Testimonies of old …

Testimonies of old …

Ministry of Paul Cain Outstanding by Norene C. Nicholls Assistant Pastor, Revival Center Tabernacle, Seating Nearly 4000
Paul Cain and Dr. J. Stuart Hydanus have just recently held a week of meetings in the Revival Center Tabernacle in Grants Pass, Oregon, and our hearts were thrilled as we saw the Lord move in such a precious way while they were here from May 21 through 27. Brother Cain’s ministry is most outstanding with the gifts of healing, word of wisdom, word of knowledge and discerning of spirits all in operation. No one has to tell him what they need deliverance from, but the Spirit reveals it to him. He tells the people even what church they attend, what is hindering healing in their cases, if they are filled with the Spirit, etc.

Many times we saw people sent to the prayer rooms to pray as they came before him for prayer, because they were not saved, not filled with the Spirit, needed a refilling, or needed to get some hindering thing out of the way. He told them that he was more interested in the spiritual condition than in the physical, for he knew that if the spiritual was taken care of, so would the physical be. In fact, Brother Cain warned folks to get out of the prayer line if they were not saved and filled with the Spirit and go to the prayer room, because he would only send them there anyway if they came before him.

One such case we would like to tell you: On Saturday night, May 26th, an elderly lady from Northern California came in the prayer line. She was deaf, but had a hearing aid so she could hear what was told her, and also was quite crippled up with arthritis. Brother Cain looked at her and told her that she was more interested in healing than in salvation and that she was not saved, and sent her to the prayer room. The next day she came again for prayer, and Brother Cain immediately knew that she was saved and prayed for her healing. She could hear his whisper after prayer. It is interesting to note how the Lord reveals to Brother Cain the nature of the suffering of one’s sicknesses. When a person comes before him for prayer, he feels in his body the same pain that the suffering one feels and thus tells him what is wrong with him.

As an example of one of these services, we would like to hit the high spots of the May 22nd meeting. Brother Cain told us that night that the Lord had shown him several things that were going to take place in that service but that he would rather not tell it but let it be manifested as the evening went on. He said that he was going to point out a sister that had a boy that was going to be saved, which he did. He located her in the second row of the big tabernacle seating nearly 4,000 people. He said that she was a broken hearted mother because of a son that was a drunkard but that the Lord was going to save him.

Also, she was told that her weak eyes would be strengthened and her liver trouble healed. If you want to verify this, contact Mrs. Hazel Fox, Rt. One, Box 576, Grants Pass, Oregon. Then Brother Cain called out a lady in the front row (Mrs. Estger Wyatt, 344 16th St., Springfield, Orgeon), who he said he knew was deaf. After prayer, she heard and repeated and repeated what was whispered to her. By a word of knowledge Brother Cain told her that she had a boy of four and a girl of nine and that her husband had died of heart trouble. These revelations quickly build up a person’s faith to receive healing. Then a woman back in the audience was called out— a lady with gray hair, wearing a green coat and glasses.

She came forward and was told that she was praying for the salvation of her two sons. This was very true. Her name and address is as follows: Mrs. I. B. Cullison, 459 West “J” St., Grants Pass, Oregon. Following this, a man in a dark suit, on the extreme right, was called to the front, as Brother Cain had seen him in a vision while in prayer that day. He told him that he had come a long way and was from another state— California. He then described his condition as kidney trouble and dropsy. Then he told him that awhile back God had dealt with him concerning doing a certain thing, which was going to Alaska to work for the Lord. He was told that his sickness would leave and that he was to go and do the Lord’s bidding, also that the tubes from the kidneys would be restored. Even his age of 23. years was revealed. For verification of this write to Harold W. Moe, Jr., Box 1790, Redding, California.

The altar call was given after this, and there was a real response following the demonstration of the power of God. One interesting thing about the altar call was when those who had raised their hands indicating that they wanted to accept the Lord as their Saviour were asked to stand, one man did not stand. So Brother Cain turned to the man and told him to hand the child whom he was holding to his father-in-law and stand up. In this case even though strangers, Brother Cain knew who the father-in-law was.

The prayer line was called following this, and one woman, about the sixth in line, was told that she had cataracts and was prayed for. Then Brother Cain said there was a woman in the audience with a growth on her right eye and called her forward. Upon her arrival at the platform, she was told that she had been praying for twenty years for an unsaved daughter, and that the daughter would be saved. Then the woman was told that besides her eye trouble she had stomach and kidney trouble, and was prayed for and healed. For information write: Grandma Richey, 603 N. 8th St., Grants Pass, Oregon.

And so, case after case was revealed by the Holy Spirit, and were all correct. In closing this report, we want to say that we highly recommend our brother’s ministry to one and all. Brother Cain, a young man of twenty-two years, is certainly called and sent of the Lord, and his ministry is given of the Holy Spirit. Dr. J. Stuart Hydanus travels with Brother Cain, teaching and preaching the Word of God and revealing thereby the Christian’s high place in God. L. D. Hall and Norene C. Nicholls, Pastors, Assembly of God, Grants Pass, Oregon.


Growth Disappears Instantly
Brother Paul Cain pointed me out to the audience one night, telling me every affliction which God had revealed to him. My little three-old-girl, who had been scheduled for an operation, had a large growth on her hip. The surgeons said it was very dangerous and should be removed. Brother Cain, not knowing me, told me of this happening. Then he said that the growth would disappear instantly when he prayed. It did; hundreds and thousands have heard the testimony. The doctors said it was amazing. The growth left before hundreds of persons. No trace, nor spot was left. This is a miracle. I was healed of every affliction in my body and became a Christian. Mrs. D. Brown, El Monte, Calif.

Dear Brother Cain:
This is my testimony to the Lord for the wonderful healing I have received. I had palsy, kidney and very bad liver and stomach trouble along with cataracts in one eye. In twelve days’ time, they have disappeared. I love the precious messages that God has anointed you to preach. I know that thousands were blessed while you were here. Lillian Meredith, 105501/) Cantara St., Sun Valley, Calif.

Dear Brother Cain:
For some time I suffered with a weak, faint condition, during your meeting in Grants Pass, Oregon. One night I said a silent prayer that if there was anything especially wrong with me that you would call me out of the crowd, and sure enough, the Lord told you I had a liver trouble which was causing my weakness. My wonderful Lord has healed me. I cannot praise Him enough. Praise His Name forever more. Mrs. Cecile Powert, 730 S. West “L” St., Grants Pass,

Ore. Healed Instantly
Dear Brother Cain: This is to let you know that I am healed. One night as you pointed me out to the audience at Calvary Temple in Los Angeles, through the Spirit of God, you discerned my condition. You told me I had a cancer on my left breast, also stomach trouble. This was very true. It startled me so I thought I would faint, as I had never been in a service of this type. Now I see it was a supernatural power of God. You told me my cancer was healed. The next morning it dropped off. I was amazed. I returned to the doctor and he said there was no spot even the size of a pin point that would indicate a place that a large growth was. I love my Jesus for this wonderful miracle to such an unworthy servant. Thank God for sending you to Calvary Temple where hundreds more were healed. Mrs. Roofe, Los Angeles, Calif.

Deafness Healed Instantly
Dear Bro. Cain: I was injured when about nine years old by a blow on the head. Was deaf for some years but after scarlet fever my hearing partially returned. It worried me when trying to follow one’s voice. After prayer I could hear a whisper clearly. I am healed and enjoy my hearing. Thank God! Mrs. Ruby Craig, , Box 1147, Auburn, Calif. Cancer Discerned And Healed Dear Bro. Cain: I heard your radio broadcast one morning from Los Angeles. The Spirit of the Lord came upon you as you began to describe people in the radio audience, telling them their afflictions, their ages and their dress. Then suddenly, you described my case perfectly and told me to place my hand on the radio. When you prayed the Power of God went all through me. I know definitely that I am healed. Pray that I shall receive the Holy Spirit. Mrs. Edith Welsh, Los Angeles, Calif .

Brother Paul Cain prayed for me in the prayer line one evening at the Los Angeles meeting. He discerned a tormenting demon and commanded it to leave. He also prayed for my nerves to be healed as he told it was caused from my cancer. Thank God, it was so supernatural and every word true. The Power of the Spirit healed me. I rejoice in this great deliverance. It was so encouraging as Bro. William Branham pointed to me one night while in his audience, and told me the very same thing. God bless you two men of God. Mrs. Mildred Travis, Grants Pass, Oregon.

Dear Bro. Cain:
Thank you for sending me prayer cloths. Immediately after placing the cloth upon my body I was healed of a serious condition of hay fever. It is a miracle. I sent the other cloths to my relatives in the old country. Enclosed is a marvelous testimony of their healings. They were healed instantly. Praise the Name of Jesus. I shall never forget your wonderful campaign in Salt Lake City. Mrs. A. Wold, Salt Lake City, Utah On December 26, 1950, I came to Calvary Temple to be prayed for by Brother Paul Cain. The doctors told me I had gall bladder, liver and bronchitis trouble, which I put on my prayer card. As I went to be prayed for, Bro. Cain did not look at the card which I had filled out, but through the gift of discernment told me I had the gall bladder trouble and bad liver. He prayed for me and the power of God surged through my being. I went home that night and slept like a baby, free from the bronchitis and all. The next day I ate a steak, fried potatoes, bread, jello and coffee and have a wonderful appetite. Praise Jesus— and God bless you, Bro. Cain, for praying for me. Here is a photostatic copy of my doctor’s personal statement. He declares I am healed. But of course I know it also. Bro. Joseph Senkoff, 726 Garland Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.

Cancer Discerned And Miraculously Healed
Dear Bro. Paul: It is my desire to add my testimony to hundreds of others, in answer to prayer of the Holy Ghost through the sign ministry vested in you by our Lord. I was the last one called out of the audience the first Sunday afternoon of your second meeting at Calvary. You said you kept me until the last, for it was the greatest miracle. Through the Spirit you discerned my low blood pressure, heart and stomach trouble and cancer. Oh, you were so right! On Friday of the same week, I had my blood pressure taken and it was perfect, one hundred and twenty and I am sixty-five. You told me I would spit up my cancer and on May the tenth, I took desperately ill and vomited up over two quarts of the most awful cancer you can imagine. This greatly strengthened the faith of my friends and myself to the glory of God. Mrs. Margaret J. Crawford, Crawford Hotel, 1051 North Sanborn Ave. Los Angeles, California.

Dear Bro. Cain:
I am happy to submit this testimony of stomach ulcers. Jesus touched my body when you pointed me out of the audience and described my condition perfectly, through the gift that God has given you. When you prayed I felt the relaxing and lack of tension in my stomach muscles. The pain was gone. I knew I was healed. Praise my adorable Jesus! It has not returned. The old malady is gone forever. Praise God and my blessed Lord Jesus Christ! Your brother in Christ, Rev. Samuel R. Kline, 300 Isabel St., Glendale, Calif.

Dear Bro. Cain:
I want to testify to the Lord’s people everywhere. I have been healed of arthritis of the spine. I realize the supernatural power of God has returned to the Church, after witnessing the supernatural demonstrations in your meetings as you would call out hundreds of people, telling them their sicknesses. I walked without any pain. I am healed. Praise God for the Paul Cain revivals! Mae Partlow, W1209-5, Spokane, Washington.

Rev. Le Roy M. Kopp:
I want to send in my testimony of what the Lord has done for me. Some few days I was suffering something awful with my eyes. The tear duct was closed entirely, my eye was swollen shut, and the pain was almost unbearable, all through my head. My sister called to have Bro. Cain pray for me. He prayed for me over the phone. That was in the evening, I knew God would answer and give me relief, and heal me, so I went to sleep and rested all night, for the first time in days. The next morning I had no pain, and from that moment my eyes were healed. Oh, how I praise Him for His goodness! I give Him all the glory, and I do thank you brothers and God bless you in His service. Enclosed is a small offering for you and Brother Cain. Please show this letter to him. Mrs. Esie Baker, Los Angeles, California.

Dear Bro. Cain:
I am giving the praise to God and thanking you for your prayers. A wonderful miracle has taken place. You pointed me out of the audience one Wednesday night, and told me I could be healed as you described my afflictions. When I went on the stage, I was paralyzed and could not open my hand, but praise the Lord, after you prayed you commanded me to use my arm and open my hand. Great fear fell upon the audience as my hand opened before their very eyes. I have never been able to open my hands since being afflicted. It was closed very tight, and now, praise the Lord, it is perfectly straight. May God continue to bless you in your work and Paul Kopp also. Mrs. Katherine Reamer, 1434 Baldwin Ave,. El Monte, California.

Dear Bro. Paul:
You prayed for me at Calvary Temple, Los Angeles, December 20, 1950, for the loss of smell, sinus trouble and arthritis of twenty-seven years. And, praise the Lord, I am so thankful that I can smell and Jesus has healed all my ailments, and I am very grateful to Him. I haven’t worked for almost two years. My profession is nursing. I am healed and am on my way to minister to some critically ill relatives. Sophia Ontiveros, 526 32nd St., Oakland, Calif.

Dear Bro. Cain:
Shortly before attending your meeting at Los Angeles, I fell and hurt my spine and back. The doctors said I could never get along without the brace as there was nothing they could do for me. But after you prayed for me, God healed me and made my spine perfectly normal. I wore the steel braces for over a year. I am healed and don’t have to wear them any longer. God bless you, brother, and give you many souls. Christine Sondreal, 8559 Pickford St., Los Angeles, Calif.

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