember, I wanted to be a preacher. I used to drive stakes into the ground and “make believe” they were people. I preached to them, but I never could get an AMEN out of that crowd. They were almost as bad as our modern church people today when it comes to saying AMEN. I was soon to realize my ambition to preach. A few years later, when I was twelve years of age.— Glory to GOD— I had my own little church.


[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]THE CHILD PREACHER[/perfectpullquote]
“A little child shall lead them.” (Isa. 11: 6.) When I returned from school one day, I found my little playmate hammering away at some old boards someone had given us. He was building me a church, a little church all my own. I shouldn’t say little, that was the biggest church I ever pastored. He told me when I left home that morning that he was making something for me, and would have it finished when I got home and— Praise the LORD— there it was.

I got there just in time to drive a few nails, so I could honestly say I had helped build it. There was the problem of painting it, but GOD was good to us. A dear sister who lived with us, I called her Aunt Addie, though she was not related to us, gave me thirty-five cents to buy some whitewash. I cried like a baby. That was the most money I had ever had at one time in my life. We bought the whitewash and we had it painted for the service that night, but I don’t think I shall ever forget the smell of whitewash in my first service.

I was so happy! Think of it— a real church, and with paint on it!

Now I would have a place to hold meetings and to teach my little Bible class, which up to this time I had taught in the back yard. I shall always remember how eagerly those children sought the WORD of GOD. How happy they were when they could give the correct book, chapter, and verse of any given Scripture. Can anything on earth be more touching than the simple faith of a child? GOD grant that I might find such faith in my Evangelistic campaigns as I found as a child “PREACHER” in my little church. If this could be, then would we indeed “move mountains.”

That night I held my first service. What a crowd! My parents, my friends, my sister’s friends, and— here comes trouble— my Granny. I would much rather my Granny had stayed in the house and gone to bed early. I didn’t want her at the service. Do you want to know why? Well, I was one of those modern and sophisticated preachers. Had I not reached the ripe old age of twelve? Yet for all of my fine sophistication I was afraid. I was afraid of tongues, afraid of people who spoke in tongues and shouted and jumped around.

My Granny did all three of these things, and I was scared. I didn’t want her there; she frightened me.

Nevertheless, Granny never missed a service. She wanted to be with her “Buzzy” (she always called me Buzzy) and to the services she came. We sang songs, and I played a little mandolin, the only musical instrument we had, and everyone became very happy. Sometimes I wished we were not quite so happy, because Granny got happy too, and began to dance in the Spirit and to speak in tongues. That was always the close of the service, because I would take off. I was afraid of the POWER my Granny had.

Those were wonderful days, full of happy boyhood experiences. I pastored the “FULL GOSPEL CHILDREN’S CHURCH” of Garland, Texas, and it was glorious.

I had, or so I thought at the time, the biggest church in the world, though it seated at most fifteen people. I thought I had a big crowd if I had ten or twelve. Those were the happy days. We sang and praised GOD and had a precious time, until Granny started speaking in tongues. That broke up the meeting for the preacher. I was just plain scared, and I didn’t lose this fear until I too spoke in tongues.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]DRAWING NEAR TO GOD [/perfectpullquote]
“But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare all thy works.” (Psalm 73: 28.) As I grew older, I felt myself drawing nearer to GOD. I cared less and less for the pleasures of the world. I found the best hours of my life were the ones in which I walked down a quiet street, or a lonely country road with HIM. There was no one to hear me as I cried aloud and poured out my heart to JESUS.

I have walked miles along these deserted roads, leaving the house quietly, not wanting anyone to go with me. Sometimes mother would see me leaving the house, and I would tell her I was going out to pray, and would be back in a little while. I’m afraid my “little while” often stretched into hours, when I felt the sweet POWER of GOD upon me. I walked and walked, unconscious of time or place, as I told JESUS how much I loved HIM. How I wanted above all else to know and do HIS WILL for me. He had not yet spoken to me in an audible voice— and while I knew I had a supernatural call I did not know in which of the LORD’S fields I had been chosen to serve.

On my return from these walks, one would think I would be exhausted, but I was not. My body tingled with a glorious new strength, and my heart was filled to overflowing with peace and happiness. I would go to bed and thank GOD for all of HIS goodness to me and for the priceless privilege of being alone with JESUS. I would think over the many wonderful manifestations of HIS love that I had been allowed to witness in my few short years on earth. I had already had one divine healing or I might be blind in one eye today.

When I was a very small boy, one of my playmates threw dirt in my eye. It became badly infected, and the doctors said it would have to be removed. The prayer of faith was said for my eye and it became every whit whole. How very fortunate are the poor who, because of their simple faith, are able to call upon the great PHYSICIAN to heal their bodies! Many rich in worldly riches, because of sin in their lives, are unable to pay HIS price.

My family has always believed that I had a supernatural call to GOD’S service, because of the miraculous appearance of HIS angel at the time of my birth. It has always been the talk of the town. Rev. Odum of Dallas, Texas, who is now pastor of the church in Dallas, was there at the time of my birth. She knows all about how the LORD spoke to my mother.

The little town of Garland knew it had witnessed a miracle.

That was one of the greatest things that ever happened there. My mother’s healing, and my being born, after the doctors had given her up to die, a hopeless case. This may be boring to some of you who read it, but to me it never grows old, nor does repeating it ever fail to stimulate my faith and love of GOD.

We all like to tell of our spiritual experiences, and to witness for the LORD. Unfortunately, most people don’t begin to appreciate them. We all need to get closer to GOD, to see and treasure the great blessings HE gives us in the church today.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]HEARING GOD’S VOICE. [/perfectpullquote]
“I Hear The Audible Voice Of Christ” “Preach the Word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.” (2 Tim. 4: 2.) Now for the most glorious experience of my life— and the most fearful one. I had just returned from a Full Gospel Pentecostal service.

I am proud of Pentecost, proud of the fact that I am just a country “hick” who has sense enough to love GOD and want everything HE has for me. On returning home, after praying at the altar for a long time, I had the strangest feeling I had ever known in my life.

I went to bed with the sensation of being in the world, but not of it. I knelt at my bedside and prayed again. There seemed to be a supernatural aura around me, and the strange feeling increased. I didn’t know what was taking place. I got into bed, but I couldn’t sleep. An overpowering sense of awe seemed to grip me. This lasted for about fifteen minutes— then every nerve and muscle in my body became paralyzed.

Then I started to tremble violently, for, Glory to GOD, I tremble when I think of it. From out of nowhere JESUS spoke to me. “PAUL, PAUL,” HE said, “I WANT YOU TO PREACH MY WORD IN THE SPIRIT OF THE APOSTLE PAUL OF OLD. OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND I WILL FILL IT.”

That was the most terrifying experience I have ever known, and by far the sweetest. I wish I could describe HIS voice to you, but I lack words descriptive enough to do IT justice. It was awe inspiring and tremendous. IT was like a mighty organ, yet as tender as a mother’s, and as gentle as a child’s. I couldn’t speak.

All I could do was shake. I shook until I thought the very house shook with me. People have said to me, and it is blasphemy to hear them say it, “I wish GOD would speak to me. It would be so wonderful, I wouldn’t be frightened.” You think not? Just wait until HE does speak to you.

The VOICE of GOD is so powerful mortal man can hardly stand up under IT. “GOD THUNDERETH MARVELOUSLY WITH HIS VOICE; GREAT THINGS DOETH HE, WHICH WE CANNOT COMPREHEND.” (Job 37: 5.) I was only a boy of fourteen when GOD first spoke to me; and told me what I was to do. Many times after that I would feel this strange POWER around me.

I would drop to my knees and pray: “Oh GOD, please don’t speak to me again, not now, not when I’m alone. Please wait until I’m in a crowd.” I recall one time in Ponca City, Oklahoma, I was on my knees praying, and I knew HE was about to speak to me. “GOD,” I said, “I know YOU are going to speak to me again. Please don’t do it. It is more than I can bear.” I thought it would drive me out of my mind.

The OMNIPOTENT CHRIST, speaking to a human being! I tell you, it is almost more than one can stand. You have to have a supernatural POWER in your body before you can hear GOD, before you can listen to HIS VOICE. Don’t make little of this; don’t take it lightly. You think you would be so happy you would shout “GLORY HALLELUJAH!” if JESUS spoke to you.

I tell you it is something to be very reverent about. It is something so sacred, so holy, yet so spellbinding that a man is helplessly immobile under it. Man can’t stand up under the LORD speaking to him all the time. What did Moses do? It nearly killed him, didn’t it? He couldn’t look at GOD; he had to have a veil over his face. I have always been extremely nervous when the LORD spoke to me, and was always afraid to be alone after such an experience.

The morning after the LORD first spoke to me, I awoke a new person. I was so strong. It was almost as though I were no longer human, I felt so peculiar, so odd. I could eat, but I was unable to do anything else. I know it was the POWER of GOD. I have never doubted from that moment that I was ordained, that I was anointed of GOD to do the work I am doing now. GOD has blessed me so wonderfully, and I have failed HIM so many times. I want to tell you how I fought against doing the work HE called me to do. I hope my mistakes, and my confession of them, may encourage your hearts. Some of you who read this may have made vows to GOD, and like me, you failed to keep them.

Isn’t it strange that being a chosen vessel of the LORD, that I should say, “Oh, GOD, I can’t do what YOU ask of me!” I felt as Moses did, so very inadequate. I thought I couldn’t preach. I couldn’t do anything well enough to please HIM. Even knowing that mine was no ordinary calling, feeling JESUS so near to me, and having heard HIS AUDIBLE VOICE, still I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t step out for GOD. I tried my best to get away from it. I cried,

I prayed. “HEAVENLY FATHER,” I said, “why didn’t YOU call someone else?” But the LORD kept calling me. Every night, when I would go to bed with a rebellious heart, HE would speak to me, and I would answer, “Yes, LORD, I will, if only YOU won’t speak to me any more. I will go all out for YOU. I will preach, I will pray for the sick!” But I didn’t do it.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]OBEDIENCE [/perfectpullquote]
“But if ye will not obey the voice of the Lord, but rebel against the commandment of the Lord, then shall the hand of the Lord be against you, as it was against your fathers.” (1 Sam. 12: 15.) Then GOD stopped asking me to do HIS WILL and made me do IT— for I was to suffer many things. Man proposes, GOD disposes.

My Dad became ill and was not expected to live. He was taken to the hospital, haemorrhaging severely, and the doctors said it was T.B. in both lungs. Always a strong, healthy man, Dad did garden work to support his family. I used to cut lawns and do any little odd jobs I could do to help him. We have always been very poor.

One day when I returned from school my mother met me in the yard. I can see her now— standing between two big cottonwood trees, crying her heart out. I shall never forget those trees— and my darling Mother, standing between them weeping. I was scared. I didn’t know what was wrong. My first thought was of my Granny, and I asked, “Is it Granny? Tell me, Mother, what is the trouble?”

I ran to her and put my arms around her. “Son,” she said, “it’s Daddy!” It’s Dad.” Then through her tears she told me Dad was in the hospital, that he had T.B., and the doctors said he was going to die. I couldn’t believe it. Dad had looked so well when I left home that morning, and now to be told he was dying! It was unbelievable. I went down to the old smoke house out back and fell on my knees in prayer. “HEAVENLY FATHER,” I prayed.

It was then for the first time that I realized the meaning of the Scripture, “CALL NO MAN FATHER.” Dad was Dad, but I had only one FATHER. Again I said, ” HEAVENLY FATHER, I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO. I will preach, I will dissolve contact with everyone but YOU. I will burn my bridges behind me, go anywhere YOU send me. I know I have been slow to do YOUR WILL, but I will start right now if YOU will only heal my Daddy.” I went to the hospital, and there was my Dad, looking so ill and white. He smiled at me, and I burst into tears. I knew in that moment that GOD would heal him if I kept my promise. Please— I beg of you— believe me when I tell you that you must keep your vows to GOD: lest a worse thing come upon you.

Then I prayed for my Dad, and I told him we were taking him home that afternoon; that GOD was going to heal him. My sister and I went to see the doctor, and told him we were taking Dad home. He said this was impossible; we could not move a dying man. My sister insisted they take another X-ray of Dad’s lungs, because I had told her GOD was going to heal him. The first X-ray showed the lungs to be very seriously infected; the second— Glory to God— showed not a trace of T.B. We took Dad home. Praise the LORD, he was healed by the POWER of GOD and left Woodlawn T.B. hospital in Dallas, Texas, a well man. In a short time he gained over fifty pounds and today, at the age of seventy-four, he is a strong, healthy man, and he dearly loves his “little preacher boy.”

I feel that I must tell you this— shameful though it is, and a great discredit to me. It may bless your hearts and help you to keep the faith and the vows you make to GOD. I can’t stress this enough. My Dad was healed, and I did not do a thing about the promise I had made to GOD. Why? Because I was just as frightened as ever.

I didn’t know what to do, or how to get started. I just fooled around and made more promises. “Thou shalt make thy prayer unto Him, and He shall hear thee, and thou shalt pay thy vows.” (Job 22: 27.) There is a Scripture for every need and for every transgression, and this one could have been written just for me. Keep your vows to GOD, for even though HE forgives, HE is a jealous GOD. Because of my disobedience, GOD sent another affliction; this time to my darling Granny.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]MORE HEARTACHE[/perfectpullquote]
“For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth.” (Heb. 12: 6.) I loved my Grandmother very much. She was almost as close to me as my mother— she had lived with us all of my life. We used to have long talks, and she would tell me about JESUS, of how HE healed my mother and called me to preach. Yes, I loved her very deeply, and she was getting old.

She was eighty-three, and I knew when folks reached that age they might be taken any day. So I started in again making promises to the LORD. “Dear FATHER in HEAVEN,” I prayed. “Please don’t take my Granny. I promise I will never go to another picture show.’’ I never did enjoy them, but the old devil always found a way to make me go. There won’t be any picture shows in Heaven, and I knew for me to go was a sin. “GOD,” I said, “I know my heart is convicted of that sin, and I won’t ever go again if You will just let my Granny live and be healthy. Please don’t take her from me.”

Again HE heard the prayer of HIS most unworthy son. My Granny lived to be eighty-seven years old, and can you believe it?— a few days before she died I went to a picture show. All during the show I was utterly miserable. I kept saying to myself: “Oh God, don’t let Granny die! Oh God, forgive me for breaking my promise.” The old devil was doing his best that day, doing all he could to drive JESUS out of my heart. I walked out of that show asking GOD again to forgive me, and to keep everyone at home safe and well, to let me return safely to them. Oh, I would never do it again. As I look back on that night it seems fantastic, unreal, for I walked right out of that picture show and into another one. Satan truly had me by the hand; I was helpless, unable to resist him. It was the most ghastly experience I have ever known, and hope never to know again. I couldn’t sit through the show. I was so terribly convicted and burdened with guilt. I left after a little while and went home.

A few days later, returning from work, I saw my Dad standing in the driveway. He was trying to say something to me, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying because he was crying. As I came closer I heard him say, “Son, she’s gone! She’s gone!” “Who is gone, Daddy?” I asked. “It’s Granny,” he said. “She’s gone, son.” Then I thought of the picture shows. Oh, GOD! If only I hadn’t gone! I would give anything in the world if I hadn’t done that. Again I cried, “Forgive me, LORD. I’m sorry.” I was sorry too late.

Nothing I could do would bring my Granny back to me. I only knew I had broken my vow to GOD, and HE had taken her from me. My Dad put his arm around me and asked me if I wanted to see Granny. I thought I couldn’t bear to look at her, but Dad persuaded me to go into the bedroom. He pulled the sheet back and there was my Granny. Her body was there, but I knew she was with Jesus. I thought of how she used to sing: “This world is not my home; I’m only passing through.”

Then I thought of the picture show, and I cried out: “My GOD, what have I done?” I knew only too well what I had done. I had broken my vow to GOD— once too often. Again I say to you: Keep your vows to GOD. My Granny left me one priceless possession, and a thousand precious memories. My treasured possession is her Bible. It is tattered and torn, with a makeshift paper cover to hold it together, but the inside is pure gold. It is filled with little notations of her favorite Scriptures—“ Buzzy, read this. Buzzy, study this verse.”

In that Bible I have the glorious WORD of my wonderful SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, and sweet, intimate glimpses into the beautiful soul of a very sanctified old lady, who loved Jesus and me very much. Her Bible has been my comfort and refuge in many a dark and troubled hour. GOD love her.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]DAD HEALED! [/perfectpullquote]
“Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Prov. 16: 18.) I didn’t think too much about Granny’s death for some time.

It was my first experience with death, and I guess it wasn’t very real to me. Again GOD began to deal with me, and again HE said, “I HAVE ANOINTED YOU, I HAVE CALLED YOU TO PREACH MY WORD.” And still I didn’t go. If we refuse to take the gifts GOD offers us the easy way, we leave HIM no alternative but to make us take them the hard way— to bend us to HIS WILL.

The next trial the LORD put upon me was again through my Dad. GOD caused him to suffer a stroke of paralysis, nearly killing himself when he fell. He lost the use of his lower limbs and his entire right side was paralyzed. I found him that way when I returned from work one night. I went out in the front yard and sat in an old rocker, and started to pray. “Oh GOD, if YOU will just heal my Daddy, I will preach for sure this time. I will do anything YOU want me to do.” GOD heard my prayer, praise HIS name! HE is so tolerant with HIS disobedient children, HIS stray lambs. I went back to the house, but Dad was no better. I was not dismayed. I knew GOD would heal him.

Knowing I had heard the audible voice of GOD, that HE had spoken to me, I was inclined to think: “Well, whatever happens, I’ve already had a supernatural experience with GOD. I seem to have the GIFT and CALLING of GOD without repentance.” I began to think I could do just about anything and not suffer for it. That I could still do the work HE had called me to do. You have no idea how I hate to have to admit these wicked thoughts, but this is a true story, so I must adhere to the truth at all costs. I am reminded of the words of the Apostle Paul to the Ephesians— 2: 8, 9 -“ For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.” I know that now that I am older, but youth is inclined to boast. Dad was just the same when I left for work the next morning.

I had a job as an office boy with an insurance company in Dallas. I had very little education, in fact I never finished grammar school, but I used what GOD had given me, and I had a good job. I went home that afternoon expecting good news, and I got it. When I got home Dad was sitting in a chair. He had been out working in the garden. He was healed, he was well. That was truly a miracle, and my mother spoke very seriously to me at this time. “Paul,” she said, “you had better get going. You had better get started doing something for GOD.

The LORD revealed many things to me last night. HE showed me your disobedience. You must go all out for GOD— NOW!” Again I promised the LORD that I would answer HIS CALL. My Dad was healed; it was time for me to go. But I was still frightened and filled with all sorts of self-justification for my rebellious spirit. So I just stalled around some more. About a year later, Dad had another stroke, and in the same side. The doctors said there was absolutely no hope— this was the end. Again I went out and sat in that same chair in the front yard, where I had begged

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]THE POWER OF GOD. [/perfectpullquote]
“I will pay my vows unto the Lord now in the presence of all his people.” (Psalm 116: 14) I have kept my vow to GOD— I am preaching HIS WORD. I went to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a great healing meeting. The large tabernacle was filled, hundreds of people had come to the service. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was this crowd waiting to hear me— an unknown, a “hick kid” from a small town? I was thrilled and I was also scared. I can never forget that first night in Tulsa. GOD spoke to me that night in Tulsa as never before. As I began to speak to the people, almost as soon as I stepped out onto the platform, I felt the POWER of GOD.

The supernatural gifts started working through me. They were manifest that night in a glorious way. people were called out of the audience— people I had never seen before, nor had they ever seen me. The POWER of GOD was so present, and I was humbled and deeply touched by their faith. I didn’t know what was happening to me, but suddenly I felt the strange POWER come over me. My head would draw around, and my eyes would become focussed on some particular individual. As I looked to the one to whom my eyes had been drawn I heard the voice of the LORD say, “SISTER— GREEN COAT— ARTHRITIS— SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS.” Oh, my GOD! I could hardly stand up, I was swaying under HIS POWER.

I spoke to the woman. “Sister,” I said, “don’t you have arthritis? And your from San Antonio, are you not?” She answered both my questions in the affirmative. “You were not even going to come up in the prayer line tonight,” I said. “And now JESUS is going to heal you.” She jumped to her feet and hobbled over to be prayed for, and GOD healed her instantly. She ran all over the building, shouting and praising the Lord.

Over and over, dozens were healed that night. I guess at least seventy-five or more were healed instantly. Deaf, totally blind, twisted, crippled bodies were healed by the POWER of GOD as they raised their arms and voices to Heaven in praise and thanksgiving to GOD. One little girl, nine years of age, had a little stub of an arm about four inches long. I prayed for her, and now her arm had grown many inches and, God willing, it will soon be perfectly normal. Isn’t HE wonderful? Yes, GOD moved in a tremendous way in that meeting. When He spoke to me, I could hear HIS voice more clearly; I could feel HIM within me. I could stand up under His presence— and this made me very happy. Yet, when the service was over and I was alone in my room, I would find myself pleading with HIM not to speak to me when I was alone— but to wait until I was in a crowd.

Finally, GOD gave me the power to overcome this fear. Now I can hear HIS voice without getting too emotional or upset. If HIS Angel visits me now, I am spellbound with happiness; not with fright. Now I wait in eager anticipation for the VOICE of the LORD —and when I hear Him— Oh Glory— my soul is filled with rapture. He is so tremendous, so overpowering, and I must be honest, I still tremble when I hear Him speak to me. I never cease thanking GOD for the POWER He has given us in the church today— THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]JESUS HEALS[/perfectpullquote]
“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth.” (Romans 1: 16.) The Tulsa meeting was just the beginning. Although I am only a babe in the work HE called me to do, GOD has blessed abundantly, and I am so unworthy. Signs, wonders, and miracles have followed each meeting.

I have great compassion for the sick, and my heart aches for them as they come up in the prayer line. Nevertheless, my greatest burden is for the “sick soul.” I have found some of my sweetest blessings when I have been able to help a tortured and suffering soul to CHRIST. That one lost sheep is so precious in the sight of GOD. JESUS tells us in HIS own WORDS: “I say, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.” (Luke 15: 7.)

After several meetings through the Southwest, Tulsa, and Ponca City, Okla., Dallas and other Texas cities, GOD sent me to California. I have held revivals in Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Long Beach, Sacramento, and Riverside. From there we went to Grants Pass and Salem, Ore. Then a glorious meeting in Denver, Colo., where we were privileged to witness the POWER of GOD in a wonderful way. At this writing we are back in California, for a meeting at San Bernardino. And about the time this story comes off the press, GOD willing, we shall be back in Los Angeles at beautiful Calvary Temple where the LORD blessed us so abundantly in the past. In every divine healing campaign I have conducted so far, I have been asked this question: “Why do I not receive my healing?”

Another is, “Why have I received nothing from GOD?” Let me ask you a question. “What have you done for GOD?” To this question, I have received answers such as: “I pay my tithes.” “I give to missionaries.” “I go to church every Sunday.” That is all very commendable, but “What have you done for GOD?” The gifts of GOD can’t be bought by tithes, or love offerings to the church, or to the Evangelist who prays for your sickness. You put too much faith in man, and too little in GOD.

William Branham can’t heal you. William Freeman can’t heal you; and I, Paul Cain, certainly can’t heal you. But my JESUS can and will heal you if you come to HIM in faith believing. GOD wants to do a WORK in your body, in your life. HE wants to be glorified in a strong, healthy, sound body. But HE also wants a clean mind, a soul filled with holiness, and a sanctified, humble spirit. Some of you have served the enemy too long, you’ve put your trust in man too long. GOD wants to heal you, but HE is a jealous GOD, and will not prove HIMSELF to unbelief; neither will HE heal you to serve the devil. You go to the priest, to the psychiatrist, to the specialists seeking healing for your body. They can tell you what is wrong with you. They have learned all about it in books.

But they can’t be too sympathetic because they don’t feel your pain. Who can be more sympathetic than HE who has born your pain in HIS OWN BODY? Who can be more compassionate than HE WHO has already borne all of your suffering? You have put your faith in doctors, but you still have your cancers, your tumors, your T.B. As a last resort you try my doctor, DOCTOR JESUS. You want only one thing— complete deliverance— and you want it right now. You say, “What have I to lose?” All right, what have you to lose? Believe GOD, be reckless. Reckless faith will get the job done. Reckless faith will reach out and touch GOD. Stand on the promises of GOD, and you will receive the promises of GOD. Have faith— believe— keep His commandments and HE will smile on you. “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him.” (Heb. 11: 6.)

I think this Scripture is the best answer anyone can give to the question: “Why do I not receive my healing?” The WORD of GOD says, “Let no man despise thy youth.” I have been severely criticized because of my youth. I thank GOD for raising up a few young people to spread HIS Gospel. Some of us are just country ‘hicks,’ but we are young men and women who are not ashamed of, nor afraid to preach the Gospel of CHRIST. The very fact that they are young is in their favor. They are not escapees from false cults. They accepted the LORD JESUS CHRIST as their personal SAVIOR practically from the cradle, and learned the Bible at their mother’s knee. From my heart, I repeat the WORDS of my sweet JESUS: “I thank Thee, O Heavenly Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, because Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and has revealed them unto babes.” (Matt. 11: 25.)

Many of you have criticized the way I have stopped the prayer line in a few of the services. I can’t help myself in this. Without the anointing from GOD, I am powerless to pray for the sick, and when I encounter skepticism and unbelief, the anointing leaves me. GOD has given me the gift of discernment. I don’t know when it will be in operation, and I have no control of it. I only know when you come up in the prayer lines I feel your pains. HE tells me what is wrong with you —I hear the voice of HIS Angel— and if you have come in faith believing, I know you will be healed.

Often GOD gives me a vision during the day, and shows me someone who will be healed in the evening service. For example, a little girl who was healed in the Los Angeles meeting. GOD showed me the child that afternoon, and she was almost the first person I saw as I walked out on the platform. She was in the first row. I spoke to the woman with her. “Mother,” I said, “does your child have a growth on her hip?” The mother replied that she had, and was to have it removed by surgery in a few days. I told her to bring the child up to be prayed for; that GOD had revealed to me that HE would heal her. She brought the child to the prayer line, and, true to HIS promise, GOD healed her.

The growth vanished almost immediately, and the next day there was only a small red spot to show it had ever been there. Another case in the same meeting was the woman whom GOD showed me in a vision, and told me she had cancer of the stomach. When she came up in the line I told her to go home and spit up the cancer, that GOD had healed her. About two o’clock the next morning she became violently ill, and vomited the cancer. She brought it to me at the meeting the next night in a bottle of alcohol. GOD does not prove HIMSELF to unbelief, and surely the skinniest hearted skeptic must believe, when he sees the supernatural POWER of GOD manifested before his very eyes. “O ye of little faith!” Divine healing is GOD’S GIFT to all who will come to HIM in faith; believing and accepting it. Dear friends, don’t let JESUS knock on your hearts in vain. Open them wide to HIM. Bid HIM enter. When you do, your life will be one of “joy unspeakable and full of glory.” I could go on at great length about the many miracles of healing GOD has wrought in my meetings, but I dare not lest you think I “boast of Paul Cain.” This is not so.

Paul Cain can do nothing with the gifts, unless the Giver be in him. Rather it is in the spirit of David who said in Psalm 44: 8: “In God we boast all day, and praise Thy name forever.” It is for the glory of GOD that I tell you these things. It may help to gladden your hearts and strengthen your faith.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE [/perfectpullquote]
“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Phil. 4: 12.) I have gone on at great length to tell you of the BIG things GOD has done for me, but I sometimes think we are inclined to underestimate our small blessings. Nothing is impossible for GOD. HE proves that to us in a thousand ways every day of our lives.

I guess every child takes his father’s love for granted, and I wonder if we don’t do just that with our Heavenly Father. We are too prone to accept the “small gifts” as our due. GOD owes us nothing; it is we who are deeply in HIS debt. I have always been grateful for these small manifestations of HIS love, and while they may seem trivial in themselves, they are nevertheless stirring testimonials to His miraculous POWER. Nothing we receive from GOD can be called “small.”

Two examples of this POWER stand out very vividly in my memory.

One time when I was still quite young, I remember I needed some money for something. I always needed money; we were very poor. That particular day I needed fifty cents in the worst way. “Dear GOD,” I said, “I’ve just got to have fifty cents. Daddy hasn’t got it, and Mother doesn’t have it. But LORD, YOU have it. YOU own everything, and YOU know I must have it.” I went out. We lived on a place where we had several little barns in the back; we kept horses for some people. I just walked around praising the LORD.

I had a habit of putting my hands in my pockets, so I stuck my hand in my pocket and started to sing. My hand touched something round, about the size of a fifty-cent piece. I thought it was a slug or a piece of metal; boys always carry a lot of junk in their pockets. I pulled it out, and, Glory to GOD, it was a half dollar. I don’t know if GOD made it, or if HE took it from someone’s pocket and put it in mine. I do know it was there. I didn’t know how it got there, and I don’t know to this day. But I do know it was one of GOD’S miracles. That is enough for me.

Another time I was standing on the highway trying to “thumb” a ride into Dallas. I was in Garland, about fifteen miles away. Car after car passed me, but none of them stopped. I was due in Dallas in five minutes. I had an appointment, I had promised to be there. I had to keep my word; it was urgent. I didn’t even have bus fare, so I couldn’t have taken a bus if one had come along. It was another one of those days when, as usual, I didn’t have any money, and it wasn’t very long ago, either. I stood there and prayed. “FATHER,” I said. (What a beautiful sound that word has when we refer to our HEAVENLY FATHER; but the sweetest sound in the world is when you hear HIM answer: “WHAT IS IT, SON?” Hallelujah!) “FATHER,” I said, “I’ve got to be in Dallas in five minutes, and I know YOU can do anything. I must get there, even if I’m a little late. Please help me, FATHER GOD. I know YOU can get me there.” Oh Glory! I looked up, and there stopping a few feet from me was an undertaker from Cleburne, Texas. I didn’t know him then, but I can take you to Cleburne, Texas, any time and introduce you to him.

I saw him coming at a terrific speed, and I never dreamed he would stop, but there he was. My prayer was answered. He called to me to hop in, but before I did, I looked to see if he had a dead person in the back. He asked me where I was going. When I told him Dallas, and that I was in a big hurry, he said, “Boy, you stopped the right person, because I’m in a big hurry too. I’ve just come from a funeral out this way and I’m due back in Cleburne right now.” That hearse tore down Highway 67 into Dallas at about ninety-seven miles an hour, and I got there on time.

I thought of Elijah being taken up in a chariot of fire. Old Elijah had nothing on Paul Cain the day the LORD PICKED HIM UP and took him to Dallas. All things are possible if we only believe; we have the WORD of GOD for it. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14: 12.) I could tell you of many, many wonderful things my JESUS has done for me, but that would be a book in itself. It is hard for any father to refuse his child anything within reason, if it is possible for him to give it.

Surely, then, our HEAVENLY FATHER will do no less if we ask it in the name of HIS wonderful SON, JESUS. Be grateful for your small blessings, and when you receive them be sure to give GOD all of the glory.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]GOD IS AT WORK[/perfectpullquote]
“Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.” (Psalm 81: 10.) Truly, Bible days are here again! Such days as we are told of in the Book of Revelation. Every prophecy in the Old Testament and the New is being fulfilled. I thank GOD every day for giving me this priceless calling, this precious opportunity to win souls for Christ.

Some of you don’t like my preaching against sin, you don’t like to be told it is “Holiness or Hell.” You say I’m just a kid, and I don’t know what I am talking about. You’re right in a sense, because the words are not mine. I don’t preach from the Bible, I preach in the Bible. GOD told me to open my mouth and HE would fill it; and I preach what HE gives me. I have known the wrath of GOD. I know the price I had to pay for my disobedience. I don’t want any more experiences like the ones I had before I answered HIS CALL. I want my Mother to live, I want my Daddy to live, and I want to live the life HE has chosen for me. I’m going to preach GOD’S WORD as HE anoints me to preach it, without fear or favor.

Many of you don’t like my preaching the BAPTISM of the HOLY GHOST. I know the moment I lay hands on you in the prayer line, whether or not you have had the Baptism. Some resent being told to tarry for the Baptism, and then return for healing. I have had prominent preachers tell me that the HOLY GHOST is not for us, that it has no place in this dispensation, and was only for the “twelve.” There of course I must differ with them.

I, too, have had the Baptism of the HOLY GHOST, so that makes thirteen. You don’t like my preaching? Shame on you. Don’t you know you are not criticizing Paul Cain when you say that? You shake your finger in GOD’S face, and tell HIM that. HE gives it to me, and I shall continue to pour it out just as long as HE continues to pour it in. AMEN! I shall at least enjoy the courage of my convictions.

As I look over the pages of this, “MY LIFE STORY,” I am faced with the fallacy of that title. Perhaps I should have called it, “MY TWO YEARS WITH JESUS.” There is no life, save that which we live for CHRIST, and the years of my life in HIS WORK number only two. Now I have gone all out for GOD. I have taken up my commission in HIS army, and I humbly pray that I may prove worthy of the great trust HE has seen fit to place in me. May HE grant me the POWER to bring CHRIST to humanity, and humanity to CHRIST.

I am unworthy, I am the least among you— helpless, inefficient. I’m just a slab of clay, the flesh GOD created. I am humbly grateful that JESUS CHRIST has chosen to work through me to edify HIS Church, and has anointed me to preach in the spirit of the Apostle Paul. I am uneducated. I can’t preach to you with excellency of speech, nor can I tickle your ears with flowery language and beautiful phrases. I couldn’t stand before you and speak one word, without the boldness GOD has given me. “Praise Him all ye people, for God is real.”