A personal message from Jon

You will probably be unaware of who I am, but for many years I was the ‘ghost-writer’ behind this website and much of Paul’s Facebook, Instagram and prophetic posts on social media. Paul and I worked together well in this area; I had the ability to articulate what Paul wanted to say, and in a way that Paul would say it.

Paul’s stories inspire us that people like you and me can hear God, have faith in God, and see significant and extraordinary answers to prayer.

A few times before posting I would clarify letters or posts with him, and his encouraging response was to send straight away, with the added comment, “you are Paul Cain!” It was a kind comment and one I reflect on fondly these years later with Paul Cain’s cap on my coat hanger and his pc in my office. Paul left us with mixed emotions but for those who were close to him, there are many memories and stories. We can never compare anyone with Jesus, but just imagine what it would have been like to be one of the disciples of Jesus – the stories you could tell. On a minor level, Paul is like that. But we have to move on.

When Paul died many in the church across the world experienced a great sense of sadness and loss. For myself Paul’s death was a traumatic one – never thinking after meeting him in 1990 that one day I would be the one to announce to the world his departure to be with the Lord, and then write his obituary.

Paul’s stories inspire us that people like you and me can hear God, have faith in God, and see significant and extraordinary answers to prayer.

My own experience in church life with the prophetic ministry over nearly 40 years has resulted in many friendships and opportunities. I consider my own calling as being defined as having a conviction to, “restore hope in the heart of the believer by a scripture-honouring approach to the prophetic ministry” and I seriously consider that was also reflected by Paul – even though he saw humbly saw himself as an evangelist. (We can talk about those awesome words of knowledge, and his mother Anner’s prophetic ministry another day!)

After Paul’s death a few people started to notice that Paul had seemingly become somewhat “reformed” in his last few years! I found that amusing but I want to encourage you as you move forward, to continue eagerly desiring the gifts of the Spirit and God’s magnificent work in your life, but also to immerse yourself in serious bible study, theology and doctrine. They do go together. Wonderfully. And it will enhance your ministry.

To that end, I warmly invite you to navigate my website where you can continue your discovery of the prophetic ministry for yourself.  The website carries a few of my thoughts about church, prophets and prophecy.

Finally, one of my (and Paul’s ) favourite words is, “unprecedented”. I do believe that we are in unprecedented times and about to see an unprecedented move of God in revival. I hope this website and my own will prove to be ever encouraging and valuable to you as you move on in to all the wonderful things God has got instore for you.

Thank you & God Bless

Sheffield 2021