Sunderland 17 November 2017

Sunderland 17 November 2017

Sermons from Yesteryear | Paul Cain

Transcript of message 17th November 2017. Rainton Meadows Arena. Sunderland.

Paul Cain:(Great applause)
“ Thank you so much. Didn’t expect all this. When I came in and saw the mist ( referring to the smoke machine) I felt sure it was a London fog. (laughter)
This meeting is the most important meeting of my life. Speaking, preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, loving Him with all of my heart, since I was 9 years old. Travelled the world and The Angel of His Presence with me in such an incredible way that I couldn’t fail the Lord if I tried to. Impossible. It’s not ever in my heart, in my life to ever fail the Lord again.
This is so kind of you Ken and Lois Gott, after all these years, to invite me here and I’d forgotten about the prophecy, 1987, 30 years ago with Mike Bickle and Lois spoke of that in a clear way so I won’t go into that. But to think that 30 years have passed and I get a call or an email or what do you call it?
Yeah, of course that! (laughter). My memory belongs to the Lord and some things He doesn’t want me to remember. (laughter) so we won’t share them, but I’m desperate tonight and I hope I’ll share what I need to, to communicate to you.Anyway, Sister Lois sent me a communication on Facebook and said it’s about time for you to come back to the UK. Well I never equated, put together the prophecy of 1987 having anything to do with that because I never knew them to be Elim and then I didn’t really care whether Elim or not, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to be with them again. We decided to come and then found out later, before they ever heard of the prophecy, and I hadn’t mentioned it to them and Mike Bickle had not mentioned it until the day of my birthday,1 year ago and so as we continued to communicate Sister Lois said,“You know I’m so glad that we teamed up with Elim! We’re an Elim church.”
And I said, “Oh my!”And I remember hitting ‘head on’ with that prophecy. And I believe that God has brought us together here.I don’t know how this is all going to come together. It may not be the neat package I’d like to hope for, but things really do get, sometimes, do get messy and misconstrued like on the day of Pentecost, “When that day was fully come and they were all together in one place or one accord and then suddenly there was a sound from heaven as a mighty rushing wind, when that cloven tongues of fire set on each of them and they began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit, God have them utterance and there was revival in the land!” I believe it, no matter how you feel, tonight, at this point, at this juncture, you’re still going to experience revival whether here tonight or when you leave. It’s closer to you than you ever dreamed. The Lord is getting ready to do unprecedented things.
I was using that word tonight and my associate, Danny Reece said,“ You know that’s a good word! Unprecedented! That’s a nice word.”Well I love it! God is getting ready to do unprecedented. Unprecedented household salvations. You’ve heard the visions of thousands of children, your sons and daughters and thousands of people being swept into the Kingdom of God like a Tsunami engulfing them, just engulfing them, million’s of people in these last days. I pray to the Lord, “ Would you let me live to see some of that?” If I can just see household salvations everywhere. Millions of young people turning to the Lord, it’s our hope. I believe that is so near that we can’t afford to miss it. We can’t afford to do anything to prevent us from entering into that fullness.

I know Mother’s and Dads you’d give anything if you’re a Christian, you’d give anything to see your loved ones saved, your children……Just remember there’s a Tsnami coming, there’s a tidal wave that’s coming. Remember the family and the Kingdom of God in these days and the Kingdom of God will be glory in these days to come. And there’ll be unprecedented grace. Unprecedented favour and there’ll be unprecedented unity in the church and that’s one thing I want to really stress that God has already begun to show you the way forward. He’s already begun to show you that your church growth is in gear. God has planned it that way. He’s fore-ordained it that way. When that day approaches, Christ shall appear on that great eternal day, the churches are going to be in unity.

There’s going to be unprecedented unity. Unprecedented unity and that brings unprecedented power, that brings unprecedented faith and without faith it is impossible to please God.

We want faith to bring power to raise the dead. That’ll be the common thing in the days to come in this revival, the dead will be raised and it’ll be like major healings of the past, but the dead will be raised. I think we’re not looking forward to that just as a show, but wouldn’t it be wonderful and convincing to the unlearned and the unbelievers when they see that happen, and they’ll know that God is with you in truth and they’ll fall on their face and worship God and report that God is with you with the truth. Isn’t that something? We have altar calls and we entice people to come, to accept Christ and sometimes we get a few and we don’t get as many as expected and percentage wise, but I want you to know in these days ahead that this move of God, I believe will surpass and outstage anything. I’ve asked the Lord a thousand times before coming here,“Lord upstage the revival in 1907.

Upstage every visitation and every friend I’ve heard from lately they say we’re praying to God to give you a visitation in Sunderland, that time won’t be wasted. That your words won’t fall to the ground. That God is surely going to visit you. God is going to fight for you. The battle is the Lord’s and the Lord is on our side. And this is not just ‘happenstance’. This is something that was in the mind of God before man could even think about it. For man has no ingenuity to bring all this about.

We’re here tonight to be the forerunners and the ones who strike the match. Sister Lois said something about sending his servants to strike the match. Well if I’m no more than just someone who strikes the match that’s fine with me, just so the flame will move and burn all over the UK. All over the USA and all over the countries. Europe is waiting!

There are places in Europe that have never really seen revival and France is getting hungry enough for the Lord to catch them on the blind side and move through France and their hardness against the gospel is going to soften up. The hardness against the gospel will soften when they see Christ in you. One glimpse of His dear face in you, all sorrow will be erased and we’ll bravely run the race when we see Jesus in each other. Amen!

So I thought it might be good if I just shared a few things , not because it happened to me, but because it establishes a principle of The Angel of God’s Presence. This revival that we’re speaking of tonight is a revival accompanied with the conscious presence of The Angel of The Lord.

Now all through the word of God, God sent an Angel, with Moses, it says, Moses spoke face to face with God,but we know that, it’s not exactly a contradiction, but no man has seen God at any time, so Moses really didn’t see His face. It goes on to explain how much of God he was able to see. But there are different degrees and different kinds of, and different levels, I should say that represent the conscious presence of God and the Angel of His Presence. You know I never knew much about this. I’ve experienced the Angel of His Presence almost all my life and didn’t know what was going on.
And I’d like to tell you just a few things, not to make me look good but to make The Angel of God, make the Lord Jesus Christ look good.
Paul said, “ The Angel of God whose I am and whom I serve.” Now we know that Jesus is the Angel of God, but there are times when God has different levels and different expressions and angels they’re sometimes, God sends an angel that wars and destroys your enemies goes to war and all of that and He cries out to Joshua, “ As I was with Moses, so I will be with you” and whatever He did for Moses He did for Joshua.
Now I’m telling you these experiences I’ve had for you to be encouraged. That these things are going to be happening to you and you’re going to experience the raw power of God. This congregation today is going to experience the raw power of God. The Raw Power of God! Enough to cure cancers. Enough to cure diseases. Enough to cure leukaemia and thank God it can start tonight. I’m already signed up for it and I’m asking you to enlist for it.
My friend Leonard Ravenhill, a very close friend and wonderful patriarch, he’s a friend of mine and he says, “ You know the king of America is sports and the Queen of America is entertainment.” You know I believe in Joel’s army. I believe it’s going to be an army in these last days that will surpass anything we’ve ever read about in the Bible. And this army, the army of the Lord, is going to be a soul winning army. They’re going to show forth the power of God. They can just look upon you and you want to be saved.
One meeting with the Angel of His Presence, God’s angel, was ministering, my associate today, Dan,he’s been a historian of mine for the last 34 years. He’s recorded things that I’ve forgotten, you know I’ve forgotten prophecy’s that took place 30 years ago, but anyway, he was telling me about the Angel of God’s Presence in West Palm Beach, Florida. We were in a morning service at this fashionable church and it was filled with the power of God and the anointing of the presence of God,
The Angel of His Presence, created an atmosphere so thick they say you could cut it with a knife. It was awesome. But it was very much awesome. And there was a man who came to get his little girl every Sunday morning, a small child, but he hated the church and didn’t want to come into the church, so he would come and stand in the vestibule, whatever they call it, and wait for his little daughter to take her home. Well the power of His presence, the power of the Angel of His Presence was so strong in that place that he could not resist, running, to the front of the building, falling on his face, like the scriptures say they will fall on their face and report that God’s in you with truth. That man was gloriously saved because of the atmosphere, because of the conscious presence of the Angel of God’s Presence. Isn’t that wonderful?
My personal experience with Him really starts back before my birth. My mother was given up to die. Tuberculosis in both lungs. Cancer in both breasts, at a terminal stage. Tumours in her womb preventing my birth. And many an instance, she was sent home by a reputable hospital, Baylor University hospital in Dallas Texas and was told she’d never live near to the time for me to be born. She was pregnant at the time these ailments hit her. They sent her home and told her that she was doomed and I was doomed. Both mother and baby were doomed to die, sent home to die, that she would die long before the time of my birth. Well my mother continued to waste away, but she continued also to put her faith in God.
One day, when it came time for me to be born and sure death for her, she had 2 Pentecostal ladies that were going to be midwives, to help deliver me. So here she was. It was obvious the time of her death was at hand because she was in such excruciating pain and haemorrhaging, she couldn’t speak hardly above a whisper without haemorrhaging from her lungs. So my dad, he was a good man , he was a Methodist, he didn’t know about God’s power but he loved my mother and rushed a few blocks away and got the doctor, the city doctor, in that little town and brought him to my mother’s bedside.
He examined my mother and he was the one who pronounced her a hopeless cancer victim and told her to go to bed but there was no hope for her. Well when he came into the room, the Angel of the Lord had appeared, there were 2 Pentecostal ladies who came to our meetings years after that, they were like midwives, as I said, the Angel of His Presence came and stood by my mother’s bedside and told her she’d live and not die and that I was boy and I would be born in perfect health, and that she should name me Paul. I’d preach the gospel as did the Apostle Paul of old. Well my mother couldn’t speak hardly above a whisper, but she began to break out in shouting and praising.
The doctor came in with my dad, well the doctor about that time, Dr Armstrong, said,“ Mrs Cain you should lie down and save your strength. “And my mother had a great sense of humour, I got a little bit of it from her, she said,“Doctor, I don’t need any strength to die and if I am dying, then please let me enjoy myself.” (laughter). She said, “ You know I’m not dying.”( You know I had a vision last night that I was standing preaching. I never preach without sitting down. But I would feel so low down, sitting down. I couldn’t see you.)So let me tell you this. The Doctor said,“ Mrs Cain, you should have died long ago.”And mother was just shouting above her lungs and wasn’t haemorrhaging and she said,“ The Lord has healed me doctor. I am strong and I’m going to have a baby boy and I’ll name him Paul, The Lord told me to name him Paul, The Angel of the Lord, and he will preach the gospel as did Apostle Paul of old. “The doctor Armstrong said, “You’d better lie down Mrs Cain. You’ll find out how healed you are. You’re dying.
”So he rushed out, he’d forgot, he was so excited she was still alive, he thought she’d died months ago, he went out to the car to get his little black bag, you know they carried things in them then. Now they don’t do that anymore they just use them to carry money to the bank. ( laughter)By the time he got back into the house, I was born in perfect health. Later they took her to Baylor University hospital again and the cancer specialist they had, the best they had in those days, pronounced her a miracle woman, healed by the power of God and certified the breasts that had been eaten away only weeks before my birth, certified my mother’s breasts to raise me.
Now that’s the precedent! The type and calibre of miracles we’re headed for and whole salvations and that’s what’s going to be instilled in you, can be born in you in these few meetings and you’re going to take it home with you. Take it back to the US and take it back to Australia. Take it wherever you’re from. You’re going to take it back! The revival is not just for here, but it will go there and everywhere. Everywhere you go revival will go, accompany you.
So that was an encounter with The Presence of the Lord’s Angel. The Angel of the Lord’s Presence speaks about in scripture.
Well when I was born I remember when I was 1 year old. Does anyone remember when your 1 year old? Oh good! We must be of the same stock then! It was a unique experience, not that I was anything special, but I knew the Angel of the Lord was with me all those days. So the time came for me to be serious with the Lord, and when I did, I was wanting to go to church and my sister, who’s 6 years my senior, she would go to church with me. So as the consciousness of the Angel of the Lord grew, we went to the First Assemblies of God church, a little church in Garland Texas and one night before the Lord was ready to visit with me, just before,
I was kneeling at the altar and His Presence, the Presence of His Angel or the intensity of it was so great I thought I would die and I wanted to go to the other altar. The men on one side and another altar for the women. So I went over to my sister, who was my senior, I was 7 or 8 years old and she was 6 years older and I asked her if she would take me home. She said, “Why do you want to go?”I just said, “I just need to go home. please take me home. There’s something wrong.”So the Presence increased and I was sure I would die. We went outside and there was a tremendous fog. I’ve never been in a fog like that in all my life. We couldn’t see hardly, just a few feet in front of us and so there was a light in the sky and it guided us to our little home. We were very poor people, didn’t have electricity or electric lights so when we got home, my sister and I always knelt by the bed and prayed before going to bed. So I knelt and the feeling of the presence of God increased until I knew I would die if it got any more real or if it was any more intense, intensified, I couldn’t possibly survive, in my way of thinking at that young age.
So I jumped in the bed and the room was illumined with an amber light. I don’t say it was like a burning bush, but it was an amber light that I’ve never forgotten and it was very scary and the Lord spoke in an audible voice and it was so real that I pulled the cover up over my head and I couldn’t stand to look at that light. And so my sister, after the Lord spoken, called me into the ministry, she said, “Here I am Lord. Speak to me too.”That’s how real it was. So my sister believed in me all the days of my ministry and up until the time she went to be with the Lord. So that was the first time I actually experienced the power of God, the presence of God, being so real that it was frightening. So Someone said , “When the Lord, The Angel of the Lord, came into your room and spoke to you, what did He look like?” I said ” How could I know? I had the covers over my head. I was shaking” I was very frightened.
So as time went on, I was being re-introduced to to the Angel of God’s Presence in ministry and finally when we had the great healing ministries, a lot of the men of God, William Branham, Oral Roberts came along later and others and then I joined that group as the youngest minister with them, and the Angel of the Lord would come and minister to me. There was always jealousy on the part of some of the signs and wonders ministers because they only had healings and William Branham, he knew the secrets of men’s hearts. He had revelatory ministry, revelatory gifting and all that. It sure sounds like I’m puffing myself up, but I’m not. I’m trying to make the Angel of the Lord look like something you might take on in this new revival that will sweep the earth, cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. A move of God that will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.
Well, anyway, after that experience, my sister , present and witnessed it with me had more faith in me more than anyone, all the days of her life until she went to be with the Lord. I think I told you that. But remember I’m 88 going on 120, so I can’t be responsible for some things.
There was a time when things progressed and we had big meetings. So after that experience with my sister Mildred, and that awesome time, there was a time when I grew into the ministry more and got older. Then the Angel of His Presence, I never thought of Him this way until I started reading the scripture, Isaiah 63:9, (Isaiah 63 we were talking about last night)….. forgive me if I repeat myself, The Lord repeats Himself, He said, “Verily. Verily.”….. One of the awesome times the Angel of His Presence came, I’m talking about The Angel of His Presence because it’s going to be one of the major highlights of this next revival, this next move of God, last and final move of God. So I’m at a conference of ministers that come from all over the world, a speaker for one day, and so I was alone in my room, my sister had her own room at the other end of the apartment, and at about 2 o’clock in the morning I woke up and there was an angel standing in the middle of the room. It was the most awesome sight that I’ve ever seen and I started screaming.
I’ve had people say, “Well I’ve seen angels and I didn’t scream!” Well there’s a chance you didn’t see the one I saw. (laughter) So my sister ran in from her room and said,”Paul, what on earth is wrong? Are you dying?””No, but I’m scared to death though. The Angel came and I had my knees propped up in bed and He put a hand on each of my knees and was rocking my knees and He was lifting up my hands and I thought if I saw his face I’d die.” She said,”Well everyone in this complex is awake now. You’ve woke them up at 2 O’clock in the morning.” She said, “Are you sure you’ll be alright?”. I said,”Yes.” She said, “Would you be alright if I go to church this morning?” It was on Sunday morning. I said,” Yes, but pray I don’t see Him again.” Because when this awesome Angel of His Presence came, I’d never experienced that intensity, I’d never experienced anything quite like that and I thought sure I would die. I said, “Pray he doesn’t show up whilst you’re not here. If He’s behind me I won’t turn round and look at Him.”
I couldn’t look in His face and I didn’t realise the significance of all that until I started reading and studying about men who had these experiences in the Word of God. I said, “If I find Him behind me, I’ll jump out of the window before I look at His face.” I thought that is strange because other people see things and they don’t make over it like that, but you didn’t see what I saw! That’s all I have to say.
Jack Deere, a well known theologian, who was at that time I believe, the ‘in house’ theologian for vineyard, Anaheim, John Wimber’s church…..incidently today is the anniversary of John Wimber’s death, his home going. There are so many prophetic things connected to make this sound like a real time, right on time, a possibility of an earth moving revival. Just from you getting your fire lit and lighting other fires. Praise God! We were in this huge minister’s conference. Ministers coming from all over the world. I was to speak that Monday afternoon following the Sunday incident with the angel. It was like liquid fire just pouring into my veins, my body and I just knew I couldn’t live, but I did.
So when we got to the meeting……Oh! let me tell you. Jack Deere, we contacted him, he’s the theologian, he said,”Oh that’s simple to explain you know. He was strengthening the feeble knees and lifting up your hands like Moses.” “Oh!” I said. “That makes sense.” But it was really frightening, but when I got to the meeting, the anointing from that visitation was so strong that I was able to call out and minister to 75 or more pastors from all over the world and preached for two and a half hours and nobody got tired. So they said why don’t you preach in tomorrow’s service? We have another speaker but he wants you to speak. Well I said, “Fine.”
I just had more energy than I ever had in my life so I just took the service and the same thing happened again. So there were men that respect my ministry a lot and support me in prayer even today, that a fire was lit in their life, like a fire is going to be lit in all of your lives for you to take it and run with it to get family salvations going and get everything else going. So, anyway this thing increased to where I asked the Lord, there’s indications in the word where there’s different levels of angels and different types of angels, and I asked the Lord for a friendly angel, one that wouldn’t scare me. And you know you can’t believe the number of honest people who’ve seen the friendly angel speaking to my ear and tell me what to say.
One thing I think will bless you, we were in the meetings at the West Los Angeles Full Gospel Tabernacle Assembly of God and I told the Pastor, one afternoon we were sitting on the platform praying in the church, I said,”God has shown me the most unusual miracle is going to happen in the evening service tonight.” We were having capacity crowds, but I said,”You know a man is going to be brought through the back door here, held up by two men. He looked like death warmed over, looks like 7 feet tall. He’s the tallest man in this meeting. They’re going to be sitting on the 2nd row in the first 3 seats.” It didn’t dawn on me there wouldn’t be any seats available around the front, but you cannot out do the instructions of the Lord. What the Lord tells you is going to come to pass! So I said to the pastor, “I believe that there will be 3 seats and these men. He’ll be held up by these men, pulled down the aisle after the meeting starts and the Lord told me, the Angel of the Lord told me, if I call him by name, knowing he didn’t know me and we’d never had any way of meeting each other and he’d would have to know that it had to be God, if I called his name, and the Angel of the Lord said it will be like electricity, like electric current will just flow through him and he’ll, the leukaemia, with only 24 hours to live, the very last stages of leukaemia, just skin and bones and being tall you can imagine what this man looked like.
The pastor said,”What did the angel tell you?”I said, “Well He told me that when I call his name that’s he’s going to be instantly healed and he’ll live and not die.” He said, “Well that’s wonderful! That’s the fire of revival for sure!” So that night I preached a message and I wanted to cut it as short as possible because that would be the paradox. the greatest miracle that would happen to bring people to the Lord. So that night, the meeting started, these two men, each side of this brother, coming up the aisle, 3 seats were available right on the 2nd row. They were seated there and I was so happy and elated that I thought I couldn’t wait, I couldn’t wait to get the message over with and I didn’t finish it really and the Lord forgave me. I wanted to see this miracle. So the Angel of the Lord he’d told me when you call his name he’s going to surge through his body like an electrical current and it’s going to burn out the leukaemia, the cancer and heal his blood and he’s going to live and not die, having 24 hours to live according to the doctors and came as a last resort.
Well, I finished the message and I looked over in his direction and I said,” Brother. This your night! This is the most wonderful time of your life! You’re in the last stages of cancer, leukaemia, cancer of the blood and you’re going to be healed. This is the strangest thing. The Angel of the Lord told me that when I call your name you’re going to be instantly healed. You’ll live and not die.” All of a sudden I was falling through the earth! I thought, “What is his name?” This is what I’m telling you about the friendly angel. I hope you get it. And He said,” You know.” whispered, “You know.” And I said,”You know? No I don’t know!” Almost comical but very supernatural. So I said, ” Please, please Lord tell me, tell me so this man can be healed.” He said,” You know.” I said, ” No, I don’t know! Please! It is the greatest embarrassment of my life. Please, help me.” This is the friendly angel now, He said,”U AND O!”I said “U AND O?” and the man shot out of his chair and he said,”That’s my name! And the power of God is all over me.” He was healed. He was from Norway. I hope there are people from Norway.
This is good for you to hear. He lived for many, many years and he was elderly man at that time. And so those were the times that the Angel of the Lord would just whisper in my ear. And you say, ” Well has anyone ever seen Him?” Well there was a number of other speakers, one of them was Shawn Bolz, and a whole row of speakers on the front row. There was a time in a conference where everyone of them saw the Angel of the Lord whisper in my ear. That’s how real it was.
Well alright! The Angel of the Lord is with us today and I’m asking Him to despatch an angel to everyone of you. You know there is a sound doctrine that everyone one of us has at least a guardian angel. A guardian angel is a doctrine in the Bible. But He will give his angels charge over you to keep you lest at anytime you should dash your foot against a stone. So there’s an Angel of His presence guiding you and leading you like Paul of old, in the crisis of his life, at the shipwreck, he said the Angel of the Lord whose I am and who I serve stood by me this night. So it’s simply just a wonderful thing that in the more mature days of my ministry, which would seem immature to a lot of people, the friendly angel would tell me what was wrong with people.
There was a lady, who worked for the Californian health department and she was in charge of one of the largest parts of the largest mental institution in California. The Angel of the Lord, because He did this, opened every major hospital that incarcerated all forms of mentally ill people and I have ever seen such sights in those places, that you never see a movie about. There’s one called ‘Snake Pit’ and looked a little bit like it. But anyway, this lady came across the platform and the Lord said,the Angel said, her name’s Mary Moss and she has 6 tumours, cancers and she’s been dying for 6 and a half years. Call her name and tell her this and she’ll be instantly healed. Well she was a very sophisticated looking woman and I said,”
Your name’s Mary Moss.” She was stunned. She didn’t know how I could possibly know that. I said,”You have 6 cancers in your body. You know your locations and you know you are dying, but God has healed you tonight Mary Moss. You’ll live and not die.” That was when the angel gave me her name and her condition. Well that led to me having ‘carte blanche’. I was able to go into every mental hospital in California and pray for people. You’ll be surprised, those were the silent years of my life. I just went to one hospital the other and prayed for people and did what the Angel of the Lord told me to do.
Now I don’t want to get bogged down here. There’s so much I wanted to share with you. The main thing is for you to catch what God is doing. We strike the match. You catch the fire. You run with it.
Strike a match. Start a fire. You catch it and run with it. And you light a fire of your own.
Not one person in this building should leave without seriously examining what I am saying about the friendly angel, about The Angel of the Lord, for Paul said ” Of whom I serve.” Cause He’s here tonight. There’s an angel in this place to show God’s presence. Just what I’ve shared, I hope you take it serious, if you’ll understand that something may not be all that evident in so far as God starting a last day ministry here, but it’s what happens while you’re here and what happens after you leave here. It’s what happens to your family….you report, ” Everyone of my children come to the Lord, all at the same time.” Don’t you think revival like that attracts positive things?
God is saying don’t be like we are in America and have your King representing your love for sports and your Queen representing, ( of course you have your King and Queen, but we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about another King and Queen), Don’t let the Queen of entertainment rob you of what God is doing. When God first began to move in my life with revival, I didn’t want anything to do with certain activities. Entertainment was out. Well you say, this is the old holiness stuff that drives people from the Lord. No, I’ll tell you, we’re not saying you have to do that, but if you do that, just think of what God can give you. Think in America marriages are broken up because men love sports so much the wives don’t think they love them, and there are people who love entertainment more than they do anything else.
I believe God is signing up an army, lets put it this way, and He wants to enlist you. You don’t have to, it’s like Gideon’s, but if you do you’re going to go through the land healing the sick, casting out devils, turning them, breaking strongholds, changing politics and healing lunatics. It’s a wonderful thing.This may not seem all that exciting to you, but it’s something I just live with and hope to set a fire with. So I brought a match today and I’m going to strike it. I’m going to start a fire. And started it. That’s the plan.
You know when our ministry in church becomes something that is only successful by the gauge of applause and what men feel about it, it’s wrong! If our worship in the church becomes entertainment, then the audience is no longer the congregation of the Lord. It’s just an audience to be entertained. So God wants this to turn around and when this turns around the unsaved will come and they will see what you have, hear what you you’re singing, hear what you’re preaching and the secrets of their heart will be made manifest and they’ll fall on their face, they’ll fall on their face and worship God and report God is in the truth.
Now this is what the next revival is really going to look like. People are not being entertained. They’re being, they’re witnesses to the worship of God with our worship through our worship of God. It’s not manward. It’s Godward. God wants our worship and he doesn’t need Mick Jagger to help our worship. God is going to change the whole idea of worship.
God is going to change the whole idea of preaching. Not preaching for the applause, not preaching for the will of man, man’s approval, God is going come down by fire. God is going to come down by the power of the Holy Ghost, and those who have committed to this, those who have signed up for an army, I like to think of it as Joel’s army it’s a good army, it’s not a bad army because they’re going to take the gospel to every crack and corner of the earth. Every place on earth.
God’s an equal opportunity employer. He’s going to employ men, women, girls and boys and no restrictions. He’s going to send you into all the world with the gospel. To preach the gospel and to use the gifts of the spirit to scare the devil out of the devil. It’s going to be a wonderful time.
So let’s stand. I’m going to impart of this revival that He wants to send today.
” Father, just as sincere as we know how to be, I pray if I’ve ever found favour in your sight, would you please come and baptise us all afresh with Holy Ghost and Fire. And Lord help us to see our seeker friendly churches have so many people coming today, Lord bring the baptism of fire, the baptism of glory, the baptism of holiness into these meetings.
And Lord we pray that you’ll just use everyone in this meeting today. Just lift them up! Carry them on to higher places and you can use them for your glory, for your honour and don’t let anything interfere with the glory. In Jesus name. Jesus you’re Lord. Jesus you’re Lord.
Mike Bickle and I, if you don’t mind please stand for just 5 minutes, Mike Bickle and I were together in 1990, in April when my mother was crossing over, dying and my mother had not given a scripture to me that she had promised, that the Lord had promised her that she would give to me, a scripture that would affect my life and the rest of my ministry. And so here’s my Mom ready to go on and Mike Bickle and I were standing right over her bed and it dawned on me she had not given me that scripture and she said,”Son, it’s Luke 4:18.” And of course there’s things about that scripture that would be too self serving for me to talk about, but I just pray Luke 4:18 for you.
This is how real it was. My mother drew her last breath at 4:18am. Mike Bickle said,”Paul, look at the clock!” We had a large clock above her bed for the nurse to check the respiratory and pulse anywhere in the room, you can see that clock so the clock was 4:18am. 4:18 am one of the saddest times of all my life and my mother said Luke 4:18. Since then the prisoners have been set free. Since then the prison doors have been opened in Iraq every international prisoner has been released simply because of the apostolic power of Luke 4:18. The time of her death was at 4:18 in the morning and the day of her death was 4:18. April. It’s the 4th month and the 18th day.
So these things have significance. And now that keeps me going. The Angel of the Lord is with us here today and He’s speaking it. You’re going to have everything you need for the rest of the race. Everything you need. And don’t get discouraged because you may not feel exactly the way you thought you’d feel. Your flesh is not able to let you feel what God is about to do.
Now let’s worship Him. As we worship Him, He will honour you and will bless you and He will send you and thrust you forth. Right now let’s reach out and ask him for the Angel of his presence.
“Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, just as sincere as we know how to be, I ask you impart, despatch the Angels of Your Presence to everyone here to start this fire, to start this revival. We call this the striking of the first match Lord. Striking the match for revival. No matter what we see right here, we want to see something now Lord. Whatever we see right now, it will pale anything that’s already going to be working out there as we leave this place after these meetings.
Lord we bless the young speakers. I pray Lord you’ll help us be in harmony with each other, impart to each other, let there be reciprocal blessing between us and it’s so wonderful to be here with Ken and Lois Gott to see scripture fulfilled on this day. So reach out and tell the Lord what you want. If you want to be a part of this end time revival. If you want to be part of a manifestation. If you want to be part of a visitation. A visitation (shouting) of the Holy Spirit that will make soul winners out of you, that will make healing ministries out of you. In Jesus name. If it will work for others it’ll work for your family. It’ll work for you. So be healed in Jesus name. See healing. See healing. In Jesus name.
There’s women who have come hoping to be healed of cancer. Lord those who have cancer of the breast and of their female organs, heal them today Lord. Let them go back with a well body. Lord with all types of major diseases heal them and let this be a sign, a token that they have received the last day ministry by healing them Lord. Deliver them. Let the children involved in these families that are not saved, let them be saved and that right early, let them call on the Lord,call on the Lord and change and see a switch, a chemistry shift and chemistry change.
In Jesus name. Let’s give Him a praise no matter how it feels, it’s happening.

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